Burlap and Popcorn

Well, it’s Wednesday and as promised last week, I’m back with a holiday decor project that I promise will set you back less than $10…and some of it you probably already have in your house. You might be able to guess that this project utilizes burlap and popcorn among a few other things. Here’s the rundown on supplies you’ll need

  • Cylinder vase – $1 from Dollar Tree (leftover from this project)
  • 3 colors of burlap (widest one being four inches) – $1 for all three colors from Hancock Fabrics
  • Tea light candle – $1 for 12 at Dollar Tree (last time I was there they had the electronic ones too)
  • Jute twine – $1 from Target
  • Popcorn – $2 at Target
  • Scissors – $1 at Dollar Tree
  •     Total – $7

I cut the white burlap three inches wide and just long enough to wrap all the way around the vase. To cut the other two colors I put the white on top of the green and cut it the same length as the white and just a little bit wider. Then I repeated the process with the brown

With all three pieces of burlap cut, I rolled it around the vase

I tied it onto the vase with the jute twine but I needed something to fill the vase. We always have popcorn on hand so I grabbed that and filled it pretty full. I wanted the flame from the candle to be seen easily, so I filled the vase almost to the top of the burlap.

I didn’t want to be able to see the candle above the burlap. BTW, that candle is actually hot chocolate from Bath and Body Works. Awwwwesome!

It’s so cute and fall-ish and I literally had all of this stuff at home! I love it when that happens. Some of it was for a completely different thing which you’ll see soon enough, but it has to do with my post about this year’s Christmas color choosing. Oooo, the suspense continues.

Next week I’ll be showing you a few projects that I’m doing for my niece Reygan for her birthday. I can’t wait to show you them. Here’s a sneak peek

So if you have a little girl that you need to spoil, you’ll want to be on the lookout for the ruffles and glitter and feathers. It’s going to be fun!

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