What’s so (P)Interesting?

Have you seen what’s been sweeping through Pinterest yet? It’s a bucket list and I totally just caved and started my bucket list board.  I just started this board, but I’m having fun going through the images. Here are some of my favorites.


You don’t need to be on Pinterest to look, but if you want to start your own virtual idea books, you’ll need an invite. If you’re not on Pinterest and want to be, you can request an invite through them (which can sometimes take a week or more) or you can send me your email address to thisDIYlife@gmail.com and I’ll send you an invite in no time!

Maybe you’re on Pinterest but you’re not on Pinterest. Last night I was at book club with some fabulous ladies from church and  two of my friends said “I don’t get how to use it”. I believe that everyone should know how to use Pinterest and since I’ve heard this more than once, I’m going to do a tutorial for y’all. Heidi and Sarah, this one’s for y’all! After you get an invite and sign up you’re ready to start pinning and following and finding so much inspiration everywhere. This is totally going to be just the basics to get started.

When you log into Pinterest you’ll see pins from people you follow so the first thing you need to do is find people to follow. You can start off by following me! When you click on someone’s name it will take you to their Pinterest page. Just to show you what it looks like, I went to EverAfter Blueprint’s page.

Let’s say that you want to follow Andrea and Laura on Pinterest, you can do that in two different ways.

  1. You can follow all their board with just one click by choosing “Follow All”
  2. You can pick and choose which boards to follow

Then when you follow them all it will look something like this

So now that you are following Andrea and Laura and you’re following me when you go to the Pinterest homepage (and you’re logged in)it defaults to show you the pinners you follow

Then if you see something that just so fabulous that you want to repin it or like it or comment on it, you can put your mouse over the pin and three little boxes will appear and you can click on one of them. This is one that my friend Kristen pinned for me

If you click repin a box like this will pop up and you can choose the board you want to pin it to (existing or create a new board). You can also change the description of the pin. If you have your Pinterest account linked to your facebook or twitter account, you can choose to share them there too

Now you can pin! If you want to find more people you can invite your friends or find your friends. Just click hover on your name in the right corner

You can invite friends through with an email address or through facebook (if your account is linked). You can also find friends that are already on Pinterest. Boards will take you to your boards, pins to your pins, likes to your likes. That’s easy right? If you just click on your name instead of hovering it will take you to your own profile page. Here’s mine

There’s a lot going on here so I’ll break it down for you

  1. Your name
  2. People following you and people you are following – you can click on either one to take you to see those lists
  3. Your picture – that’s me and my moms at a 5K race against breast cancer
  4. Click on this button to edit your profile stuff like login info, name, facebook, twitter, website, etc.
  5. This is where people can find you – the globe takes you to my blog, the bird to twitter, the “f” to facebook and the RSS button will take you to subscribe to my feed
  6. This is where you can see what you’ve been doing – comments and likes

  1. Search for pins or people here – if you want s’more recipes, you can just type s’more in this box
  2. Clicking here will take you back to your homepage where you see pins from people you follow
  3. Click here to see your boards…unless you’re already looking at your boards (this is the defualt)
  4. This will take you to see all your pins – these are in the order you’ve pinned them with the newest first and doesn’t have them in categories
  5. These are the pins that you’ve “liked”

When looking at your boards, you can click to edit them. There you can change things like the description of your board or the name of it or the category. If you just want to see your ideas that you’ve pinned, you can click on your board to see the pins on the board

If you pin something and forget to change the description, you can do that when you’re viewing the board. Just hover over your pin like you would do to repin or like and you’ll notice there is an edit button instead of a like button now. Clicking on it will take you to this

Plenty of things you can change here! Let’s say that you click on a pin and it doesn’t take you where you thought it would. If you find the right place, you can change the web address of where it’s found right there.

I think that’s enough to get you started on Pinterest. Please if you have any questions about how to do things, let me know. I’ll be happy to add things to this tutorial or do another one if I get enough questions. I totally love Pinterest and I think that you will too. Now, I’m off to work on my bucket list!






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