Up on The Roof

Recently (before the snow hit a couple weeks ago) the hubs and I spent some quality time up on the roof.

In fact, it was totally booooring but totally necessary. Blah

Some of you may remember back in July when I told you that we would be taking on our roof in the fall.

We didn’t do nearly as much as we had planned to do, but the hubs and I did have a couple days that we spent redoing the roof on the three seasons porch. Our whole roof is in desperate need of being redone, but the three seasons porch and laundry room/mudroom really needed to be done so we didn’t have to walk through puddles inside the house. My dad and Michael spent a day in October or November (can’t remember exactly when) and covered the leaking part of the roof with ice and water barrier and Michael and I finished off the rest of it. It’ll get us by until this summer when we do the whole roof (hopefully). It worked like a charm and we decided that we would do the rest of it just to be safe and get us through the winter and the spring.

Ice and water barrier is this black paper-type thing that if you crawl around on it, you will get holes in the knees of your jeans and you will have to buy new shoelaces. Michael measured out our roof and decided that we would need a one square and a two square to finish the roof. To be clear, I have no idea what those terms mean, I just regurgitated the information to the guy at Menards to make it seem like I knew what I was talking about. Basically the paper was about three feet wide and the smaller roll was 33 feet long and the bigger roll was 66 feet long. I let Michael haul them up the ladder to roof while I watched from the sidelines.This chicky does not do ladders…unless it’s when I’m painting and I need to trim around the ceiling.

First we had to sweep off all the pieces of our shingles that had found their way off the regular roof to the three seasons porch

Right after I discovered the wonderful world of Ana white furniture, I decided I needed my own tools. Pink ones that the hubs wouldn’t “borrow” from me. So, that’s what I asked for for my birthday and Christmas.

Michael: You mean I can actually get you tools for your birthday?

Me: Like it ever stopped you before.

Michael: Yes, but this year I have permission.

Anyway, my pretty pink Christmas present (aka hammer) and I started pulling nails while Michael pulled nails with his boring black hammer

I think it took about an hour to do that. Someone really nailed that thing.

Once they were all up, we had to fill in the holes with roof cement

It looked something like this

Then it was time to roll out the barrier

Evidently, you don’t normally need to use a heat gun for this project, but normally, you’re doing this in the summer so the paper-type thing is all hot and sticky. When you do this in January, it’s not so much. So we sat up on the roof with a heat gun and heated the edges. We worked until it got dark and then Michael went and got a lantern and we worked some more.

We went outside the next day and worked on it some more. Bella and Bristol watched from inside

The barrier had lifted in quite a few places so we got out the heat gun and a rolling pin and went to work flattening it out. I’m sure it was quite interesting and unfortunately since Michael and I were both working on it, we don’t have pictures of it. But here’s what it looked like when it was all done

Being up on the roof gave me some time to survey our back yard and see what I’d really like to do in the yard this summer (the list is long)

  1. Get rid of the great big blue dog house
  2. Get rid of the smaller dog house (that’s half hidden by the tree)
  3. Get rid of the giant dog run that takes up half the yard
  4. Build something for the firewood so it looks prettier than a couple blue tarps that blow around all over the place if the wind blows too much (a couple ideas on one of my Pinterest boards)
  5. Start in on the garden for Beau and Brady. I’ve asked my aunt to help me plan it. I know that she’ll have some great ideas.

For now, the roof on the three seasons porch doesn’t leak! We finished it just in time. The first real snow came just two days after we finished up hanging out on the roof. Whew! That was a close one. Now that I’ve finished up telling you about a boring, but necessary, project I’m totally excited to show you a couple pretty ones.

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