2,478 miles

Almost 2,500 miles, that’s how far we drove in just 10 short days. That’s what I call a road trip. We’d been waiting for this trip for a few months now, knowing it was coming, but not knowing when it was coming. Michael’s sister was having surgery and we were definitely going to be there for it. With her surgery date set we started planning our trip. Jeremi and Michele moved back to the states from Germany at the beginning of the year and are now stationed in Mississippi and we haven’t been able to make the trip to go see them. Actually we were waiting for winter when we could get a break from the snow and head to the beach

I guess it’s good to get away in fall too even if it wasn’t for the reason we had hoped. One brisk October Friday morning we packed up the kids and took off for the coast. Seventeen hours? I don’t think so. We went a different way and Tom (as in TomTom the GPS) finally caught up with us.

We did not get very far though

Now we can go. I loved looking at the changing leaves in southern Iowa and northern Missouri

Somewhere along this trip we went by Coffeeville. Now there’s a place I’d love to live. Second only to S’moreville. Wonder if there is one?

We decided to pack our own lunch and dinner so we wouldn’t have to buy restaurant food. Thanks to some leftover rotisserie chicken we had sandwiches and thanks to Jeff and Jenna we had a bag full of snacks from their ahhh-mazing stockpile. I’m not entirely sure that these were in their stockpile, but can I tell you that a smile they brought to my face ten hours into this trip somewhere in Tennessee or Mississipi (even if there wasn’t $100 cash card inside)?

Can I just say that I think we drove in road construction more than we didn’t? At the Mississippi state line there should have been a sign that said “Road Construction next 378 miles”. But sixteen short hours, 1,016 miles and a couple naps later

we made it there! We were able to spend a couple days with Jeremi and Michele and Ranger before heading to Alabama for Michele’s surgery. Ranger would like to play with Bella and Bristol but we won’t let him because when I say play with them, I mean they would be the toy that he played fetch with so Ranger had to settle for his rope. We’re such a mean uncle and auntie. While Ranger was outside playing, Bella and Bristol sure had fun watching him…intently watching him run around.

We also went to The Shed for some awesome BBQ! Michele and I hit up a garage sale and just spent some time with the Mississippi extension of the family. We also went to Target where I snapped this picture just for Jenna. We might start a petition to get these wonderful carts at our Targets at home

A couple days later we went to Alabama where we rendevoused with Michael’s parents and his other sister. Over the next week, in between trips from the hotel to the hospital for visiting hours we did a little shopping to kill time. I got some totally great things that I’ll show you tomorrow…oh the suspense! This was Bristol’s first hotel stay, but I think Bella has gotten used to them. Her first goal is always to show a pet friendly hotel how they are not pet friendly. Somehow she got in behind the dresser in the room, found a hole in the wall and was running laps around the bathtub from inside the wall. We lured her out with the promise of canned cat food (which they usually only get once a week)…kinda the same thing we did a couple years ago when she crawled in the heating ducts and under the house at Michael’s parents house at 2am on Christmas morning. If you’re wondering, we didn’t stop to take pictures of her in the vent instead of trying to get her out. This was the only way we knew she was in there. Michael and his dad were under the house pulling the vents apart and holding the digital camera in the vent and taking a picture to see in there.

But back to the hotel. We shoved a pillow the wall behind the dresser so she couldn’t get in that hole anymore. But eventually sitting in the window and people watching got boring

Naturally she had to find another place. Maybe you know this and maybe you don’t, but sometimes in hotels the vanity where the sink is isn’t solid

I totally took a picture because I thought she had nowhere to go, the vanity was just open to the floor. Wrong! There were holes in the wall that went up. So we shoved towels there. Then she opened a drawer in the dresser and crawled in behind it. We had to perform surgery to get the drawer out to get her out. She keeps life interesting, that’s for sure. Fortunately the most interesting thing Bristol did was to crawl in the sink

Michael and I are so glad we were there and that we went early to spend a couple days with Jeremi, Michele and Ranger. We are even more happy to report that Michele is at home and doing great! We’re looking forward to another visit so we can see some more Gulf coast sights and have more time to just chill with our favorite Mississippi family.

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2 thoughts on “2,478 miles

  1. yaaaaaaaaaaay cool Target carts!! And yes, those WERE in the stockpile LOL – I just figured you’d appreciate the s’more flavor more than Evalee would 😉 S’more halloween “kits” were a hit here BTW 🙂

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