Challenging Party

When did I get so busy? And how do I make it stop? Stop over-committing? Yeah, that won’t happen. It’s what I do (unfortunately). Did y’all see the announcement for the summer Pinterest challenge? As busy as I was, I’ve participated in the past three challenges and since no matter how busy I am I don’t back down from a challenge, I knew I was doing this one too. I just had to decide what. Of the challenges, my favorite (as well as everyone else’s) was the state pride canvases I made for the hubs and me.

This time, I ended up combining the Pinterest challenge with something that was already on my to do list. A few weeks ago, I went into one of my favorite small businesses and asked them if I could design a window display for them. In return, I would put up a sign in the window that said it was styled by Amy Lynn Events (that’s me). I got a few ideas from Pinterest, some I saw today after I had it designed already. So are you ready to see what I did?

First, I’ll show you the (p)inspiration. I loved the paper lanterns in this pin (the link is wrong so I’m not sure where it should go to)

Then there is the pom pom trim that I thought I had to have after Miss Katie B’s towel post. BTW, I was right. I did have to have it.

I loved this sign from The Layered House

Who sees where I’m going this this already? Bunch of smart cookies aren’t ya? A few more inspiration links and we’ll get to the good stuff…or more good stuff because the above ones are uber cool already without my help. Anywhooooo. Taffy skewers, a banner and mason jars round out the (p)inspriation!

The link on Pinterest is bad for this one – let me know if you know who gets credit for this!

So there you have it! Ready to see what I did with all that? Hold onto your hats…if you’re wearing one. Sidenote: I was at Panera today and saw a lady walk in wearing a big white floppy hat and thought to myself two things. 1- Lady, we’re in Iowa, this isn’t the beach. 2- I wish I could pull off a hat. But you didn’t come here to hear my rantings about people wearing beach hats. You came to see what I do with inspiration. As you look through these pictures, please bear in mind that mall lighting and point and shoot cameras do not mix. I’m hoping I can talk Noreen into stopping by there this week and taking some stellar photos for me.

Here’s the full picture. The paper lanterns hung from yellow striped seersucker fabric,

the banner combining the pom pom trim and the pennant stuff I saw and the Keep Calm printable on the chalk board. The other sign on the chalkboard says that I styled the window and give my phone number and contact info.

The taffy skewers in a pitcher of popcorn filler (hey, it’s a popcorn shop) and the water bottles with the labels designed by yours truly (available for purchase through here)

I love the cupcake liners covering the mason jars. It’s totally my jive right now!

Last picture for here (more on my Amy Lynn Events facebook page). Invitation designed by moi and available for purchase

There you have it. My (p)inspired window display/party dessert table. Tell me what you think. Don’t forget to check out the talented ladies who brought us the Pinterest challenge and their guest co-hosts for this summer. Katie, Sherry, Kate and Michelle! Don’t forget to also link up on their websites and then check out some of the great challenge projects. It never disappoints!

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