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Ten years ago today the hubs and I went on our first date. Ten years? Oh. My. Word! So I thought that it was appropriate for me to share with you a little bit about how we celebrate anniversaries. A few years ago, Michael and I made a switch in what we did for our anniversary. We go out for dinner and a movie. We’re total cheapskates too, so we totally do lunch specials and matinee movies. I love that we just spend time together. In keeping with our frugal living philosophy, we buy our gifts for each other at thrift stores. It’s such a fun challenge! The first year we did this, we had a $7 limit at a local consignment store. I got Michael an electronic dartboard and he got me a bread machine. The dartboard fizzled out pretty quick, but the bread machine got used last weekend to make bread for our annual family dinner. I love the smell of fresh baked bread!

When we celebrated our 9th anniversary in October, we went to Goodwill with $10 each. I got Michael some speakers for our surround sound system. Here’s what he got me

The glass is the same as the stemware that we have and the small saucepan is like what we have too so he got that for me. Then there is the candlestick that he got me. I loved it and knew that it was going to get a coat of paint. Well, yesterday with our record breaking warm temps it was time for me to be outside painting! I set up my little paint spot on the deck

It was primed

Then it was painted and there was only one color that this was ever going to be. Can you guess? What does this look like to you? Maybe this?

Of course Lumiere has to be marigold!

My Lumiere isn’t enchanted, but he is enchanting. I secretly keep hoping he will break out into song when I walk into the dining room

Now I just need to find a little table top clock…and a teapot and a cup with a chip in it.

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