A Chev Ron Ron Ron

Not too awful long ago, I stole the hubs’ dresser and moved it to the entry room so it could be used as a sideboard-type-thing. You might remember that I’ve been begging him to let me paint it. Have you ever heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? Well, I say that all the time and yet there I was doing it myself. Time to rescue myself from insanity. I decided to get a piece of 1/4 inch hardboard and cut it to fit the top and just paint that.

First I had to cut it down. We don’t have a table saw or a miter saw (which are both on my wish list) so sometimes it’s difficult to get straight cuts. My dad and my McDad both suggested that we try the same thing until we get a table saw so I was pretty excited to test it out on this project. To help with the straight cuts, I needed a few extra things

I also used a tape measure. Speaking of tape measure, will someone else please tell me that they keep a tape measure in their purse? Tell me I’m not the only one! If you don’t do it now, you should definitely get one. I love having it so I can measure random things at Menards, Lowes or Home Depot or Target or…well, you get the idea. Anyway, I measured the distance from the blade on the saw to the edge of the saw like this

Then I measured five inches from the cut line that I had drawn on my board and clamped another board there. That way, I just had to keep the edge of the saw against the edge of the board and it was easy schmeezy. Also, when choosing the board to clamp, make sure it is a low enough profile so it fits under the part of the saw that sticks out (the red part on the left of mine in the picture above)

Then just lather, rinse, repeat for the other cut and I ended up with a board that would fit on top of the dresser sideboard. Now, since it was all cut it was time to decide on colors. I knew that I wanted it to be light colors because it’s in a corner and it could easily become a little black hole. When I was painting the cabinet for my revamped creative space I decided to paint the top for the sideboard too. A couple coats of primer then a couple coats of Sherwin-Williams Pro Classic paint in Creamy and it was ready for design! I decided that I wanted to paint chevron. It seriously took me a month to work up the nerve to paint the chevron. Generally speaking, I’m a pretty laid back person. When things go wrong, I tend to not get worked up about it and I just roll with the punches. But I am totally type A for a couple things. One of those is party planning. You might remember that from Ashley’s gender reveal party where I went polka dot crazy.

The other thing is chevron. It drives me bonkers when chevron stripes aren’t even. Different widths and slanting are enough to send me over the edge. Pinterest is full of tutorials on how to paint chevron but I came up with my own because I know the people who wrote those tutorials are so much better at this than I am. I didn’t trust myself to cut tape at the right angles or anything so it took me a month to figure out how I was going to do this. Then we had a colder day where I couldn’t paint outside so I decided to paint on the living room floor while hoping that watching Nate Berkus would help me out. I started by drawing out the chevron pattern on a piece of paper (like I didn’t know what it looked like?)

I decided that I was going to do my stripes the same width as my Frog Tape and I was going to paint them in columns. I took the length of the board and divided it into equal parts that were even. So my board was 41 3/4 inches long. I couldn’t get it to divide into anything easy, so I decided that a stripe on either end that was 7/8 inch let me work with an easier number to divide – 40 divided by 10 gave me 4 inch columns. I taped off the columns on the board keeping in mind that when taping the columns wouldn’t be even

I was painting every other column where the stripes all slanted the same way. Then I started taping. I put my first piece of tape on lining it up with a corner and 4 inches up the side. Then I measured the distance where the tape lines met. The distance between these two arrows was 1 3/8 inches so I just measured up the sides in 1 3/8 increments and put the tape down.

Then instead of doing all that math on all of the sides, I took a piece of scratch paper and make little marks on there for my increments and marked them on the other columns and taped them off. Then I had something like this

Are you seeing it yet? Cause I wasn’t, but I started painting anyway. My second color was grey. I picked up a little test pot from Lowe’s since I wouldn’t need much.

I let it dry and peeled the tape and it was looking a little less chevron and a little more road closed sign

I kept going though. The second set of columns were easier to tape off. I taped over the stripes and I only had to measure on the end. The columns that had stripes on both sides, I just lined up the tape between the white lines on either side of it and painted again.

I peeled the tape after it was dryish and revealed this.

If you’re not careful about taping the second column you’ll get this, but it was nothing a little touch up brush couldn’t cure. You might also notice tat where the two lines meet (where I was careful), there is a texture line. My type A chevron personality came out and I thought I was going to have to repaint the whole blessed thing.

But then when I looked at it from a distance, I couldn’t see the lines so I decided to roll with it.

I mean, it was definitely going to look better than the current top

Two words: In. Love

I moved a few things to the top already, but it is in definite need of styling. I’m on the lookout for stuff, but for now I have the green bowl from Pier 1, the wine rack that the hubs made for me for Christmas two years ago, the electric wine bottle opener that my brother and SIL to be gave me for Christmas this year and the little bin where I save wine corks for  my friend Kayla. Before you think that you need to stage an intervention, that’s probably a year’s worth of corks, not a week’s worth.

See, needs some styling (and I took this picture before the white line touch up too). I also need to find some artsy thing to put there since the art I had planned ended up somewhere else. I’m also on the lookout for new hardware. Last time I was at Hobby Lobby I meant to look at their stash, but I completely forgot. Oh darn, looks like I’ll have to make another trip. C’est la vie.

Anyone else been in totally paint everything mode?  I think every day that it’s been over 60 degrees and not raining, I’ve been outside painting. I have a serious problem. The neighbors are starting to wonder. Maybe not, but they should.




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4 thoughts on “A Chev Ron Ron Ron

  1. Susan

    I seriously think I just painted your dressers big brother, just finished it last night…as tommorow I’ll send you a picture on Facebook, no fancy chevrons for my top, but now that I see yours I just may have to add some! Well done!!

  2. Yes, I carry a tape measure in my purse, a nice small one in a leather case that my sister-in-law impulsively gave me one day when we were out looking at furniture or something. She probably carries several! Now I wouldn’t leave home without it.

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