…And we’re back

Did you even know we were gone? We went out of town for Christmas this year to see Michael’s fam and had a grand ol’ time with them, but we had to get home sometime and yesterday was the day. The day before we left, both kids got baths so they would be fresh and clean for Christmas. Bristol hates bathtime, but he loves cuddle time with his mommy while he dries off…and so do I

Bella was helping pack our suitcases

We had to take down our Christmas tree before we left too. It was getting dry (I think because we use wood to heat our house) and we decided that we would rather take our tree down before Christmas than to come home to no house. So down it came. I was so sad. But, again, I’m glad we still have a house. After what seemed like forever to get packed, we were off. We packed up the the kids and headed south. Bella and Bristol sure did enjoy having a van to explore while we were traveling

Bella is completely fascinated by tractor trailers/semi trucks/18 wheelers. She would walk from the front to the back as we passed them, just watching. She loved it!

Nine hours later, we arrived. Our nephew Ranger was pretty jazzed to see us. I think he’s figured out that when Auntie Amy comes to visit, he gets treats. Even our canine nephew and feline niece get spoiled!

I know that’s a blurry picture, but most of the pictures I get of Ranger look more like this one so I called the above picture a win.

Bristol got to meet his cousin Cleo and they became the bestest of friends. Bristol would whine when we would take him away from Cleo at night to go to bed or if it was time for her to eat. I think Bella got a little jealous too. Cleo tends to stay in one room at Michael’s parents house aka her safe zone. Bristol was able to coax her out one day to do a little exploring. He stayed right by her side the whole time. What a good cousin!

We didn’t have a “Bella crawling in the vent on Christmas Eve” adventure this year!

Christmas Eve 2009

But my SIL did blow a tire on Christmas Eve and our nephew Ranger ended up sick on Christmas day. Sad face. But he’s better now and Meagan’s truck is fixed and no one had to crawl under the house. I call that a win. Christmas Day, Bella and Bristol decided to dress up and wish everyone a special Merry Christmas.

That was not an easy picture to get because my use of “Bella and Bristol decided” was maybe not the most accurate statement ever. You’re thinking I’ve totally lost it aren’t you? Let me plead my case…

Nope, you’re right. I have totally lost it. You win.

We actually got snow while we were down south and Bella and Bristol just sat on their Grandaddy’s desk and watched it fall outside

It was a good time visiting with family and we’re so glad we were able to go! The trip home was pretty uneventful. Bristol sacked out on Michael’s lap

We hit rush hour traffic in St. Louis which gave me plenty of time to snap a skyline picture that goes with my Starbucks mug from our trip in October.

We arrived home to a Baby Bickley in our yard…almost hit it pulling into the driveway. Some elves had brought us a load of wood and stacked it in our back yard (elves aka Mom and McDad). We also had Christmas cookies waiting by our back door from one of our neighbors. Cookies that proved to be a great breakfast food today! Ahhh, road trips. Anyone else travel over the holidays? How about snow? Any snow? Cause we have nothing but rain today.

I have a couple more Christmas posts for you. My goal – get them posted by the end of the year. Yeah, that’s tomorrow. Back to writing and picture taking I go!

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