Challenge Completed – Argyle Style

Gotta tell you that I had high hopes for this Pinterest Challenge. So many ideas, but with my niece Mikayla’s birthday party,

carving pumpkins with some of my favorite people (part of my family),

and just my disorganized life in general, I didn’t get my spa bench completed

Image from

or my fireplace finished – but I do have all the wood cut for this one, just need to paint and assemble…that’s the easy part right?

Image from

Alas there is no shoe cabinet in our entry room either…yet

Image from

But now that Halloween is over, the ghosts came down, the pumpkins came down and the part that makes me almost cry is that my pretty argyle wreath had to come down too. Seriously, can you hear my sobs through the computer? If I were writing on paper, you would see the tear stains. Since life is really just a series of situations and we choose how to react, I’m going positive. I mean, hello, this project was $10 in the first place and I have everything to make a new one for fall. So I decided to quit my whining and get off my tocus tookus toqus  rear end and fix the problem…just like my parents taught me to. For the full tutorial, you’ll want to see my Halloween wreath post. (The inspiration originally was from this pin)This is pretty much going to be a highlights reel.

First I made my wreath form out of pipe insulation like this but doubled

Then I wrapped it in red yarn, glued on some brown diamonds, wrapped my creamy yarn but it needed a little something more to make it a little fall-y and Thanksgiving-y. So I turned to my trusty ol’ pal, Google image search, for a leaf pattern cutout. Google solves so many problems, doesn’t it? I found a pattern of a maple leaf (since our favorite trees in our yard are our maple trees) and I started cutting maple leaves out of some different fall colored felt I had around the house. Ready to see the end product? It’s hanging on my door, come on over for a s’more and some coffee. What, you live too far away? Alright, I’ll show you.

Whatcha think? Does it measure up to the Halloween version?

I’m excited to have the argyle for another month, but I’m going to be switching it up for Christmas. I think I know what I’ll be doing, but that all depends on Pinterest. Oh what will I find for Christmas? The possibilities are endless. Did you complete a Pinterest challenge project? I’d love to see it. Leave me a link or send me a picture.

Don’t forget to check out all the projects on the blogs of the fabulous hosts of this challenge. See Ana’ Princess Pocket Bookshelf on Ana White, Katie’s Mercury Glass Window Makeover on Bower Power, Sherry’s Christmas ornaments on Young House Love and Erin’s gold lining on House of Earnest too! Also add in a link to your own project there.


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8 thoughts on “Challenge Completed – Argyle Style

  1. Wow, great job! I love this. I would have never thought to do an argyle pattern on a wreath…so creative!

  2. Jenn

    It looks like Canada Day! Cute!

    • I’m so gald someone noticed that! I was going to add in orange leaves too, but decided to make it with red and white so I could send it to some friends in Canada to use for Canada Day 🙂

  3. Beautiful! I can’t wait to try this!

  4. How did you make the leaves and diamonds so perfect?

    • Oh, they are far from perfect! The leaves were from a pattern, I pinned the pattern to the felt and cut them out. As for the diamonds, I totally love my rotary cutter! My mat and my guide/ruler are small (17 inches long) but they work well for this little project!

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