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Finally!!!! My friend Kristen is finally blogging! If you love my blog (it’s okay, you can admit it, we’re all friends here) then you’ll love hers too. When we were getting ready to go visit Kristen and her fam last September Michael was concerned that he would have nothing to talk about with Kristen’s husband. My response: You’ll be fine. You’re married to the same woman! So again, if you love my blog, you’ll love hers.

She kicked off her blog by offering a FREE printable. See? Isn’t she wonderful?

Free printable from The Monogrammed Home

Head over to her site and show her some love. While you’re there, pick up a printable! Welcome to blogland Kristen!!!

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My grandma’s a quilter and a little over a week ago she had some of her quilts on display at a quilt show so my uncle and I took a little trip to go see them. I had never been to a quilt show, so it was fun to just go and I really enjoyed seeing Grandma’s quilts on display. If you didn’t make it to the quilt show, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites. These are some of my grandma’s quilts…cause you know they are my favorites. I have to warn you, if you are a quilter, you may know the name of these patterns like Grandma does, but I do not. Maybe Grandma will let us all know what they are

Grandma had a few others, but my pictures didn’t turn out that great. I will show you one more of hers in a little bit. First, here are some from the featured quilters

Two others that caught my eye. I love the colors in this one!

I had to take a picture of this quilt for my dear friend Kristen

Have I ever told you that I used to work in a chocolate shop? One day when the boss was away the mice ladies did play.

Does that look familiar? Maybe a little like this part of that quilt?

I also stopped at one of the vendor booths  when I was walking by and saw some fabric that was designed by my high school BFF Melissa. It’s part of her Wildwood collection and I’m so excited to use it. Maybe in our second floor hallway with some curtain lining fabric? The brown in it goes perfect with the mocha color on the walls. Melissa’s blog is always on my sidebar in the blogroll, but you can check it out here.

Lastly, the piece de la resitance from the quilt show. Grandma used thousands of little pieces of OPS (other people’s scraps) to make this quilt. The pieces represent the thousands of people dealing with Alzheimer’s. After the quilt show, she donated the quilt to the Alzheimer’s Association. Here she is with the quilt she made

Continuing with my I-can’t-expect-people-to-understand-if-I’m-not-willing-to-help-educate philosophy (see the infertility post here and the severe allergy and anaphylaxis post here) I wanted to share with you about Alzheimer’s. My grandpa passed away in 2000 after living with Alzheimer’s and Grandma cared for him full time. To learn more about Alzheimer’s please visit the Alzheimer’s Association website. There you can find out what it is and the ten warning signs to watch for.

I can’t wait to go to another quilt show since I had to leave this one early. Have you ever been to a quilt show? Did you love it? Would you love to go to one? Wanna go with me?

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I never had a chance

My grandmas are/were very creative women. They worked with different things, but I’ve been so inspired by both of them.

Grandma Betty (my dad’s mom) could sew up a storm. A couple years ago, I decided I was going to inherit her ability to reupholster furniture. We’ll just say that I gave it the ol’ college try. The couch was probably not a good starting point so I think I’m going to try it again but on a smaller scale. A couple months ago, we got some chairs that were Grandma and Grandpa’s that need to have new cushions put on them…to replace the cushions that Grandma put on them 25-ish years ago. One of my favorite projects of Grandma’s was this tree. She took some of my great-grandma’s jewelry and made this that hung in Grandma and Grandpa’s house for years.

Now it hangs in our house. It was actually the first thing to make it’s home on one of our walls in our house. It’s on the wall right as I go in the door to my creative space/craft room. The thing I remember most about Grandma is how much she loved her family, how she always took care of all of us. I see this every morning and I remember her and I remember that my family is what is important…however non-traditional it may be.

Grandma Rosie (my mom’s mom) was a quilter, a gardener and the smartest woman I have been privileged to know. Last year in a really round about way, I got this quilt that Grandma made.

She would use all kinds of scrap fabric from wherever she found it, like from Grandpa’s old shirts. She used old army blankets instead of batting and she tied most of her quilts with yarn. Grandma belonged to a  quilt club and she would make quilts and donate them to various charities. Grandma just liked to sew, so a year ago when my dad was helping my youngest brother go through some things and found this quilt that Travis had gotten from one of his friends he knew it was one that Grandma had made. Now it lives at our house as a reminder to be generous with what we have been blessed with.

Grandma and Grandpa bought me my first sewing machine which sat unused for a long time because I had so many issues when I would try to sew (not unlike this scene – boy am I glad I wasn’t the only one). Maybe I got more patient as I got older or maybe Grandma’s sewing gift finally made it’s way to me. Regardless, I did make these shams for our old bedroom

Designed, cut (from two flat sheets that I paid less that $2 each for) and sewn all by me. Yay me!

Anyway, my newest hopeful project is for Miss Ashley. Ashley and her husband are expecting bun number 4 in November…right around my birthday.  Since I’m convinced that Ashley is going to get her girl after 3 boys and that November 22nd is going to be the lucky day that baby comes I have to do something really special. Ashley loves the houndstooth pattern! Love may be an understatement there. So when I found this houndstooth baby quilt on Pinterest the only question was “What colors do you want Ashley?”

She’s going traditional, in case you were wondering. Even if bun is a boy and doesn’t come meet the world on my birthday,  I’m still making the quilt.

Grandma Jean (McDad’s mom) is a very gifted quilter. She has a sewing room that any quilter would be jealous of complete with a design wall for her to hang stuff on. I know that if run into problems, I can just run to her house and she can bail me out. I also enlisted the help of some of my facebook friends for suggestions on how to make my first quilt. The consensus was simple pattern and straight cuts…oh and patience.

Yesterday at my 15 year class reunion (15 years…oh…my…word) I saw one of my high school friends Melissa. Melissa works at a sewing center and designs beautiful fabric. Check out this quilt that Melissa’s mom and her made with some of Melissa’s fabric

Gorgeous! With that talent, I’m going to take any advice she has while I make my first quilt. Her first piece of advice yesterday was to start with something simpler than the houndstooth like squares or lines. As we were leaving the reunion Melissa said “Let me know if you need help sewing.” You may regret those words before long my dear old friend.

This morning I went through my stash of fabrics and found some cute polka dot stuff in pink and black that should be enough for a baby quilt. I’m thinking that I’m going to try squares since the houndstooth quilt is mostly about squares so it will be good practice. Stay tuned for my first quilting adventure. For now, here’s a sneak peek

As you can see, with my grandmas, I never had a chance to not be creative.

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Today I wear blue

The past week has been the longest week ever! Fair warning – this is another post without much DIY in it. Remember when I introduced you to our children on Mother’s Day? As I was writing that post, something was stirring in our house. In case you missed that, here’s the Brady story from there

Not long after we moved into our house, there were two outside cats that adopted us. Sly was a gray tiger cat and Issa was a tabby cat that we fell in love with. They spent many cold nights warming themselves on our three season porch but refused to come inside. We noticed that Issa started to get a big belly and then one day when Michael saw her, she was skinny again. We searched and searched and searched for those kittens. When I say that we searched, it was an elaborate spectacle that I’m sure amused the neighbors greatly. One attempt involved Michael running around on the second floor looking out the windows relaying Issa’s traveling direction with a 2 way radio so I could stealthily sneak around and find the kittens. Sadly we never found them. Then this little kitten started showing up last summer. We would see it from across the yard, but could never get close to it. One night we trapped it on the porch and with a long sleeved shirt and leather gloves, I was able to finally get to sit with him. A few weeks later this little kitten somehow got stuck in our garage for a couple days. Michael found him when he was working on my car and Brady moved into our house “just until he’s better”. Almost a year later and I will never let Brady go…he’s mine for always!

Every time Brady would go through a growth spurt, he would sleep almost non-stop for a couple days. Mother’s Day was day 3 of his sleeping binge. Monday night we noticed that he wasn’t eating or drinking any water. Brady has never been much of an eater…he always preferred to play, but it was the drinking part that had us concerned. Tuesday I took him to the doctor and he had a high fever and had lost two pounds since his last appointment 3 months ago. We have a phenomenal vet for our kids and we wholeheartedly trust him and his opinion. We started taking Bella to him right after she came to live with us and now we drive an hour to that office without question. So when he said “We need to do a feline leukemia test first thing,” my heart sank. Then when the test came back positive, I was in shock and disbelief. As Dr Bock told me about the options, I was hopeful. More tests made it look like everything would be okay and we would have a few months with Brady. Enough time to vaccinate Beau and Bella, keep them apart for a month and still be able to make a trip to see Michael’s family. I took him home that night with some anitbiotics and told Michael the news. We both deal with things like this in very different ways. His first reaction was to Google, mine was to take pictures…and cry…a lot. As he Googled and I took pictures, he found websites that gave us more hope and I found that Brady is very photogenic and I wish we had a better camera

On Thursday, Brady went back to the doctor because he wasn’t getting better. His fever was still high and he was dehydrated so they sent us home with a stronger antibiotic and still some hope. That night he was Brady again. If you’re not familiar with feline leukemia, it’s something that can be transmitted between cats, so we’ve been keeping Brady in our bedroom while Beau and Bella have been roaming the rest of the house. But it seems like the only place they want to be is with Brady. Can’t say that I blame them, that’s the only place I want to be too.  He went out on the porch while Beau and Bella stayed inside and looked at him through the window

Friday and Saturday he was fine, but something happened Sunday night. He started to look sick, really sick. Monday Beau and Bella had an appointment to start the feline leukemia vaccine so I took Brady along for the ride and to get more fluids. Dr Bock checked him out and found a mass in his stomach. It could be an abscess, but with the progression of the feline leukemia it was determined that it was most likely a tumor. I took all three kids home on Monday and told Michael that we had a tough decision to make. Our non-traditional family spent the night watching TV together and Michael and I took Brady outside for a walk. He was running around, chasing walnut pieces that Michael was throwing and playing with dandelion stems waved in front of his face. The doctor told us it would be temporary and it was. Tuesday morning it was bad again. We set up an impromptu family photo shoot on the three seasons porch using the timer on our camera and some Ikea fabric to block the morning sun from our eyes. (I’m going to beg Michael to let me put up one of the family photos, so check back in case there is an update). For now, Here’s one of me with the Bradster

When I got home Brady and I spent some quality time together, just chillin’. He even played with some string underneath the door with his sister but got tired really fast.

Yesterday, Brady didn’t eat anything. We tried everything and couldn’t get him to eat. Since the week before, we had been feeding him watered down food with a straw and giving him water the same way. He didn’t like it, but he would take it. Yesterday he fought harder when we tried to give him water and we knew it was the end. We each had a heart to heart conversation with Brady. I know that he’s a cat, but we had to do it for ourselves. I told him about how happy he had made me in the nine short months that he had lived with us. I told him that I was sorry I worked so much and I would give anything to have that time back with him. I told him that he will always be in my heart and he has changed my life with his spirited and loving personality. I took this picture of him with the necklace that I wear every day so I can keep my kids close to me all the time. The necklace was a gift from my brother Jeff, SIL Jenna and niece Evalee for Christmas last year. I’m not one for jewelry, but this necklace is one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever been given and now it means even more.

If you had asked me last week, I would have told you that the day the feline leukemia test came back positive was the worst day of my life. If you ask me now, I will tell you that it is today. Every time that I think I have cried so much that no more tears can come, more come. This morning we made the longest hour-long drive to Dr. Bock’s office, talked with him a little then it was time for us to say goodbye to Brady. Absolutely, hands down, the hardest thing either of us has ever had to do. I told Michael that I needed the closure and as crazy as it may sound I needed for my face to be the last thing he saw, so we watched as he slipped away and then we cried…a lot. The only DIY part of this post is the beautiful thing that Michael made for our “little one”

Michael tells people that he’s not much of a woodworker (he prefers car metal) but I think this is wonderful. The work he did on this cedar box shows how much both of us loved Brady. We chose a place for him in our yard next to a tree and a spot where we plan to put a brick patch and a swing. I’m still looking for a plant or a flower named Brady to plant there (if you find one, please let me know). But for now, this will do

Here’s a montage of some of my favorite Brady pictures

The first picture of Brady

Finally we got to hold him

Chillin' on the couch

With his favorite toy

In the crinkle sack

Playing with his blue ball

With his cousin Landon and friend Kaden

He drug this thing all over the house & it was bigger than him

He loved to sit in the bathroom while I showered

Sleeping on my arm

Checking out his Grammy's purse

Evidently he wanted to look out the window

He pulled almost everything out of this box

All my babies

Thanks for sticking through this to the end. Michael and I have had so much support from family and friends in the last week, that I don’t know how we could have done it without ya’ll. We are so blessed and we thank God for each and every one of you. Not long after Brady came to live with us, it was obvious that he gravitated to the color blue. Every toy that was his favorite was blue, so for Brady, today I wear blue.

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If you want me to

I’ll give you a fair warning, this post has nothing to do with DIY, but it’s a glimpse into our life. Two weeks ago…

Me: You know that Mother’s Day is coming up and our kids are too young to go shopping by themselves.

Michael: Yeah, that’s why they can’t go shopping.

This Mother’s Day, I feel so blessed to be a mom to our three fur-babies. I’ve introduced you to our kids before here, here and here. There are a lot of people who don’t understand why we call our cats our kids or why they are so important to us.  Michael and I believe that we can’t complain about people not understanding if we aren’t willing to educate…about anything. Kellie Coffey definitely can say it better than I can

Bella came to live with us when she was just 9 weeks old as a late birthday present for Michael. She was just a tiny little thing that quickly became our little princess

A year later Michael brought home Beau. He was a sweet cat that used to hang out with Michael while he would work on cars in my dad’s garage. We kept saying that we would bring him to live with us when we had a house but one night, Michael couldn’t wait anymore. Beau had gotten in a fight with another cat and had a very hurt leg. We’re not sure he would have made it and we’re so glad that we didn’t wait

Not long after we moved into our house, there were two outside cats that adopted us. Sly was a gray tiger cat and Issa was a tabby cat that we fell in love with. They spent many cold nights warming themselves on our three season porch but refused to come inside. We noticed that Issa started to get a big belly and then one day when Michael saw her, she was skinny again. We searched and searched and searched for those kittens. When I say that we searched, it was an elaborate spectacle that I’m sure amused the neighbors greatly. One attempt involved Michael running around on the second floor looking out the windows relaying Issa’s traveling direction with a 2 way radio so I could stealthily sneak around and find the kittens. Sadly we never found them. Then this little kitten started showing up last summer. We would see it from across the yard, but could never get close to it. One night we trapped it on the porch and with a long sleeved shirt and leather gloves, I was able to finally get to sit with him. A few weeks later this little kitten somehow got stuck in our garage for a couple days. Michael found him when he was working on my car and Brady moved into our house “just until he’s better”. Almost a year later and I will never let Brady go…he’s mine for always!

Sure they aren’t typical kids, but they are our kids who gave me this for Mother’s Day

Since my old wireless mouse broke, I’ve really been missing it. The kids got me a new wireless mouse for my laptop to go with my new laptop desk from IKEA (hallelujah). I love it and Bella’s happy when I’m happy.

I hope that this Mother’s Day, you spent some time with someone special. Remember those who walk in the steps of Hannah and share in her struggles from so long ago. If you know someone in the midst of the struggle with infertility, I recommend you check out Resolve or Stepping Stones.

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Ahhh Caffe

Sherwin-Williams Latte

It all started with Ashley…it’s all her fault. She sent me a picture of her kitchen that she used the S-W color visualizer on. Then she just did it and loved it. After the nightmare we went through trying to pick a color for the upstairs hallway…

…we decided to take a page from the “Book of Ash” and test out the latte. PS Thank you S-W for your little samples. Now latte is the color throughout most of our first floor. But it didn’t stop there…latte also invaded Noreen’s house.  Ashley, Noreen and I all bought our houses around the same time, so we’ve been decorating them all around the same time. It’s been fun exchanging ideas and going to the Parade of Homes together. If you’re looking for a good neutral color with a hint of greenish tint, you should definitely try turning your house into a cafe too.

For those of you who know me, have you ever read my blog and wondered who Noreen is? I’ve mentioned her here, here and here but never told you that Noreen… an alias for one of my work BFFs. When I first did this post, if you read it fast, you saw Noreen’s real name. I went to work and Noreen said “I want a fake name like Michael“. She picked her own name…not quite sure where Noreen came from, but she just blurted it out from the other side of the wall one day. Noreen and I have worked together for about three years now…until yesterday. I know she left for a better opportunity for herself and I’m happy for her, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have mixed feelings about it. I’m going to miss things like this April Fools gift for our boss courtesy of Noreen (please forgive the not-so-great Blackberry picture)

and these pictures she drew for me (another Blackberry picture). I’ve had the bottom one for about 2 years now…not quite sure why, but I found it in a drawer after Noreen left work yesterday, so back up on the wall it went

Occasionally I could even talk her into helping me with a DIY project (Noreen’s not much of a crafty gal). Like when she made my Dad’s wedding announcements and when I actually got her to use a glue gun to make little s’more guys out of fun foam. Her job was to glue the chocolate to the graham cracker

Don’t worry, ya’ll haven’t heard the last about Noreen. I’m excited to follow up with her progress on her house in this Midwest “forest”

They just replaced trim and doors, but I have yet to see pictures. Hint, hint Noreen! Here’s a beautiful winter picture at Noreen’s too

I know that she’ll be busy with her new job and splitting all this wood for next winter

and with her new baby

How adorable is Ryder? What a cutie patootie. We’re both also training for a Tutu Trot 5K run for which I will get her to bedazzle rhinestones on our tutus (and I use the word training very loosely). If you’re in our area, you should definitely come run with me and Noreen…it’s all to celebrate a little 4 year old girl’s birthday and help pay for her cancer treatment. Check out the event deets here. We also decided to run the Chicago Half Marathon in September…what were we thinking?!?!? We better get moving if we’re going to make it to the end on two feet.

So, now you’ve met Noreen. I’m sure you haven’t heard the last of Noreen and Ashley adventures…stay tuned!

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Surpise, Surprise

Do you have any idea how hard it is to coordinate the schedules of 17 people? After years of not being able to get together as a family, we started an annual family dinner…around no holidays whatsoever. The second Saturday in March every year (honestly, this will be the 2nd year, but I’m optimistic), our house fills with the love and laughter of my family. We get to spend time together and maybe get a decent family picture. When we were younger, it was hard to get a good picture

Every time we have people over, we try to make things different than the last time they came to visit. But with extra hours at work this week, there was no way I was going to get anything done, and I’m okay with that. Then yesterday I got a text from Michael letting me know there was a surprise waiting for me at home. Yikes!

Behind this door is our teeny, tiny half bathroom on the first floor. Most everything to redo this bathroom has been sitting in this bathroom for about a year now…waiting…and waiting…and waiting for it’s turn to be shown some TLC. This is a closet under the stairs turned bathroom, so it is a very odd shape, but endearing – can a bathroom be endearing? The biggest problem with this room was paint. Poor Ashley was plagued with questions about her thoughts on paint. I can do that to her because when I ask her questions like “Do you think hopsack would be okay in the bathroom?” Ashley knows that I’m not asking her if my bathroom would be a good place to don a burlap sack and hop from one end to the other. Ashley knows that I’m talking about our obsession with Sherwin-Williams. On Thursday we were tossing around words like Latte, Hopsack, Hubbard Squash and Festoon Aqua for the half bathroom

This was the beginning of that half bathroom. Check out this wallpaper that was in there. Yes, it is textured mauve and teal that had been faded over time.

There was a lot of wallpaper in that room. Cora spent hours one work day before we moved in scraping wallpaper (yes, she’s sitting behind the toilet)

Then Michael spent hours this week finishing off the wallpaper and here’s what it looked like.

I knew about the wallpaper coming off, but we were still trying to figure out the color. Turns out that I pestered Ashley about color for no good reason. The surprise that Michael had for me was the bathroom…in Hubbard Squash. I just had to decide where to hang the towel ring and the toilet paper holder. I took votes and opinions from my facebook friends about the placement of the toilet paper holder. Right side or left side? What do you think was decided??? Keep looking.

Michael and I are pretty frugal people. We got a pedestal sink to go in this bathroom for $40 (not yet installed) and then we spent $20 on this lever for the toilet. Never thought our splurge would be the lever for the toilet, but we love the way it looks in there. And Michael says it’s “built like a tank”. I’ll let you take that for whatever you want.

Here’s the toilet paper holder…on the left wall with the paper over the top

It still needs some changes, but it seems a lot more put together than it did just three days. It’s almost a John & Sherry worthy transformation. The new sink needs to be installed, the mirror will be coming down and replaced with one in a beautiful frame, a new light that has yet to be decided on and I have my heart set on this soap dispenser. Not to mention that these curtains have got to go!

But the half bathroom is half done and ready for house full of our family and hopefully Noreen can get a good picture of my brothers and sisters and me. But some things never change…this was last May!

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Party like a rockstar!

If you’re going to be reading my blog, I feel like there is someone else you should know. Well, quite a few someones, but something happened yesterday and I think you need to meet my friend Ashley now. Ashley and I have an obsession…home design and decorating…and that has a lot to do with Ikea. We also have a Sherwin-Williams obsession, but that’s another story for another time.

My mom, sister-in-law, niece and I are planning a weekend trip to Ikea in April so I’ve been online shopping at Ikea making a list for about a month now (Michael has not seen the list yet). My lunch routine for work consists of checking blogs and then shopping, it’s specific and patterned. First check in with Ana, ’cause she’s a genius. Then see what John & Sherry have to say for the day because they are fab. Next it’s over to visit my friend Andrea and her friend Laura to see what’s happening. Lastly, it’s off to Ikea!!!! Does anyone else hear a choir of angels sing at the mere mention of the word Ikea…there it was again!

Our house has a three seasons porch and a huge deck that I really want to be a fun gathering place during the spring, summer and fall. We’ve started building our Sectional-a-la-Ana for the porch and the Chairs-a-la-Ana for the deck. Then I was at Pier 1 a couple weeks ago and found this:

Who doesn’t need giant flip flops right? Michael knows nothing of these yet by the way. I was going to just come home with them one day and see what he said…I’m not much for keeping secrets when something makes me happy and giddy so I guess he finds out on the blog…sorry dear. Not a clue where I would put them though, but I heart them!!!

I promise this story is getting back to Ashley…on Monday during a typical lunch hour, I was Ikea (Hallelujah, hallelujah) shopping and found this light for the three seasons porch:

So fab isn’t it? I sent a picture of it to Ashley and our friend Noreen and simply said “I want”. A little poly on the paper pieces and I think it would work outside. I even thought about painting it red or orange to go with the flip flops. Yesterday I got back to my desk from a meeting and waiting for me was an IM from Ashley: “You are going to DIE WHEN YOU READ YHL!!! I’m not kidding, prepare to fall over.” Good thing it was my lunch hour because when Ashley says something like that you listen! Sorry Ana, but after that, I checked you after Young House Love. I was speechless and for those who know me, that’s quite a feat…it has maybe happened 2 times in the last 10 years…the other time was when Michael proposed after just 2 months of dating. John and Sherry have this light in their bedroom now!!! I should also explain that to Ashley and me, Ana and John & Sherry are celebs…I told you we had a home design and DIY obsession. This quickly became the highlight of our day. Not just the light, but I commented on the post and they replied (here’s the post and scroll down to see my comment). Oh…my…goodness…they know we exist. Yes I do realize how that could be kinda stalker sounding, but let me reason with you just for a moment. When you think decorating celebrities you think of Nate Berkus, don’t you? Well, John and Sherry were on Nate…John and Sherry know Ashley and I (yes, I realize the word “know” is being used very loosely in that sentence, but I’m okay with it)…so we are one degree away from Nate! In the words of Ashley “OMG! OMG! OMG! Did you show Noreen? Does she want our autographs now?” Noreen didn’t, by the way, she thinks Ashley and I are borderline crazy….she might be right. But now Ashley and I feel like we could party like a rockstar!

In the end, it’s all a part of This DIY Life. (Look at me coming up with a catch phrase like “That’s how I roll“)

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My dear husband Michael

One day I sent my husband an email and said “Here’s my blog…because some people want to hear what I have to say” 🙂 He was very supportive and I love him for it! After almost 9 years together, I know that he doesn’t like his name or picture online, so you won’t see his picture here (until he breaks down and lets me put it up) and you won’t see his real name here either. Taking a page from MomOnTheRocks, on my blog he’s Michael…as in Michael Buble – love him too. I hope you enjoy the adventures of Michael and I renovating our 101 year old obsession!

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