Enlightened Tomatoes

Are you ready for a Christmas craft that will set you back less than $10? These are sooooo cute too! Last year we took Beau, Bella and Brady out to look at Christmas lights. Crazy right? I mean do cats really care about Christmas lights? Well, two years ago when we were working on the house, we occasionally brought Beau and Bella to the house while we were working to help them get used to it. We noticed that every time we would get to one of the little towns between the old place and the new place, Beau would stand up and look out the window. He followed the Christmas lights on the houses as we drove by and then when we would leave the town he would cry. So last year when our town did a lights festival, there was no way we weren’t going to take our (very spoiled) boy to look at lights and make his brother and sister go along too. We drove around for an hour and when we got back home, Beau Beau cried as if asking for more. It seems that his favorite lights were the ones that were in tree form. I looked last year for some lighted trees on clearance to put in the front yard so Beau could sit in the window and look at them, but didn’t have any luck. Those things are expensive! When I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew that I would be making these for my Beau

Fortunately, my mom and McDad had a couple tomato cages that they let me borrow.

Did you notice that one of them was taller than the other one? Since my plan was for these to go in place of our pots that sit in the front of the house, they needed to be as close to the same as I could get. I was working in the garage by myself so I started looking through all the drawers of Michael’s toolboxes. There had to be some wire cutters in there somewhere but I couldn’t find any. Then I saw this thing

I’ve seen Michael use this about a thousand times. It didn’t seem all that difficult, just a lot of sparks, so I got out a piece of scrap wood and started cutting. I laid the shorter cage next to the taller cage to get the approximate size I needed to cut off the top. Don’t worry, before I started cutting, I called my mom and asked her if it was okay. I’m not into destroying other people’s property. I didn’t get any pictures of it cutting because I was pretty much thinking about keeping all my fingers, but here is basically what it looked like after being hacked off.

If I had been buying lights for this project, I would have probably bought green wire lights. You know I’m all about using what I have so when I was getting out the Christmas decor I found a brand new box of white wire mini lights.

After checking them to make sure they still work (I think they are about 5 years old) I started wrapping them around the cage and immediately thought I was going to have a problem. See how the lights are looking more triangle-ish and less tree-like?

But from the side it didn’t look so triangley. This is after just one 100 light string

As I started wrapping more lights onto the “tree” it started looking more round. I used some icicle lights that we had so I wouldn’t have to buy more lights, but if you’re going to make some of these, you’ll probably need 3-4 strings of 100 mini lights. Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll need

  • Tomato cage – $2.50 at a garden center
  • 100 mini light strands – $2.50 each and you’ll need 3-4 depending on the size of your tomato cage
  •     Total – $10 each

Here is what one completed one looks like all lit up in the garage.

When I get them both out in front of the house, I promise to post another pictures on my facebook page and I’ll update this post too. I’ll have that done by this weekend.  Even though we had to say goodbye to Beau in September (see posts here and here), we’re still going to be putting up lights just like we had planned. We know that Beau would have loved the lights on our house.

Michael and I spent some quality time in the garage on Monday building something for the dining room that just makes me smile.

It’s begging to be painted today!





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3 thoughts on “Enlightened Tomatoes

  1. This is a very nice idea for having a frame for Xmas lights! You gave me some idea what to do with mine – I have something like 3 garlands and was wondering how could I arrange them for festive decorations. Well, I don´t have such tomato cages, but maybe I can figure out something else instead.
    Thank you for the inspiration! 🙂

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