A Paint Shower – Part 2

Hey look at that, I had ambition. Will wonders never cease? Ready for Bridal Shower part 3 and Paint project part 2?

Last time I left you sitting outside on my deck with this and the promise that I would tell you about what is on this drop cloth with the plates and candlesticks.

Any guesses? A hint? This Instagram picture?

Okay, that’s the only hint you’re getting because it’s a pretty big hint. I hate guessing games so I won’t make you deal with that torture. But you have to promise to never make me play Pictionary or Charades with you.

I saw this thing via Pinterest. I know, I know. Try to contain your shock. Painted beans for vase filler.

Image from g*rated

They used beans, I used peas because I had peas. Next time I will use beans. I’m not sure that this is cheaper than actual vase filler, but I couldn’t find any filler that would have the effect of my ombre obsession so I set off to make my own. I had the paint and the peas and neurotic Amy took over.

I laid them out on the drop cloth and started spraying

Three bags of peas in three different colors – to perfectly match the three colors of cake stands

Then I shook them up a little bit to give them another coat. Something to note: If you don’t let them dry completely first and try to move them around, this happens

I was really happy with the way the dark pink ones were turning out

I’m not sure if it was the paint or the color of my peas but the light pink ones looked pretty white with little bits of pink. Maybe I didn’t shake the can well enough?

Whatever it was, these took sooooooo long to get covered. I ended up calling it good enough. The still looked good in the vase but my favorite part is what the peas left behind on the drop cloth. I have a project in mind where this is the actual intention now

Unfortunately this is the best picture I have of the vase with the filler.

It was used at the wedding too and then I threw it all away because I didn’t want to separate them all out. I think flat paint would work much better than the gloss paint I used for the two pinks. When the painted peas got warm they all stuck together. Next time…yes there will be a next time. In fact I already have a next time in mind. My nephew’s birthday party perhaps in black and Hawkeye gold.

One more paint project and then I’ll show you the whole food table. Seems like a good Friday post to me. What do you think?



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Make it Pretty

I told you Friday about a trip that I took to get tires put on our car after having one blow out. I also told you that there was a JoAnn Fabrics on my way home. Convenient, right? Hobby Lobby was also on the way home, but I drove by. Look at me being good and saving money. I felt so completely out of sorts after that, so I did stop at Caribou for a Campfire Mocha…I get weak in the knees just thinking about it. But anyway, I wanted to share with you my project from JoAnn.

I’ve been looking for some artsy thing to go on the wall in the sideboard corner. Earlier in the week, I had made a trip to the town closest to us that has more stores than just a gas station. I found some fabric that I thought would be a perfect wall hanging there. If you like the fabric and want your own, here’s the link to find a store in your area.

Then when I was at JoAnn, I found this frame

Factor in that this was on clearance, I knew I could make it work

Then I had to decide which way I wanted. With or without the mat.

I liked the look sans mat better, but knew it would be more work so I sent the pictures off for a couple more opinions. Wouldn’t ya know it, but they liked the more work way too. So I set off to work.The size of the frame was 16×20, but I wanted to measure just to make sure. So I measured the opening from the back and it was just a little bit smaller than 16…good thing I measured.

Then I cut up a piece of foam core. Measure twice cut once, I wanted to leave a little room for the fabric to wrap around the board and for the pins that I would be using to hold it in place so I cut it slightly smaller than the opening. An eighth of an inch gave me just enough room.

Just like when I was cutting the foam core for my fabric organizers, I used a super sharp razor blade to cut it for this too. This time, to make it a little easier, I borrowed Michael’s box cutter

I started off pinning. Back in a previous life (about 5 years ago), I used to be in custom framing. So I can tell you that this is how the pros do it. You can totally do this yourself and it will save you quite a bit of cashola. If you are ambitious enough to complete a cross stitch project and then have it framed, this is how they would probably stretch it. So much more permanent than just using sticky back board. Start off pinning one edge so you know what straight is. Then stretching as you go, pin the other three sides. Remember to pull it tight so you don’t see bubbles in the fabric.

After it’s all stretched, cut the extra fabric off of the back. The good thing about using the foam core was that I just ran my rotary cutter along the edge and cut it right off. It was almost ready to be framed. The excess fabric on the back needed to be taped down to help with the stretch a little bit. I just used clear packing tape.

The corners were folded to have a sharp edge and not let the fabric bubble…and here’s a picture of me trying to hold down the fabric and take the picture with my right hand. Oh if only you could see the other 7 attempts to get this picture.

At this point, if you’re like me, you will take all the tape off, pull all the pins out and restretch it around the correct piece of foam core. Hopefully you stretch yours on the right one in the first place. But either way, the piece gets put into the frame and then the back put on.

When I “test fit” the frame above the sideboard, I didn’t like it. It was too small and it just didn’t feel like that was it’s home. I tried one more place and it was perfect. When you come down our stairs  there is a wall. We see if every morning and several times a day and it’s been a blank slate of latte since we moved in. Before we moved in, it was this wallpaper

I think this is an improvement. What do you think?

You can see it from the dining room which ties in with the orange placemat that Lumiere sits on

You can see it from the door in the entry room where we usually walk in the house and the green coordinates with the green in the state art that hangs in there

There is only one question left. Why in the world did we wait so long to put something there? Especially when it cost so little

  • Frame – $10 at JoAnn on clearance
  • Fabric – $5 for half a yard from my local fabric store (check out this link for where you can get it)
  • Foam Core Board – $2 at Hancock Fabrics
  • Sewing Pins – $2 at Hancock Fabrics
  •     Total – $19

Less than $20 for something to make me smile every morning? I call that a win! Now, we just need to put a light at the end of the stairs, so we can see it a little bit better. We’ll get there eventually. There’s a lot to do in this house! If you’re a regular visitor to my little spot on the internet, you may have noticed that I’ve done some updating on the pages at the top. This right brained girl is figuring out this web coding stuff…who knew? At the top of the page, you can “Tour Our House”

Right now, there are three tours you can take. One of the whole house from the beginning and two shorter tours of progress in the kitchen and the entry room. As I find time in between projects here and helping plan my middle brother’s wedding, I’ll be adding the progress of other rooms to there too. Don’t forget to check it occasionally.

I hope you all have a great spring weekend! As always, I’d love to see the projects you’re working on! Post them on our facebook page or tweet them to me. Seeing other people getting stuff done motivates me. Come on, motivate me people!

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S’more Monday

Our dresser turned sideboard has been rearranged more times than I care to mention since we – and by we I mean the hubs moved it to the entry room on Wednesday. I loved it as a place to store my reusable shopping bags to grab on my way out the door

Turns out that once I got them all in one place they didn’t fit in the shallow drawer anymore. Sad face. Fortunately, I was able to just move them to the second drawer…that was a close one. The bottom drawer was the perfect place to organize the plates and bowls and cups and silverware for when the nieces and nephews come visit. Look at how many of them there are!

Yay for Ikea (hallelujah) plastic stuff and yay for these not taking up a ton of room in our cabinets

Wanna guess what I filled the top drawer with? It’s two things I have a completely unnatural obsession with (here’s one and the other). While you’re thinking about that, I’ll show you something that made it to the top of the sideboard. I was at Pier 1 (you know I love it) looking for some ramekins and happened across a bowl that matches the green in the kitchen and entry room (the kitchen cabinets, the curtains and the state pride canvases). Let’s hear it for cohesive design!!! I also filled it with some candy hearts so it would be all holiday-ish and go with my subway art. You might notice that there are no yellow ones and very few green ones (those are my faves).

Wanna hear a little story about convo hearts? Ten years ago I wasn’t celebrating Valentine’s Day, I was celebrating Single Person’s Awareness Day. Michael and I were part of a single’s group at our church and I decided to have my single friends over for dinner and a movie. I remember sitting on the floor and reading conversation hearts. We were all picking out ones for other people (corny, I know). Michael gave me one that said “you rock” and mine to him said “clueless”. That’s when he knew that I wanted to be more than just friends with him. In reality, it was three weeks later, but oh well.

Now that I’ve bored you with that story, have you guessed what I put in the top drawer? The two things I love? Coupons and s’mores

This way I can grab my coupon binder on my way out the door when I also grab my reusable shopping bags. I moved the s’more fixins to this drawer because they were starting overflow the basket in the kitchen cabinets. My friend Allison got me a s’more cheesecake mix for Christmas and my mom and McDad got me a box of s’more stuff and that doesn’t include the stuff that I’ve gotten for s’mores. I have so many s’more things I want to make. Like this s’more pie that my mom made for my birthday in lieu of a birthday cake

Plus a recent trip to Goodwill yielded this little treasure

I’m in the process of planning our annual family dinner and I’ve decided to give myself a cooking challenge. I’m going to make the whole dinner without turning on the oven. No, I’m not having it catered. It’s going to be crock pots for most everything (and bread in the bread machine). I think I have the menu pretty much finalized. I just have to try my hand at making a couple things dairy free and since one of my brothers requested cheesecake, Ima going to try individual cheesecakes in in the crock pot (that’s why I was looking for ramekins at Pier 1).

What are your favorite slow cooker recipes? How about s’mores? What about organizing? Any tips?

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One more Christmas post

I’m feeling a little ahead of the game so far. I’m determined to work on one Christmas project each month this year so I’m ready to decorate as soon as Thanksgiving is over. This year, I will not be struggling in mid December to come up with decorations. My New Year’s resolution is to simplify my life. I have about 15 bullet points under that one resolution and that includes being more prepared and organized. I hit up some after Christmas sales and feel like I’ve gotten a good head start and done it on the cheap!  I hope you’re ready for pictures because, as promised, here they are. One thing you can be sure of is that this coming Christmas will have a good amount of glitter and shimmer because after a Christmas without any, I’m going a little crazy

Here’s the beginning of the shimmer.

Love a good breakdown…just in case you can still find some clearance?

  • Green shimmertastic wreath that I almost bought before Christmas – $4 at Target (50% off)
  • Ribbon colored and glittered in blue, green and black – Menards maybe? I can’t remember, I got if from my stash
  • Purple glittered snowflakes – $.30 for 3 at Target (70% off)
  • Olive green glittered snowflakes – $1.48 for 20 at WalMart (50% off)
  • New silver stocking holders (that might get ORBed) – $3 for two at WalMart (50% off)
  • Blue & Purple shimmery and glittery shatterproof ornaments – $2.48 for 12 of each color at WalMart (50% off)

I’ve created a Pinterest board for my shimmery glittery Christmas. Who’s excited? For now…bring on spring!

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A little More Christmas

I’m not sure if it’s the procrastinator or the decorator in me that saved gift wrapping to the bitter end. Remember the pom poms that I made instead of bows for our gifts this year? While sitting and watching Revenge one night, I just made poms so when I started to wrap gifts, I would have them. Between Michael and I, we have 6 parents, 7 brothers and sisters, 4 of them have spouses/significant others and between all of them there are 10 nieces and nephews and 6 pets. That’s a lot of poms! Since I needed a place to store them, they found a pretty little home in my trifle bowl. Most of the time I fill it with something edible, but I pulled it out of storage and filled it with poms.

Image from Pampered Chef

This fall when I wasn’t ready to admit that winter was coming, I found some felt snowflakes. While I wasn’t sure what our Christmas colors were going to be, I firmly believe that a can of paint can cover a multitude of sins uncoordination so I picked up three of them. Design rule: Decorate in odd numbers – one, three, five. It adds interest to a space. Then while I was outside one day ORBing (oil rubbed bronzing) my fall soap dispenser, I decided that one of these snowflakes needed the ORB treatment too. Being the resourceful gal I am, I took down our suet birdfeeder (temporarily) and hung up my snowflake

You know I will always share with you my “what I would have done different” stories and this is one of them. There are a couple ways I could have done this differently. The first being that this is felt meaning very porous…very porous. This baby soaked up a lot of paint and turned this into a $5 project instead of the $1 I paid for the snowflake. I should have sprayed it with a sealer first then my precious ORB paint. C’est la vie. You win some, you lose some. Option number two would have been to buy a piece of hardboard at good ol’ Menards for $7 for a giant sheet and used the snowflake as a pattern. Then I would have taken it to my McDad and begged him to cut out some snowflakes for me with his scroll saw. It probably would have cost me a few bags of M&Ms or some ice cream, but would have been worth it. Hmmm, next year! Regardless of the resources, I still liked how it looked with an ORB treatment

Felty but metallicy. This snowflake found it’s way to our dining room table too. It sat underneath my trifle bowl filled with poms

So, what do you think? Procrastinator or Decorator? I choose decorator, but I know it’s probably more like procrastinator.

And you’re not going to believe this, but I have picked out our 2012 colors for Christmas. Thanks to some after Christmas deals, I’ve gotten a good headstart on our Christmas decor for next year. Pictures to come soon!


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