One more Christmas post

I’m feeling a little ahead of the game so far. I’m determined to work on one Christmas project each month this year so I’m ready to decorate as soon as Thanksgiving is over. This year, I will not be struggling in mid December to come up with decorations. My New Year’s resolution is to simplify my life. I have about 15 bullet points under that one resolution and that includes being more prepared and organized. I hit up some after Christmas sales and feel like I’ve gotten a good head start and done it on the cheap!  I hope you’re ready for pictures because, as promised, here they are. One thing you can be sure of is that this coming Christmas will have a good amount of glitter and shimmer because after a Christmas without any, I’m going a little crazy

Here’s the beginning of the shimmer.

Love a good breakdown…just in case you can still find some clearance?

  • Green shimmertastic wreath that I almost bought before Christmas – $4 at Target (50% off)
  • Ribbon colored and glittered in blue, green and black – Menards maybe? I can’t remember, I got if from my stash
  • Purple glittered snowflakes – $.30 for 3 at Target (70% off)
  • Olive green glittered snowflakes – $1.48 for 20 at WalMart (50% off)
  • New silver stocking holders (that might get ORBed) – $3 for two at WalMart (50% off)
  • Blue & Purple shimmery and glittery shatterproof ornaments – $2.48 for 12 of each color at WalMart (50% off)

I’ve created a Pinterest board for my shimmery glittery Christmas. Who’s excited? For now…bring on spring!

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