Starbucks – Who Knew?

A few weeks ago we went on a road trip. The trip covered over 2,000 miles and 9 states in just 10 days. Long trip, but totally worth it. The goal: make it to the Gulf coast to see Michael’s family. We made it!

On day one of the trip back home we made a stop in Memphis at Starbucks for a frap where I discovered the Starbucks city mugs. Who knew about these and didn’t tell me? You better believe we picked up a Memphis one.

On day two of the trip, we stopped in St.Louis so we could get a St. Louis one.

Image found on flicker - click to go to site

When we got home, I armed myself with a Sharpie and put the dates on the bottom that we were in the city

and they found their current home in our pretty green kitchen cabinets.

I decided this is my new travel collection! You better believe that any time we travel I’m going to be checking out the list of mugs and plotting out our Starbucks stops. I do refuse to let a collection take over our house though. I don’t want them all, just the ones we get in our travels. So far, I love them!

Look for posts on Monday and Tuesday about our travels.

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2 thoughts on “Starbucks – Who Knew?

  1. How neat! I never knew Starbucks did that! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for them! Thanks for sharing

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