I Should’ve Known…

Seriously, I was born here and except for a few years gallivanting all over the world, I’ve lived here since then. You would think that I should know that just when the snow melts, that means we’ll be getting more snow. But, alas, I guess I have not yet learned. Guess I’m just slow to catch on. But last night, it snowed again. When I was watching the weather last night they said that it would be 1-3 inches but most places would get 1 inch-ish. Yeah, that wasn’t us – 3 1/2 inches here. It was really wet snow which makes things slippery (boo) but it also sticks to everything so it can be really pretty (redemption).

Bella and Bristol decided this morning that I didn’t need to sleep past 5:30. Bella likes to wake me up by cuddling and licking my nose and Bristol runs across the bed. Michael sleeps right through the whole ordeal. I’m not at all a morning person, but I do love the low key time…and they are so lucky they are just plain adorable. So, I got up and got my day started. While the “kids” were eating, I added some wood to the fire (since snow brought cold and I wanted to stay warm), shoveled a path to the curb so we didn’t miss garbage day again and decided to take some pictures. Last night the hubs had me testing some cameras again and I found one that I liked, but I just had to know how it took pretty snowy pictures. So for those of you in warmer climates, here’s your snow!

My pretty red watering can

I love our deck in the winter (I also love it in the spring and summer to0)

 I love that we have about a bagillion trees on our 1/3 acre in town

Guess who left her clothespins on the clothes line all winter…that’d be me. I think I’ll need new clothespins in the spring, but I kinda like this picture for our laundry room so I guess it all evens out right?

We need to go get a load of firewood soon…especially since we kinda forgot to cover this up before the snow last night. Oops

Our lilac bush(?) I think this might be it’s last winter right there.

Remember the great big beautiful maple tree that holds our swing? This is what it looked like this morning

Now it’s time for a cautionary tale. Do you remember the dining room chair swing that I drug out into three posts (here, here and here)? Well I did two things wrong. 1- I didn’t seal it with an outdoor sealer 2- I left it up through the winter. Look at the difference!

This is definitely a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do thing. Wanna guess what I’m going to be doing in the spring?

The weather here changes pretty quick. One minute it’s melting and the next minute it’s freezing

I can’t wait for my Hydrangea to start blooming again

Replacing this railing is on my to do list along with painting or doing something to those front steps.

The frogs are waiting for their little birdie visitors to arrive

I brushed the snow off the suet feeder so maybe they will come soon. The Suet usually doesn’t last long in this thing, but it seems like we don’t have birds that like this hot pepper one. We may have to switch back to peanut or pecan

I know this won’t be the last snow of the year…mostly because snow is actually in the forecast for three days from now, but I’m hoping not to be awake at 5:30am to take pictures. Anyone interested in cluing Bella and Bristol into this? For those of you in the warmth, I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures of the snow. If you got snow too, I hope you don’t have to go out in it today. Happy winter everyone!




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