Did Someone Say Challenge?

If you’re a Bower Power or Young House Love reader, you may have already accepted the challenge.

The summer challenge inspired me to create a few things. Remember the ORBed plastic soap dispenser? Because everything is better with a little ORB on it.

How about the state canvases so Michael and I could show off our hometown pride?

I also now have a board on Pinterest to prove to myself that I do actually get stuff done and not just pin my life away (check out that board here). I think my favorite (p)inspiration to completed project is the chair swing that I still walk by windows just to look at

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop. The basic gist is that you have to complete a project inspired by something you’ve pinned. This time, they have Ana White on board!!!! Ana’s was the first blog I ever started reading so I’m totally jazzed that she’s in on this one and I think it might be the occasion for another Ana-inspired project. Remember the deck chair that you voted on for color was made from Ana plans

I also de-folded our bi-fold door in the bathroom after reading how Ana made a bookshelf for her daughter on the door of her closet

Heaven knows I have enough plans favorited on her site. Maybe I’ll finally do the shoe cabinet I told you about in March. Don’t think I’ll be taking on her current project of building her moms a momplex, but I can definitely do something smaller. I’m off to scour pins. If you’re not on Pinterest yet and want to be, shoot me an email at thisDIYlife@gmail.com and I’ll send you an invite ASAP! Who’s ready for the challenge?




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2 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Challenge?

  1. i love each and everyone one of your pinterest projects.

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