I want to start out by telling you that none of these giveaways are being hosted by me. There are just a couple that I thought you should know about! I can’t wait to do an Amy-sponsored giveaway someday, but for now I’ll share a couple other good ones for you.

Imagine the amazing pictures you could take with this camera!

Visit this link to enter (note that this is through facebook)

Then there is the 16gb ipad 3. Who wouldn’t love one of those. Well, maybe my husband wouldn’t (not an Apple fan), but I think he would adjust.

Here’s the link for that one.

So there you go, a couple a-mah-zing giveaways. Hope one of you wins…or me…I hope I win too.

Sidenote: Anyone else missing Happy Endings? Just me? I remember a facebook status of one of my friends from high school about Happy Endings. Jeremy, can we commiserate together?

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