Fall Painting

After we got back from our little trip down south, we had one more day of beautiful weather before it turned into the typical Iowa fall

Perfect day to get in just a couple more projects! I had plans of painting our front steps before winter and winter is drawing closer and closer and painting time was disappearing fast with a forecast of 42 degrees the next day. We already had the paint

Notice it says deck restore? It’s meant for wood and our front steps are concrete, but the price was right and the color looked like it would work

So I went to work. Our front steps are so terrible with dirty concrete peeking through two colors of chipping paint. Here’s a picture from early this summer of Beau posing on the steps

Let’s face it, these are awful…except for my Beau Beau sitting on them – he made everything better, I miss him so much. Back to the steps though. I wanted to do something like this fab thing I found on Pinterest (since I spend most of my time online there)

Before I could paint, I needed to clean. I grabbed my bucket and filled it with soapy/baking soda hot water and went outside to spend some quality time with my scrub brush. After an hour of scrubbing and an hour of letting dry I went outside to paint.

I knew I would need two coast so I decided that I would do my basecoat with the paint we already had and get another color to make the diamond (or whatever) shape. As soon as I started painting, I knew this was going to be bad

I thought it was going to be a beautiful coppery color. Not so much. Let’s try another place on the steps. Maybe somewhere without paint?

Nope, not there either. C’est la vie. At least the paint was only $5 and I was able to grab some Vivas fast enough to not have any orange left on our steps. Don’t get me wrong, I like the color, just not for our front steps next to our (currently) blue house. Back to the drawing board paint store.

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One thought on “Fall Painting

  1. Kristen

    Thank you for clarifying that you like the color. 🙂

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