Alright, it’s time to fess up. You know that you love em. Know what I’m talking about? Screaming kids with Santa pictures. I love when my friends post them on facebook or when I see them on Pinterest. I mean how can these not melt your heart?

Every year we take our “kids” to go see Santa at PetSmart. Yesterday was the last day for this year (I’m a procrastinator) so Michael and I packed the kids into the truck and headed into town. Wow, that makes us sound a little redneck doesn’t it?  It was the most interesting photo shoot we’ve ever done with them. Just about every year we hear “Oh my goodness! You brought your cats!” Evidently they see a lot of dogs but not many cats. I saw on PetSmart’s facebook page that someone brought a snake to one of their stores for a picture. Ewww. I shudder at the thought of it. Anyway, yesterday Bella and Bristol went to get their picture taken. Michael handed go-with-the-flow-Bristol to Santa and he went crazy! Growling and hissing and clawing. It was so not like him! After driving the 45 minutes to PetSmart, he was getting his picture with Santa whether he liked it or not. Thus the dance begun. The dance of trying to trick him into sitting with Santa and Bella to get a picture. This is not Bella’s first rodeo so Santa didn’t bother her at all. She just sat in his lap

Then, operating under the philosophy that slow and steady wins the race, I started moving Bristol in closer

They really didn’t get anything good so I ended up having to sit next to Santa and hold Bristol and try to calm him down. Fail.

Evidently 20 minutes of griping at Santa wears a kitty out

On the bright side thanks to a picture that was taken at just the right moment by the PetSmart employee who I probably owe a Christmas present to, I have a screaming kid with Santa picture!!! Sure, I had to take a picture of the picture they printed, so the quality isn’t great, but I’m working on that part. Anyone going to admit they love those pictures too?

Update: It took some begging and pleading and another donation to PetSmart charities (which I don’t mind because they helped us get Bristol), but I got the digital copy of my screaming “kid” picture! So much better! LOVE it!!!

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3 thoughts on “Santa!!!!!

  1. I laugh so hard every time I see that picture. You should definitely submit it to Ellen or something.

  2. That cracks me up! You so have to send this to
    Maybe you’ll make it into their next book.

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