Time In The Shed

I dream of having a potting shed some day. A place for all my gardening stuff where I can find it easily to make the garden of my dreams – my dreams come in stages. Stage one – a small garden. Stage two – a shed. Stage three – a dream garden that takes up most of the yard. Not once, did I ever think that my ideal shed would have BBQ or brisket or ribs, but it sure does now. Michael and I just got back from a trip to Mississippi to see his sister and brother-in-la where they took us to to get fed at The Shed in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Soooo awesome!!!!! Not only was the food ahhhh-mazing

Photo from The Shed's facebook page - We ate our food way to fast to get a picture

But any place that has a bonfire and sells s’more kits is A-OK in my book! The atmosphere was fun too. The whole place is decorated with junk. Normally I would say that junk needs to be thrown away, but it totally fits this place. Plastic forks in the ceiling, license plates on the wall (we’re going to have to send them an Iowa one) and spray paint on the wall reading “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives was here – Guy”. I absolutely love that show and this girl from a small town in Iowa is pretty excited that she has been to place that Guy’s been to I have plenty more to share with you about our trip down south…you know I’ve got some DIY stuff for you.

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