Scary S’mores

I know, I know, another s’more post. But this one is a little bit different…promise. As soon as I saw a s’more idea for trick-or-treaters on Pinterest (here) I knew that our neighborhood kids would be getting them! I also thought it was the perfect way for us to make sure that it would be peanut free and I could add a tag that let people know that too. I wanted to share this with you today just in case you wanted a weekend project.

It was easy to find printed bags, but how would people see the cute little ghost in there with that? The Peeps and Hershey bars I got at Target and I got some treat bags at Hobby Lobby.

I took one graham cracker and broke it in half and put it in the bag.Then I put the Peep in and then the Hershey bar. I know that might seem like it’s pretty basic, but the order of Peep then chocolate will save you some headaches. I was putting the Hershey bar in first then the Peep and when you tear apart the Peeps it leaves a little bit of sticky marshmallowy goodness that is very attracted to Hershey bar wrappers. When I put the Peep in first then the chocolate my ghosts started looking less like blobby melted snowmen.

How to seal them? The original post had ribbon and I bought some black ribbon after a series of texts with my friend Kristen aka the North Carolina version of me…or I’m the Iowa version of her, depending on which one of us you knew first. She had the cutest idea of adding googly eyes to the ribbon to make them look like bats. Awesome right? I ran out of ribbon but did have some black tulle laying around, so some of these will be batty and some just have black tulle and some will have batty ribbons

Then there was the tag. I haven’t settled on what it’s going to look like yet, but I’m thinking it will be something like this

How cute are my babies in their Halloween costumes? Can you tell that Bella is a butterfly and Bristol is a blowfish? Do you know how difficult it is to get pictures of two cats sitting still in their Halloween costumes? This was my plan. I took the orange cushions from our deck chair and put them on the floor in the well lit three seasons porch. With some help from my trusty friend duct tape I put up some black polka dot fabric I had sitting around. Bristol would be on the left and Bella on the right. Easy schmeezy right?

Me: “Here Bella…mommy will give you some treats to put your costume on”

Little Miss Independent was done and took off. No amount of chicken and cheese treats was going to get her to stay there any longer.

Maybe I can photoshop the two of them together? Bristol’s turn for the bribes

Somehow he was able to just walk out of his costume…sneaky, sneaky

When we go reverse trick-or-treating on Monday, I hope they stay in their costumes better than they did for the photo shoot. Reverse trick-or-treating you ask? We dress up the kids and take them to other people and give them treats. This year we’ll be going to see their doctor and all the wonderful people at Marion Animal Hospital. We want to thank them for taking such good care of our whole family this year through some very rough times with Beau and Brady. They are just amazing and all of us think they deserve some great treats.

What are y’all doing to get ready for Halloween? Are you dressing up? Share pictures of your Halloween night on our facebook page!

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One thought on “Scary S’mores

  1. Kristen

    I flipping love everything about this post. And you. Man, I miss you!

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