My Blogging Bestie

Finally!!!! My friend Kristen is finally blogging! If you love my blog (it’s okay, you can admit it, we’re all friends here) then you’ll love hers too. When we were getting ready to go visit Kristen and her fam last September Michael was concerned that he would have nothing to talk about with Kristen’s husband. My response: You’ll be fine. You’re married to the same woman! So again, if you love my blog, you’ll love hers.

She kicked off her blog by offering a FREE printable. See? Isn’t she wonderful?

Free printable from The Monogrammed Home

Head over to her site and show her some love. While you’re there, pick up a printable! Welcome to blogland Kristen!!!

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One thought on “My Blogging Bestie

  1. You’re the bestest! Thank you for the shout out!

    It’s totally snowing over here, btw…ah, the Iowa winter!

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