Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday

Have you ever been watching the late news on Thanksgiving when they interview those crazy people who sleep outside the store in tents waiting to get the good deals that they have limited supply of? Well, a few years ago if you’re around us, you may have seen my SIL Jenna’s mom. Jenna, her mom, her brother, her SIL, her aunt and her cousins do that every year. When it’s a family tradition, it’s less crazy. I’ve never camped, but I have stayed up all night to get some good deals. Last year my sister went with me, but couldn’t take it and went home around 4am after just two stores. This year I almost didn’t go, but around 10am on Friday I totally caved. I’m weak. I only bought stuff at one store, but I did go to a couple others. I was talking to Jenna this weekend about how Black Friday shopping has changed over the past few years. I used to hear stories (which I think were mostly untrue) about how mean people were on Black Friday. Trampling, fist fights and stuff, but that was never my experience…until last year. There is a certain etiquette that us die hard shoppers have always followed. That etiquette is simply to be polite and nice. Maybe it’s the economy so there are more people out. Maybe because stores are opening earlier so people who wouldn’t have gotten up at 3am to go stand in line for an hour will stay up until 11pm to go stand in line for an hour and it’s not just the die hard shoppers who know the etiquette. Whatever it is, it’s starting to get out of control. I thought someone was going to punch me at the one store I went to because I said something when they tried to cut in line in front of 4 people who had been waiting to check out. Jenna said that Target had some “rules” in place to help with the organization of things. If you get out of line after 10pm for any reason, you lose your spot in line. All tents and sleeping bags had to be cleared out by 10pm. Those are good rules…more stores should do that. I also think more stores should run their check out lines like Kohl’s does on Black Friday. Two lines, one on each side of the store with the checkouts blocked off so only the next shopped in line goes to the checkout when the “line control” person tells them to. I think from now on there are a few stores I will skip no matter how good the deals are – Younkers, Target and Kohl’s are all on my safe list.  Material things just aren’t worth that. When people are getting trampled and shot with pepper spray, that’s greed. Plain and simple greed.

Wow, I totally wasn’t intending to go in that direction. Did you imagine me on a street standing on a soap box? Were you yelling at me to get down or hollering “preach it sister”? I think I’ll start doing more shopping on Small Business Saturday. I like the idea of supporting people who are just like me, people with that entrepreneurial (10 cent word) spirit that made this country what it is. You may have noticed that I’ve added something to my sidebar. Anybody? Just a reminder to not forget handmade gifts and small businesses this Christmas season. I have a couple friends that have Etsy shops and so I contacted them and asked if I could add them and they were totally on board. This Christmas, please check out their shops and see if something they have would work for someone on your Christmas list. Disclaimer: Leah and Karen aren’t advertisers and I don’t get a kick back if you buy from them. I just love their products and I think you will too!

Here are a couple of Leah’s projects (you can find her Etsy shop, Deepest of Grace, here)

From Deepest of Grace on Etsy

From Deepest of Grace on Etsy

Karen makes these great bags and purses. If you have a Dallas Cowboys fan on your list, she has something in her Etsy shop that just might work. She’s making me a special order Iowa Hawkeyes one that I can’t wait to get!

From Karen's Kreations on Etsy

From Karen's Kreations on Etsy

You might see me turn more towards being a Cyber Monday shopper too. Anybody want to share some good Cyber Monday deals with me?

If you are interested in having your handmade items added to my sidebar, shoot me an email at! I need a couple high resolution pictures and a link to where people can purchase your items (Etsy, Ebay, Facebook page, etc). It might take a day or two after you send me the pictures, but I will add them as soon as possible!

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