A Pretty (Ruffly) Christmas

In our house we do a lot of repurposing. I’m currently trying to talk Michael into letting me move his dresser into the entry room/kitchen. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t make him go downstairs to get his clothes, we would be repurposing it for something completely different. I love a good upcycle don’t you? Last week I was about to throw away some tulle when I stopped myself about 2 feet from the trash can. A few weeks ago I made a tulle tutu for my niece Reygan for her 1st birthday (post here). If you read that post you might remember that I went searching for a blog with a tutuorial (see what I did there). I was looking for the size of the tulle and I only followed one of the measurements. The tutu was way too big. Poor Miss R couldn’t even walk without falling. Totally should have listened to Angie. For fear of being stripped of my “Fun Auntie Amy” title and having it be replaced with “Mean Auntie Amy”, I didn’t make her wear it for our Birthday day of fun. Instead I took it home and trimmed it so she could wear it for her birthday party

That left me with some pretty little pieces of tulle that were approximately 6 inches by 3-4 inches. Have you seen these strings of lights on Pinterest?

I had a string of 35 mini lights laying around. Seriously, where did we get all these lights from? Regardless, I had my lights and I had some tulle. So one day while I was spending some quality time with Nate Berkus (the show, not him…but how ahhhmazing would that be), I started tying. Gotta tell you that I didn’t get very far. Turns out that the number of pieces of tulle needed to make a tutu is a lot less than it takes to cover a string of 35 mini white Christmas lights. I only had enough to get to light number 7. Turns out I needed 5 times the tulle that I had. When I figure out how much it will actually take, I promise to let you know. My best guess is 2-3 yards right now. How terrible am I, not giving it to you now. Truth be told, I’m so in love with my 20% finished ruffly lights that I just couldn’t wait to show it to you. Here’s the eye candy

It’s so pretty. I think it’s going to get put away until spring though because it’s really spring-y colors but it’s just gorgeous…especially right next to my coffee filter wreath.

The Christmas tree will be going up later this week. I went shopping yesterday and got some great fabric for our stockings. Today I started wrapping presents. A few finishing touches and I’ll share with you my Christmas colors and theme. Anyone else done some great Christmas decorating? I’m thinking that all of you are waaaay ahead of me.

Update (July 2012):For my brother & SIL’s wedding we did a string of lights for the head table. I thought I would show you the amazingess that ensued. The lights aren’t on, but they still look way cool

Here they are on my dining room table all lit up and fabulous

So lovely!

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34 thoughts on “A Pretty (Ruffly) Christmas

  1. Maria

    So adorable!
    Please check out my DIY blog: http://lacelollipops.com/2011/12/05/diy-glittery-belt/

    • Love the shoes you added the bow to. I’m a heels girl myself, but I might try that with a pair of plain black heels and see if it works for those too 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

  2. Marie

    Does the tulle burn?

    • Good question! The lights put off some heat, but not a lot. I figure if they are safe enough for my real Christmas tree (that gets kinda dry by the end of the season) they are probably safe for tulle. I had them on most of the season last year because of the gorgeous glow and didn’t have any of the tulle burn or melt at all.

  3. Kalie

    i want to do this for around the ceiling (like crown moulding) in my nursery. How many yards of fabric did you use per how many feet of lights? A rough guess would even help when I head to the store. 🙂

  4. Marsha

    What length and width di you cut the netting?

    • I cut it approximately 4 inches wide and the length I just cut in half then half then half 🙂 It was about 6 or 7 inches. Cutting halves seemed to be the easiest.

  5. Carrie

    Did you tie a simple knot onto the light string or did you tie the tulle like you would if you were making a tutu? (making a loop then looping the two ends through.)

    • I tied them with a simple knot. I found that it gave me more of the fullness that I was looking for. I wanted the tulle to fill all around the lights rather than just on one side like on a tutu. For me, the easiest way to accomplish that was to tie a simple knot and push the pieces close together.

  6. Is it fire proof, I would love to do this but im scared it would catch on fire

    • Fireproof, I’m not sure, but I would doubt it. However, tulle is more plastic feeling, so I would think that it would melt before it caught on fire. I had my lights on almost constantly last year (because I loved them that much) and didn’t have any problems with melting or catching fire. I used indoor lights and if they are safe enough for a real Christmas tree, I figure they are safe enough for tulle. Hope that answers your question.

  7. This is a really cute idea!

    Just a thought for people concerned about the heat of the lights – LED strings don’t put off as much heat as the traditional strings, and are getting more affordable.

    • I just did a strand of orange lights with black tulle for Halloween. They were great! I got the LED lights on sale and plugged them in all day. I was going to do another update with the LED suggestion, but you beat me to it 🙂

  8. Kelly

    I’m getting married in June n need to keep coat down. I love your lights n tulle. How do you cut n tie

  9. I started this with green and white for a Christmas but ended up cutting them off. I watched two movies while tying them on and only got about two feet done. And I was going to do three long sets of lights like this. Forget it! It was going to take me days to do them. It was pretty but not worth my time. Good luck everyone.

    • It is definitely a time consuming task. When I do them I break it up over a few months so I don’t get frustrated…doesn’t always work. My SIL didn’t get hers for her wedding 😉

  10. Erin and Patty

    Could you please give a better explanation with the tying? I nor my mom or to good at knots, and a little confused. Thank you! Love this idea, doing it in my room!

  11. Alisaatay

    I thought about doing something like this or just the lights witch a draping valance over the bars that concept the top of 4post of my daughter crib for a princess look. I’m just worried about safety I’m a horrible worrier on safety how hot do those lights actually get would that be safe to do

  12. Emily

    In the second set of lights, is that coral tulle or red?

  13. Sonni

    So how exactly do you cover it?

  14. What is the length of the tulle that you cut for the ties ?

  15. Kayla Horton

    how did you do this!?! I would love to know how!

  16. where can I find out how to make the tulle lights ?

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