A River Runs Through It

I made you a promise and I intend to keep it. So here I am! Yay me!

I told you that my brother is getting married in June and I’m helping plan the wedding. I also told you that I don’t want to share the projects I’m working on until after the wedding. Well, I’m going to make a small exception with this post since I’ve already told you that I’m planting a whole mess of baby’s breath so I think it’s safe to show you this project. We have this odd little patch of grass that both the hubs and I hate mowing so I’ve been planning on turning it into a flower bed since the first summer we had to mow. I decided that white baby’s breath will balance out the white hydrangea on the other side of the steps quite well. Plus I just needed a place to plant the aforementioned mess of baby’s breath.

I got some weed blocking cloth and laid it out a few days before I actually started working on the bed. I wanted it to smother some of the grass. Turns out it didn’t do much of anything so if you’re making your own, don’t worry about this.

Then I busted out the Kreg jig to build the sides of the bed. Keep in mind that Kreg and I are just getting to know each other. I’ve only used it for one other project.

I put together three 1×3 furring strips for the bed. If you wanted this to last forever, you could use treated wood, but I’m not a big fan of the chemicals used to treat the wood and cedar wasn’t in the budget so they are just plain furring strips. I also do not plan on this being there forever so furring strips at $1.25 each were a good option. One was eight feet and then I cut down the other side to  83 inches (the distance from the house to the sidewalk. Then I set them outside for a couple days until my mom was able to come help me with the rest of the bed

When mama came to visit on Monday night, I put her to work. While she laid out more weed blocker (we ended up with two layers criss crossing) I added stakes to my boards. I got the stakes at Menards and I think 12 of them were maybe $3 or something like that. I put one stake on each end of the 8 foot board and one in the middle. On the 7 foot (83 inch) one I put one on one end and one in the middle because once it was all in place both boards would share one of the stakes.

Next I dug a “trench” for the 7 foot board so it would sit below the ground level and line up with the 8 foot board in front. Then with the stakes attached we put the boards in place. Mom took the rubber mallet and started in

Then the dirt went in and it was time to play with some poop

We did 8 bags of top soil and sprinkled on one bag of poo and then sprinkled about 2,500 baby’s breath seeds. We only did half of the bed on Monday because someone didn’t get enough top soil [insert picture of me pointing to myself here – you know, cool chick thumb pointing style] so here’s the half baked picture

Michael and I went and saw The Hunger Games yesterday (yay!!!!) so I picked up more top soil and finished off the bed last night. Eight more bags of soil,

one more bag of poo and 2,500 seeds

I had this

Thrilling right? I wanted to make sure to get it finished last night because it was supposed to rain. Here’s what the sky was looking like as I was finishing up.

Did it ever rain. I went outside this morning to check out the bed and I found this

Do you see it? Let me give you a closer picture

The culprit? Our “front porch” doesn’t have gutters

We’re expecting rain for the next 6 days – yes, six days! I really need to figure out how to keep this from happening again. I have an idea so maybe that will be this afternoon’s project? I’ll keep you updated. For now I’m waiting on pins and needles for the next ten days for that baby’s breath to germinate.

Ooo and did you know I’m on Instagram (username: thisDIYlife)? I started a few weeks ago but didn’t really have any pictures up. Just one of Bristol. Then I got a text from Ashley chastising me for not having more on there so yesterday I Instagrammed this picture and a few more

Hopefully I’ll remember to Instagram a little more often.

Must head to Menards to get some things to fix my river problem. I’ll keep you updated…I promised!






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2 thoughts on “A River Runs Through It

  1. mary fran

    Rain chains!!!!

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