We’re cooking with gas

Sometimes it still surprises me how many sayings are different just by crossing that mason-dixon line.The one that gets brought up in our families the most is the word toboggan. When the hubs moved from Kentucky to Iowa he had to buy some serious winter clothing. They have winter in Kentucky but it’s nothing compared to a traditional Iowa winter. He went to the store and asked someone where to find the toboggans. They took him to the sleds. Here in Iowa that’s what a toboggan is…a sled. Well in Kentucky a toboggan is a winter hat. What is it in your family?

Last winter I heard a new saying from my husband too. “We’re cooking with has now.” What was he talking about? You see, we generally speaking we don’t use gas to heat our house. We heat with wood. I grew up with a wood burning fireplace so it’s nothing new. I was so happy to see that our house already had a wood burning furnace! I’m not a pyromaniac but I love going to the basement and opening the door and seeing a fire burning bright.


This cheapskate frugal gal loves I know we’re saving a whole lot of money…about $300 a month lot. Sure it’s a but of a pain going outside to get firewood when the snow is drifted and blowing like this


I’d much rather be sitting with Bristol watching the snow from the inside


The thought of saving all that cash-ola for more important things like paint and plants and curtains makes me keep going. It’s also nice having a big strong husband to take turns with when it comes to going out to get firewood…and by taking turns I mean he goes twice then I go once.

We also couldn’t heat our house so cheap if we didn’t have a place to get firewood for free. My dad helped us get the wood furnace up and going and my mom and McDad have kept us supplied with firewood the last two winters. How lucky I am to have two sets of parents who both live on farms where trees get knocked down by wind our the just plain die and have to be cut down.

So I guess we’re cooking with gas? Maybe we should change it to “We’re cooking with wood now.”

PS I just did this whole post in my phone. We’ll see how it looks when I get it uploaded. Thanks to my electronic guru husband I should have a fully functioning laptop by the weekend I think I’ll keep him…even if I don’t understand some of his sayings.

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