Half bathroom – Two Years In…

Today, I thought I would show you our half bathroom from beginning to now…complete with a checklist of everything we’ve done in that itty bitty space. Back in December, I shared with you the two year progress on the kitchen and entry room. They are also in the Tour Our House section along with the tour of the whole house from the beginning


Behind this door in the dining room is our teeny, tiny half bathroom on the first floor.

This is a closet under the stairs turned bathroom, so it is a very odd shape, but endearing – can a bathroom be endearing?

To the right is a closet

and a window

To the left is the toilet (I’ll spare you the full open toilet picture)

Now for the list of things that have been completed

  • Scrubbed the whole entire bathroom like you would not believe
  • Took down the wooden 1983 towel bar and soap tray
  • Took off all the plastic-y textured wall paper (post here) – this took months…literally
  • Painted the walls in Sherwin-Williams Hubbard Squash (this post)
  • Added an ORB (oil rubbed bronze) towel ring to the right of the sink (this post)
  • Added an ORB toilet paper holder to the left of the toilet (this post)
  • Changed out the silver handle on the toilet for a snazzy (splurge) ORB one (post here)
  • Created an ORB foaming soap pump for the sink (tutorial post here)
  • Painted the rusted grate on the floor by the sink a matte black color
  • Added some red candle holders and s’more smelling candles to the top of the sink (this post)
  • Switched out the lacy curtain for frost painted glass (post here)
  • Added three Ikea (hallelujah) vases and gerbera daisies to the windowsill (this post)
  • Repainted the handles on the closet from chrome to ORB (this post)
  • Added some hubbard squash accent paint to the closet (post here)

The new sink needs to be installed, the mirror will be coming down and replaced with one in a beautiful frame, a new light that has yet to be decided on…we’ll get there.

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2 thoughts on “Half bathroom – Two Years In…

  1. Heidi

    I don’t remember the sink being bad. Can you find a pedestal at the reStore? New faucet handles?

    • The sink isn’t terrible…just falling off the wall 🙂 We already have a pedestal for in there, we just haven’t put it in yet. But I’m thinking about putting it in the basement bathroom because I found different one that I really want because it would give us more room in there. ReStore and I are good friends…I keep hoping I’ll find just the right faucet there to fit the sink we already have.

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