Island Living – part 2

I’m not really a bandwagon type of gal, but all this talk of kitchens has me itching for a change…and Michael cringing. Two of the blogs that I follow are talking kitchens right now. Last Friday Ana White posted that they were taking a break from working outside on the momplex and moving to inside a warm garage and working kitchens. That means she’s going to be building cabinets and posting plans for them! I’m positively giddy about the whole thing so I’ve gone back to working on planning the kitchen. Here’s the first plan I came up with using floorplanner and shared with you

I decided to test out the Ikea kitchen planner too and here’s what I have

Not much changed between the two plans. Pretty much just moving the stovetop and oven to the island and adding a cabinet between the wall and the refrigerator.I must say that the stovetop on the island made me really nervous, plus I didn’t like losing all that work surface. But as I was watching Rachael Ray one day it dawned on me. Have you ever seen the cutting boards that she puts over the top of her stove? Kinda like this one that I found on Etsy but more of them and bigger so they cover the entire stovetop

Plus I would do a downdraft stovetop so we wouldn’t have to find a way to put in a vent hood that would break up the space. Love this Jenn-Air one!

As for the cabinet next to the fridge, I’m thinking maybe something like this cabinet that I found via Pinterest

How about a couple 3d views of the Ikea plan?

Oh, look, I changed the floor color too. With the Ikea kitchen planner, you can only put in things that they sell so I had to fudge a little on the island overhang and the stovetop/oven. Back to dreaming but in the meantime I’ll keep pinning away on my Pinterest kitchen board.

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7 thoughts on “Island Living – part 2

  1. Well, you asked for comments so I’ll share a couple. First though, as the wife/office manager of a cabinet builder I’ll offer you the same advice I gave all of our clients:
    1) know that this will be stressful regardless of all your planning and preparedness (at the time we were in the business, remodeling was the 2nd major cause of divorce, second only to the death of a child!).
    2) Prepare, prepare, prepare a secondary kitchen. Make room for your fridge, microwave and storage of paper goods and utensils in a location that is out of the way of your living space. You’ll need a calm, clean area to retreat to after you’ve cooked in your makeshift kitchen.
    3) If you can, prepare and freeze several meals that can go directly from freezer to microwave.
    4) Bathroom sinks and tubs may be okay for washing dishes for a few days, but if you can find a place for a temporary, larger sink area don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks to make something work. Your back will thank you!
    5) check and double check your plumbing and electrical, and placement of appliances – you want to make sure that you have outlets where they’re needed (not right above the counter behind the stove), that plumbing is accessible, and that appliance and cabinet doors will open (no kidding, this is a huge problem when remodeling – even if you have an architect design your kitchen; sometimes if the design looks good the practical functionality of things gets overlooked!).
    6) Always add at least 3 weeks to the amount of time you think it will take for your remodel to be complete! If you finish on time, or early, you’ll be so proud of yourself. But, if you think it’s going to take 3 weeks, and it isn’t done in 3 weeks, well, human nature being what it is you’ll be blaming someone you love for the delay! And, you’ll just be so disappointed. Avoid that – build in extra time!

    So, just a couple of things I noticed in your drawings. From your plans it appears that the range is lower than the rest of the counter. If that’s truly the case I think the space currently allotted for the stove might not be enough to accommodate larger pots or allow for easy use of utensils while cooking. If, on the other hand the stove is level with the counter you might want to consider having a raised countertop. Might be safer if you have kids who will be sitting at the bar doing homework, plus you won’t see as much kitchen “mess” from the other side of the room. Additionally, if you’re opting for a granite countertop, your cost will be much less if you don’t have to purchase a wide solid piece. Counter depth runs of granite are really reasonable, but a wide piece to accommodate the depth of an island would have to be custom made – expensive!
    It looks like there are no drawers – maybe the software didn’t allow for that. You definitely need drawers, as many as possible.
    I like that you added the cabinet next to the fridge. If the fridge were against the wall, you’d have problems with the door opening wide enough to move things in and out of the appliance.

    I like the layout, you’ve given it a lot of thought. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the finished product. I wish you much luck!

    • Thank you for all your thoughts! We’re still planning out a year at least on the major stuff (replacing appliances, ripping out wall cabinets, etc), but I’m itching to get started on some of the other stuff like removing the two walls I want gone and tearing up the floor. Wait, those sound kinda major too. I probably never would have thought of the freezer meal thing. We tend to do freezer meals often anyway and we love to grill and I’ve never met a crock pot that I didn’t love so it’s nice to think that part won’t completely be out of the norm for us. I’ve been planning all along that we would take our kitchen sink and move it to the mudroom for hubs to wash off when he comes in from the garage or me from the garden. Sure would be nice to get that all together so we just walk the sink 20 feet from the kitchen to the mudroom and install it. You’re making me feel soooo much better about this project!

      I know some things in the Ikea drawing look a little wonky (for lack of a better word), but my plan is to do a separate cooktop and oven rather than a range. I’m also considering moving the cooktop back across to the wall. Maybe we’ll put in a makeshift island and a hotplate and see where I like cooking best πŸ™‚ I like the idea of it on the island because it gives me a little bit better cooking triangle, but again, I’m just not sure at this point. You are correct on the drawer thing too. I intend to have a lot of drawers because I just use them so much more than my doors right now! As for the countertops, I’m thinking of doing a DIY butcher block made from bamboo flooring. I’m afraid that the floors of our 100+ year old house would not support the weight of granite or concrete (also considered). I’m still not sold on having that for all the countertops.

      Thanks again for all your feedback! I hope you stop by again!

  2. Becky

    I like the stove placement of #1, because I prefer the uncluttered look of the island. Breaking it up in #2 makes everything loook choppy to me. I also think its safer, but I have no info to back it up. lol
    I do not like the fridge being tight to the wall though– if you ever have to move it, or open the doors all the way to get the shelves out for cleaning (I clean houses for a living and see this all the time) you will have a lot of trouble.
    Secondly, I noticed neither kitchen has a dishwasher??

    Make sure there is plenty of room for others to get through when any appliance is open. My mother in laws kitchen is laid out like this, and you can not open her fridge and oven at the same time, and if either one is open there is no room for anyone or anything else— if I were building a kitchen with an island, I’d push the island out another foot or two and give yourself some space back there.

    If you can’t put cabinets above your sink, you may want to consider a shelf over the window for decorative items.
    It also seems like the other half of the room is wasted.. .what is going to go there? For instance, the window that faces the buffet could have a window seat, and tall cabinets on either end for more storage. Something like this, only not so long. Then that becomes half the seating for your table.

    Just my thoughts.

    • Thanks for your input Becky! I like the stove placement in the first one too. The only problem is that you’re supposed to have 18 inches on either side of the oven and I can’t make that work if it’s on the wall 😦 My other option is to do a stovetop by the wall where I want it and a wall oven in the island.

      I do actually have a dishwasher in there, but they have a cabinet front on them. In the first one, the dishwasher would be by the kitchen door so if I was standing at the sink and rinsing dishes it would be to the right and a little behind me. In the second one, the dishwasher is to the left of the sink. I can put it there if the oven is on the island.

      As for the other half of the room, it is empty. I like your idea of a window bench there. I was actually thinking of something like an Ikea Lack shelf turned seat. I like the idea of the drawers better than the bins though so that is a definite possibility! Currently the hubs’ computer desk is there (blah) and I can’t wait to put something else there. Since we live in Iowa, winters usually entail a lot of hats, gloves, scarves, etc and I would love to have a place to store them…and a place to sit and put on shoes! Now I’m totally excited about that! I might start designing that before we actually get to work on the kitchen πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your input. I might start sketching again soon πŸ™‚

  3. Alice

    Well, shoot…..I wrote this nice long reply, and then my WIFI hiccuped or something and lost it! I’ll try to remember all my thoughts! I hopped over from Ana’s site…..

    It looks like the corner cabinet next to the sink and dishwasher will be nearly completely inaccessible…..although you could access the space from the deck or 3-season porch, I guess….. It also looks like you wouldn’t be able to stand at the sink with the dishwasher door open very well. I wonder if you’ve considered putting the dishwasher next to the sink along the same wall and extending your island a foot or two. I think it would give you more useable storage and counter top area. Of course, the door to the 3-season porch might limit that, I don’t see how it opens…..

    Will you be putting upper cabinets across as well? That would add quite a bit of storage.

    I like the cabinet beside the fridge, but second Becky’s comment that you want to be sure the door to the fridge will open all the way up so you can remove the shelves and access everything to clean. It’s not a huge deal all the time, unless you clean your fridge all the time, ha!, but is a big pain when you need that access! I have a china cabinet next to mine, and it’s just a little to long, so it cramps it just a little…’s moveable if I get crazy, and an heirloom so it stays, but I can certainly second Becky’s advice! Check out how the doors open on your fridge, and just plan to put the cabinets back a little from the face of the fridge if needed. I love the pull-out pantry type things…..even the giant ones at IKEA, although my mom did hers like a big dresser, with wide drawers deep enough for what she needed to put in them. The drawer slides were very heavy duty, and it worked great! She had doors above the level it was easy to look into the drawers. If you are dealing with a wider space, that might work for you. She wrote on the top of her canned goods what they were…..

    Love the over-the-burner cutting board things. I’ve not seen them, or didn’t realize that’s what Rachel Ray was using when I used to watch her. I have a small kitchen and would love to expand the counter at times! I’ll have to give something like this a try. I’m planning on redoing my counter tops with butcherblock, and so will probably make something out of that. I think it would be fairly simple with a Kreg jig….

    It looks like you are well on your way to having a wonderful space when you are finished! I wish you the best of luck, and wisdom, and everything else you need to make this an enjoyable (at least mostly!) experience! Blessings!

    • I hate it when wifi hiccups 😦 You’re totally right about the corner cabinet being inaccessible. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is now. I’ve contemplated a different ideas…one of which includes cutting a hole in the side of our house and making a hidden door of sorts. Having something like this perhaps: Option 2 is something like this: Option 3 is that since we are adding a lot more storage by adding the island we could change the cabinets so they are all along the one wall. More than likely, we’ll go with option 3…I really don’t want to cut a hole in the house and I’m sure we could figure out the sliding corner, but I don’t want to have to πŸ™‚

      We’ll be replacing all the appliances when we renovate, so we’ll have some flexibility when we build cabinets and buy appliances. Thank you so much for stopping by…and writing your comment twice πŸ™‚

      • Alice

        The sliding corner is what I’m trying to figure out, although with 2 drawers, the track of the one in the corner above the track for the one at the door….. I have 2 corners like that in my kitchen, it is a U shape and would not be changeable even if I were to gut the whole thing….which I am NOT inclined to do! Ha! My house isn’t as old as yours, but the cabinets are original and solid wood. They are basically shelves with sides and doors, not individual cabinets. So, I do have access back there, if I want to crawl inside and take all the stuff out that’s in the more accessible part! It can be done, but I’m hoping this would be easier…….we’ll see!

        I like your option 3 the best as well! I wish it were possible for mine!

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