Cupcakes + Rollercoasters = Love

In one of the first posts I did on this little blog you met my friend Ashley and I shared with you our somewhat stalker tendencies when it comes to John & Sherry from Young House Love. Did ya go back and read the post? It’s a short one, but it will probably make you wonder about my stability so I’m not sure why I’m reminding you it’s there. Anywho…Ashley and I knew that wherever the YHL book tour went, we were going to go to one of the stops. We both have a love for Chicago so that’s what we were planning. Then our trip to Chi-town was squashed when my SIL decided to get married that day. After a little debate I decided to go to her wedding (just kidding Meagan) and we decided on Minneapolis for our chance to party like rockstars. After we’d decided I spent a month looking for a keychain that was a rhinestone $ for $herdog. Couldn’t find one [sad face]. I also decided at the last minute (aka too late) that I wanted to get us t-shirts that said “I’m With the Band”. Good thing their book deal was a two shot thing. Next time…next time.
I also decided (seriously, I’m not usually this good with decisions) that this trip was going to be my birthday party. Cause when your birthday is on a holiday it sometimes gets missed. I admittedly whine about this way too much, but I’m also celebrating an anniversary of my 29th birthday so in all that time I’ve learned to take matters into my own hands and plan my own birthday parties. Plus, how awesome to have John & Sherry at my birthday party?!?! Dream. Come. True. (please don’t be scared). Unfortunately Ashley couldn’t go at the last minute, buuuut my friend Amanda stepped in! So I picked up Amanda on that amazing Wednesday morning and we took off to Minnesota. After a stop at Starbucks of course

We stopped at a gas station to get gas (of course) and take a picture with this bear?

We were watching the time tick down on the GPS trying to figure out how long we would have at Ikea (hallelujah)

We finally got to Minneapolis and headed straight to Ikea (hallelujah) and had lunch there and of course shopped. Then we went to the Mall of America. I’d never been there and Amanda used to go there a lot when they lived in Minnesota so she helped keep me on task instead of letting me wander around with my mouth open and eyes wide like a kid on Christmas. The tasks were to ride a roller coaster and pick up cupcakes. We rode the roller coaster and then stumbled our way to Cupcake. When did I get so old that I couldn’t walk straight after a 30 second roller coaster ride? We went to Cupcake so we could officially call this our birthday party (Amanda’s birthday was last weekend)! Ya see, I posted on YHL facebook page that this was my party and I was bringing cupcakes so they could sing happy birthday to me. The kicker was that they agreed! So we were in search of cupcakes. We just needed any cupcakes, but the s’more variety was preferred so when we found these I was completely and totally jazzed!

Aaaaaand they were a winner from Cupcake Wars? Holla! This added to the whole rockstar experience!

Post roller coaster and post cupcakes we made our way back to the car with me muttering to Amanda “I can’t believe this is actually happening. I can’t believe this is actually happening.” We got to West Elm around 4:30 and joined in the line.

Around 6pm we started filing in and made it close to inside. We were standing right outside the window where they sat for signing. I may have gone a little paparazzi and just started snapping pictures. Later when I showed them to Ashley she said “It’s like watching a movie”.

We had a couple hours to look around the store while we were in there waiting in line

I decided that I may want to do something like this above the sink in our kitchen (as in I definitely do).

The closer we got to the table the more and more freaked out I started to get. At one point I looked at Amanda and said “I hope I don’t faint or cry.” Then we came upon these cookies that took my mind off it for a little while.

Not long after we passed the cookie table, Amanda started counting people ahead of us. That’s when I really started faaa-reaking out.

So, the absolutely terrible part? My phone died. Amanda’s phone died. Fortunately, there were some fab ladies behind us in line and we knew they were as big of fans as us when we heard them talking about feeling like stalkers and like they were meeting Justin Bieber. That’s how I felt. I commented on a facebook post Ashley made the day before. Honestly, only two of those three things didn’t happen.

I felt totally comfortable asking them to video the happy birthday serenade and then emailing it to me. And one of them agreed!!!! I feel like I owe her my first born child or something. There. Are. No. Words. Video time? Please note, I was so excited I forgot to mention to them it was Amanda’s birthday too (Sorry Amanda) and I was completely flustered. I cried. I actually cried. Amanda said that she kept looking at me waiting for me to faint. I didn’t. I held it together (for the most part). Sherry was signing Ashley’s book when she was singing and started to say Ashley’s name (so she was there in spirit) But here’s the video

UPdate: Today I read an email from the super kind lady who took that video. Know why she’s awesome? She’s a blogger (shoulda known). Here’s her post about the meet and greet. Go on, check it out. Give her some love. Thankfully, she’s pg so she may not make me give her our firstborn. Whew. Bullet=dodged.

Of course we had to get a picture with them and our cupcakes

Then I took a picture of my new prized possession

And on Saturday Amanda’s husband posted this picture and caption on facebook

Amanda’s fortune from last nights dinner. If she would have received this Tuesday night or Wednesday lunch I would have been sold on these fortune cookies for life!

All in all it was an AMAZING day! Can’t wait for round two!!! Anyone else go to get a book signed?



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3 thoughts on “Cupcakes + Rollercoasters = Love

  1. Kristen

  2. Sara

    I saw them in Richmond and got my book signed. They really are so nice! They had a silent auction for charity of some book projects and I bought the two tone desk for my daughter’s room. So excited!

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