Ombre! Ole’!

Did you give up on me? I honestly don’t know who thought it would be a good idea for me to take so many classes this summer. Especially since I haven’t been in college for 14 years. It wasn’t the brightest decision I’ve ever made. Now that I’m semi-caught up and two weeks from the end of the summer semester I feel like I can take a little time to write out some DIY posts for you. More of what you expect from me rather than finger nails and birthday wishes. If you think waaaaay back you might remember that I was the planner/stylist for my brother’s wedding a month ago. I also worked with my (step)mom and sisters to plan the bridal shower. The biggest thing I tell people about planning a party is that if you plan something and can’t get to it or you forget about it, you’ll be the only one who knows. I imparted this wisdom on Ashley’s mom when I invaded her house threw her and her husband a gender reveal party. Donna’s response: Unless it’s forks. Donna-1 Amy-0.

There were some things that didn’t get done for Lindsee’s shower, but a lot that did get done. This would be one huuuuuge post if I did it all at once so I’ll show you pieces over the course of the week and by next week you’ll have a complete picture. I think one of my absolute favorite parts of this shower was the table runners. I’ve been a little obsessed with ombre lately. Okay, maybe a lot obsessed. When I saw this on Pinterest, I thought “Stick a fork in me, I’m done. On second thought don’t. That would hurt”. Yeah, none of that is true but I was pretty excited about it.

Image from A Practical Wedding

I got six yards of muslin and cut it in half. That gave me three yards/nine feet for each table. Then I cut it in half lengthwise once and then those two pieces in half again. At the end of this confusing story I had eight runners that were approximately thirteen inches wide and three yards long. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you know that when I give you a tutorial I tell you what I did and then I tell you the better way to do it. This, my friends, is no different. Due to the aforementioned (10 point word) obsession with ombre I was completely jazzed to see if this would work and therefore did not take time to hem my table runners first. I sew because I need to, not because I want to…or because I’m good at it…because I’m not. I can hold my own and that’s about all. So if you’re going to make some of these I suggest hemming the edges first. It will save you headaches in the long run. But I didn’t do that and they still turned out good. Just a little smaller from unraveling in the washer. Oh well. Back to my dye job. I got some fuchsia dye at the store (can’t remember which one) for about $2.

I filled the sink with water and wet down all the fabric (just like the package said to)

Then I dumped the dye in the sink.

At this point your husband may come in from the garage and ask you what in the free world you’re doing…mine did. I gave him the standard “Making things pretty” response. After being married to me for almost ten years he just rolls his eyes and walks away. Good man, but he’s lucky I’m not Christian Grey.

Here’s where my runners start to differ from the (p)inspiration one I saw. I wanted the center of my runners to be white to help draw the eye along the runner and then to the centerpiece. I had all of my runners folded in half and stacked on top of each other. I dunked the ends into the dye bath

I used a bamboo skewer to occasionally check the color. I wanted to make sure it was dark enough before putting more of the runner into the dye bath

I was really concerned that there wouldn’t be a gradual change in the colors and that the lines would be too rigid. I discovered that the dye tended to “climb” the fabric a little. Like this

I’m not sure if it’s because I was using super light fabric or if this would just be normal. Maybe someone who is fabric inclined will email me and then I can let y’all know. Until then I’ll be blissfully ignorant. Every 4-5 minutes I moved the fabric further into the dye until I had about six inches left that was white. Then I started rinsing and rinsing and rinsing and rinsing. I think you get the picture. I was careful to keep the white part away from the colored part. This is where my fabric and dying ignorance is going to show again. Hair dye? Oh yeah, I’ve been using that for twenty years. Fabric dye, not so much. I was pretty serious about this ombre so I started with the darkest pink ends and rinsed until the color ran clear. Then moved my way up the runners. I was not going to let this turn out like my orange hair. Seriously it was orange. My friend’s mom who never says anything bad looked at me and said “Oh Amy. What happened to your hair?” It was that bad. No more of that talk…it’s too painful.

After I rinsed them all I took them outside to the clothesline. It was a beautiful windy day so I knew they would dry fast and I would get some laundry on the line photos.

Here is what they looked like on the table at the shower

Couple closer pictures on my dining room table?

I’m thinking they might make an appearance for my niece’s next birthday party because they are awesome and when else will I use them?

There you have it. A little ombre in your day. Anyone else obsessed with ombre? How about taking pictures of laundry on the line? The G rated laundry that is. I think next we shall discuss berry baskets…or food (with recipes)…or poms…or the banner that didn’t get done (sad face). Eh. It will be one of those. Maybe two. Requests?

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2 thoughts on “Ombre! Ole’!

  1. So my bff Amber (crazy cookie lady in Van Horne) told me about you and she being neighbours last night. When she told me how alike us you were, I laughed at her and told her there was no such other person in existence. However, today i must in fact, eat my words.

    I LOVE your blog and this comment, aside from serving as a weird-ass way of saying hey, is cause I want to know where you got the container for the muffins? I’ll tell you why, I want to have a vintage tea party for my birthday next month so I have started scouring for cute things and that looks cute!

  2. It’s so strange that we’ve lived across the street from each other for 3 years (almost) and never knew how much we have in common. My mom always told me I was very special and there was no one like me. Mom lied. My friend Kristen is so much like me. When we went to visit her family in September my husband said asked if I thought him and Kristen’s hubs would get along. I said “Um yeah. You’re married to the *same woman*.” He didn’t believe me…until we were there for about 2 hours.

    The muffin container – I used wooden berry baskets that I lined at the shower but milkglass when I took the photo at home. The berry baskets were from my mom but I found a place where you can get them now. LOVE that place!!! The milkglass is from Goodwill probably. We have a ton of it in our thrift stores and it’s *cheap*!

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