Old House Elements

Old House Elements

In case it wasn’t obvious by the fact that I begged my husband to be on board with us moving into a 100 year old house, I LOVE old houses! I love the looks, I love the stories and I love the history of them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Pottery Barn like Phoebe (love my Pottery Barn desk) but I do love when furniture or a house has a history.

Well, when we were visiting Michael’s parents over Christmas we got to take a tour of a house that was being renovated…and that I kinda fell in love with. Enter my new idea for this blog…Old House Elements. I took some pictures of the house and my favorite elements that I just had to share with you. I love the look of the outside of the house with the little covered patio off the side of the house. I can just see it with a little bistro table and chairs there can’t you?

This house looks small on the outside, but it actually has four bedrooms. Two upstairs and two downstairs. Wood floors and fresh coats of paint on the wall make it so cozy in the attic

Totally loved these five panel doors up there too. Gorgeous!

The kitchen had me swooning a little bit. I’m pretty jazzed about having a pantry in the kitchen with the eventual reno. I love that this one is built into the wall and doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

I love when cabinets go all the way up because it makes the ceiling seem just that much taller. Don’t mind the paint cans here. We saw the place mid-reno

Can you tell from that picture that the door handles look like this? L. O. V. E! (Sorry about the blurry phone photo)

I would completely love to have some of these for our future game room! My plan is to do a whole 50’s soda shop kind of thing in there inspired by a table that was sitting in there when we bought the house. Here’s the room and the table (never before seen on this here blog because I left the basement out of the beginning tour)

Okay, back to my fave old house elements…the last three are great ones! I love arched doorways. In the very first house we looked at (8+ years ago) all the doorways were arched and I loved those too. I think there is only one word you can use to describe them – charming.

The front door mimics the arches too

You know I love a good fireplace too. Whether it’s functional like the one I grew up with or it’s just for pretty like the one I made a couple months ago, I love a fireplace.

Anybody else have a crush on old house elements?  I want to see! If it’s an element you love about your house email it to me (thisdiylife@gmail.com) or post it on my facebook page. I wanna see. If you find it on Pinterest, by all means, tag me in your repin….please! To tag me in your pin, you need to be following me and then you just type “@Amy @ this DIY life” and when you get part of the way through that, it’ll pop up my picture and you can just click on it to tag me. I get an email every time someone tags me in a pin and it makes me all giddy. Share with me your favorite old house elements! What was your favorite part of this house?

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