Especially for You

A few weeks ago I was able to spend some quality time with my mom and Cora (my step-mom) and 15,860 of our closest friends. We took part in the Especially for You Race Against Breast Cancer

This year was my fourth year in the race and participating in this is one of my favorite things to do each year. If you don’t live around us, chances are that you don’t know what this is and what it’s for…other than what I just told you. A local hospital has a fund that provides breast health screenings for uninsured and under-insured women in our area. There are three main reasons I participate in this walk.

I walk in memory of my cousin Ren. Ten years ago Ren went home after a battle with breast cancer. Here’s a picture of Ren and her family. Ren made all the dresses for the girls and for their dolls. Ren was my dad’s first cousin and she lived a few hours away from us, so I didn’t know her well. But two things that I know about Ren that left a huge impression on my life are that she loved her God and she loved her family.

I also walk in memory of my Aunt Irene. Aunt Irene was at every single family gathering we ever had. She taught me to take advantage of the time that I have with my family and cherish each moment I have with them.

It wasn’t long ago that I found myself in a situation where I needed that fund. Just before Christmas about six years ago I found a lump, which is frightening enough on it’s own and when you don’t have insurance it’s even more so. I went to Mercy Medical Center and thanks to Especially For You, I was able to get the care I needed even without the insurance. Now that we are able, we love being able to give back to something that was such a help to us in a time when we needed it. The first year I participated (2008) I walked the 5K by myself. The next year, Michael and I did it together because that’s what we wanted to do for our anniversary.

Last year was the 20th annual race and I donned my pink shirt and went for a walk again

This year my mom and Cora joined me for the walk. At some point, all three of us have worked (and Cora still does) with a very special lady named Sandy who is now a breast cancer survivor

When we heard there was going to be a team Sandy we were right there to sign up so we could support her and an organization that does so much for early detection in our community.

At 8:00 on a Sunday morning, we were off and racing against breast cancer

Thanks for walking with me Mom and Cora

I have no idea how long it took us to walk the 3.2 miles, but I’m sure glad we did it. Next year I’m going to try to talk my sisters into doing it with us and make a girls’ day out of it.

Have you done anything for Breast Cancer Awareness this month?

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One thought on “Especially for You

  1. Thank you for walking and remebering my sister Ren – Love the pictures also – I don’t get to see you often enough

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