She’s Tutu Cute


One of my absolute favorite pastimes is spoiling my nieces and nephews. When they are babies, I hold them all the time and then when they go back to their parents they still want to be held all the time. When they get older I take them out to eat, to the movies and buy them all sorts of candy and then send them back to their parents all hopped up on sugar. Let’s face it, Michael refused to go see Rapunzel with me, but when I asked Evalee, Mikayla and Adicyn to go with me, they were pretty excited.

I’m totally in for some serious payback if we are ever blessed with non-feline children. Last year my niece Reygan was born on my birthday!

While I was holding her in the hospital, I made her a promise. With a birthday so close to Thanksgiving and occasionally on Thanksgiving sometimes it gets overlooked or forgotten. My promise was that I will always remember her birthday and I will always make a big deal out of her birthday. As our birthday got closer this year, I was trying to think of a tradition that I could start with her. Something that was hers and mine that we could do every year on our birthday. Something that we could do even after she goes to school. Reygan’s mom/my brother’s fiance had to work that day, so Reygan and I got to have a Birthday Day of Fun! I was shopping one day and found a “My First birthday” onesie and the whole thing, in true Amy form, completely spiraled out of control. Before I knew it, there was a headband, a giant flower that took up half of her head, a tutu, baby legs and plans for more.

My first priority was to make her a tutu. When I was making it, I found a couple tutorials online, combined them and came up with my own. The only difference between what I did and the one at Treasures for Tots was that I didn’t use a roll of tulle and bought it by the yard off the bolt and cut it down with my trusty rotary cutter. Angie’s tutorial said to use 15×6 pieces of tulle making the skirt part about 7 inches. I thought that was way to short for Miss R. When I went to pick Reygan up, we tried it on her and well, the poor girl couldn’t walk.

Someday I will learn to not mess with perfection. Point: Angie. For this reason, I decided not to give you a full tutorial and just defer you to Treasures for Tots if you’re looking to make a tutu for someone for Christmas. I also made some baby legs which, after I perfect, I will do a tutorial on those. The ones I made for Reygan could be a little bit better. With the whole tutu idea not working out so well, we went shopping at Kohl’s and found a cute pink and brown polka dot skirt that will definitely still fit her next summer. Also, I was going to make a cute felt flower to go on the headband but totally ran out of time, so I let Reygan pick out her flower. To my amazement, she kept this on pretty much all day unless she was bored in the car and wanted something to play with.

We went to Panera to pick up food and went to have lunch with Reygan’s Nana/my stepmom. After that we took a trip to Cold Stone Creamery! Cake batter ice cream with an oreo cookie mix-in in a chocolate and sprinkle dipped waffle bowl. So delish! We took a few pictures there. Ice cream made her very happy!

Who me? Yeah, it’s my birthday.

We got our 2nd annual birthday girls picture. I’m excited to see how much both of us change every year in these pictures! I’m sure she’ll change more.

We went to the mall and did some shopping, looked at the fountain, watched the train go around and around

When our time was up I dropped her off and then she was sick for the next few days. Poor girl. Fortunately, she was better for her birthday party. Where she opened a ton of presents…one of which was an adjusted tutu.

To trim it, I measured out 8 inches from the waist line and just cut 10-15 pieces of tulle at once. Wasn’t too tough (but next time I make a tutu, I will definitely follow Angie’s suggested size). Reygan’s not a real girly girl, so she wasn’t exactly thrilled to put the tutu on

After a little while, she got used to it and she was off to play with her party guests







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