Cowgirl Up!

So, did you figure it out? Yesterday I showed you this picture and told you the tutorial was coming. If you had this pile of stuff, what would you make?

If you’ve perused my “Because I’m Fun Auntie Amy” board on Pinterest, you probably know. Or if you’re friends with my SIL on facebook, you probably know too. But for those that don’t, it’s a horse…two actually. I originally found the idea on Pinterest (pin here). Charlie from Attempting Aloha does a great tutorial on how she put hers together. We did a few things different, so I thought I’d give you our step by step. Normally I wait till the end to show you the reveal picture, but there are quite a few pictures and steps in this tutorial so you’ll have to keep your eye on the prize. In the words of Katie Bower, I think they are awesomesauce.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? Here’s a list of the supplies (and the cost-ish)

  • Fuzzy Sock – $1 at Dollar Tree (It’s hit or miss at ours)
  • Yarn – $2.50 at Hancock Fabrics
  • Googly Eyes – $1 at Hobby Lobby
  • Feather Boa – $7 at Hobby Lobby
  • Fake Eyelashes $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Glitter Foam (1 sheet each of white and a color) – $2 each
  • String of beads – $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Flower for her “hair” – $3 at Michaels (we bought a bunch of five and now have four left over)
  • 3/4″ dowel rod about 3 feet long ish – $2 at Michaels
  • White spray paint – $1 at Menards
  • Glue gun – $2 at Michaels
  • Glue sticks – $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Fiber fill – $5 at Hancock Fabrics
  • Chair tips – $2 at Menards

First, paint your dowel rod so it can be drying while you’re doing the rest of the horsey. We stuffed the sock with the fiber fill. Don’t be afraid to stretch it to the limits

Then we decided to sew the nostrils. Wrong decision. We couldn’t figure out where exactly to put the nostrils, so we made the bridles. We liked the look of a braided bridle so we took six pieces of yarn and braided them and then tied it onto our horses, just to give us something to gauge distance by. Then using yarn and an upholstery needle We made nostrils

I tied a knot and went into the sock where it would be covered by the bridle and then made the shape of the nostril and went back through the sock and tied another knot under the bridle.

With the nostrils done, I stitched the bridle to the sock by kind of weaving yarn through it. Then I glued the bridle in place to cover the knots. I used hot glue on the chin side of the horse

Then I stitched around it creating a “buckle” just to hide the hot glue

Then we added the dowels so we knew where to place all the other bits and pieces that are being glued and sewn to this poor sock. This wasn’t difficult to figure out, but it was critical. You know that anytime you’re doing a DIY project, you’re bound to think afterwards “Next time I’ll do [insert after-the-fact-idea here]”. Well, gluing the dowel was one of those things. We put a post of glue on the top of the dowel (forgive the very blurry picture, we were moving fast

My do over moment would be to add a line of glue down the side of the dowel too in an effort to help the horsey head stay in place a little better. But, this worked too. We made sure there was some fiberfill between the sock and the top of the dowel, but the dowel was pushed all the way into the heel of the sock. That gave it quite a bit of stability.

Getting the sock horsey neck stuck to the dowel rod we pleated it on the back side that would be covered by the mane and sewed it shut.

Then we glued in small sections around the dowel rod and stuck the edge of the sock on top of the glue line so there was no ugly glue peeking out of the sock

You’ve made it halfway! This is the point where you will want to pause and take a picture and get another cup of coffee. My mom was working on the purple one and I was making the pink one. We were making these for my niece for her birthday and we made two so when her cousin (my niece) or another friend comes over to play, they each have one to play with.

Alrighty, let’s move on. Next up were the ears. Here’s the pattern we used (along with a couple that were cut out). They are three inches wide and three inches tall…or the size of a post it note. We traced four ears for each, two on the color and two on the white.

The reason we did this is because the glitter foam we got was sticky backed so it needed something on both sides. Hello, happy accident.I loved the look of the white ears with the pink and purple inside

We put the mane on (without attaching it) to gauge where we wanted to put the ears. We also decided that with the mane covering the bottom of the ear so much, we folded the ears completely in half. Once the ears were sewn on, we also glued the sides so they would stand up the way we wanted them to.

Then pause for another picture. Kinda looks like a glamor donkey here…

The next step was adding the mane. We cut it into two pieces and because these have a tendency to unravel we hot glued the ends. We wanted the mane to cover up where the ears were attached, so we started by wrapping the boa around the back of the ear and going to the front.

We used yarn to attach the mane, just making tight loops around the boa

Then the boa went back around the ear and was sewn to the middle of the head between the two ears.

Then I pulled the other end up to the outside of the ear, making a sort of loop. We repeated that with the other piece of boa around the other ear. So close to done!!! We took apart a fake flower and hot glued it back together. I know that might seem crazy, but work with me here. We didn’t want to yellow middle of the flower, we wanted something glitzy. We cut a circle(ish) piece of glitter foam for the middle. This also allowed us to sew the flower on instead of just hot gluing. We made a knot under the flower, went through the sock and the middle of the flower and tied another knot. A little bit of glue and the glitter foam was added.

This is where my camera battery went kaput. I know, I know. Bad tutorial writer. But the rest of this is pretty self-explanatory. I will give you a couple pieces of advice. The next step was adding the halter. We stitched four beads back and attached with yarn…hiding the knots under the bridle again. If that bridle ever comes off, you’re going to see a multitude of sins. Then the eyes have it. We glued the eyelashes to the backs of the eyes with hot glue. Cautionary tale: If the tip of the glue gun touches the back of the eye or if you use too much high temp hot glue, the back of the eye will bubble a little bit. Then we glued the eyes to the horses and we thought they were done.

One last finishing touch was chair tips to the bottom of the dowel rod to help protect the horses and little fingers from slivers. One little girl was pretty excited to get them and to start playing with her friend.

She got some red cowgirl boots from her mom and dad too. How perfect.

After a lot of playing, sometimes horses just get tired and need a nap.

They were really pretty easy to do. The hardest part was making sure the horses had even nostrils, ears and eyes. I have plans of making more. I think we should have a whole stable for the nieces and nephews when they come to visit our house.

Be honest, was that the longest tutorial you’ve ever read? Was it worth it? Are you going to make one? As always, I want to see it if you do!

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One thought on “Cowgirl Up!

  1. This is an ADORABLE project!.. but I had to laugh! Did you not think the unfinished parts looked like private parts? The picture of the socks with the nostrils and bridles made me a bit ashamed that the I automatically thought it looked like boy parts… Then I saw the unattached ear! Hahaha.. .Maybe I’m gross. Sorry. Adorable blog.

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