Moving Day

I’ve been planning for quite a while to move the hubs’ dresser from the bedroom into the entry room. Gotta say, he wasn’t totally on board with the idea. Also gotta tell you that I’m pretty opinionated and sometimes pushy and after almost ten years together he has totally learned to pick his battles. Knowing that I tend to have instances of ADOS (attention deficit…ooo shiny) I’m pretty sure that he secretly hoped I would move onto a new project. Then when I cleaned all his clothes out of it, he knew he was in trouble. Then when I cleaned out the space where I wanted the dresser to go int he entry room, I think he resigned to the fact that this was happening.

When I asked him to help move it downstairs yesterday, he gave in (the term asked is used quite loosely in this sentence…I may have been a little on the not-so-nicey-wifey side). We took the drawers out and maneuvered it around our turny stairs and into place. Bella loves when we move things around so she was right there to check everything out and make sure she approved

Once the drawers were in, I was pretty enthralled with “Operation steal move Michael’s dresser”. Bristol is pretty happy with it too

You might have noticed that there is a spot on the top that isn’t painted. Ya see, when Michael packed up his stuff and he moved to Beverly Iowa his dad changed the color of the dresser from brown to black. There is a mirror that goes with the dresser and it had these little wooden pieces that went around the top. Good for a dresser, but not so much for a sideboard. Fortunately, they popped right off, unfortunately there is a ring around the top. I’m in the process of talking the hubs into letting me paint something on the top of it. Think chevron…or damask…or Greek key…or rectangles. I just have to find a way to subtly suggest painting the top occasionally without being a nagging wife. That, my friends, is going to be a fine line.


It’s staying as is for now I just have some decorating to do….and some cleaning. I have a couple things that I’m fairly certain are going here and I’m pretty excited to have a place by the back door to store all my shopping bags. Maybe I’ll remember to take them more often.

I really just like the furniture in the room. Sure there’s plenty to do (like finishing the floor) but this is definitely not an overnight project kind of house.

And before you think I’m a horrible wife who took my husband’s dresser and now he has nowhere for his clothes, I gave him two drawers of my dresser plus we have a huuuuuge closet to hang up most of our clothes (see the floorplan here). Anybody else have a stolen from your husband re-purposed furniture story to share? How about being fortunate to have a spouse who goes along with some of your crazy hairbrained decor ideas just because he/she loves you?

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