Main Bathroom – Progress

Our main bathroom is on the second floor of the house. You see it right when you turn the corner upstairs and since the door is usually open and we would use it most often, it had to be pretty (or prettier) right away. So on the to do list, this was one of the first things to tackle.

Behind the door is the toilet – sorry about the open toilet picture

A better shot of the shower curtain (in the mirror) and the awkward towel bar and the uber long countertop

Inside the shower…just warning you, it’s gross

Time to make myself feel better with a list

  • Scrubbed the whole entire bathroom like you would not believe
  • Took down the brassy towel bar that hung 8 inches from the coutnertop
  • Painted the walls in Sherwin-Williams Bamboo Shoot (this post)
  • Switched out the shower curtain to one that both the hubs and I love…not an easy task
  • Got new sagey bath mats (post here)
  • Defolded the bi-fold door to add some storage to the door (this post)
  • Removed the strange little shelf that was next to the counter when you walked in the door
  • Recaulked every seam in the tub and added something to cover up the edges
  • Took the snazzy mirrors off the wall by the toilet so it wasn’t so…creepy

And now for some progress pictures.

Here’s the shelf on the no longer bi-fold door (plans from Ana White)

The toilet nook without mirrors on the wall and a closed lid. Finding something to hide the hubs’ magazines is pretty high on the priority list too.

Oh and the shower, can’t forget to show you the shower. So much better even if the color is off a little bit.

Plans for this room include new floor tile, a claw foot tub, double sinks (!), new mirrors and I really would like to move a new washer and dryer into this room too, but I’ll admit that’s a point of debate in our house. Oh boy, do I have plans…just look at my For the Home – Bathrooms board on Pinterest. I’ve also started an ever evolving moodboard for it on Olioboard.


6 thoughts on “Main Bathroom – Progress

  1. Hi! I found my way here from a comment you made on YHL. I’ve checked out all of your house tours, and it looks like an exciting project.

    What about tying into the plumbing for the 1/2 bath, extending it up the side wall to the 2nd floor, and placing the laundry in the the “shoe closet”? At least, that’s how I’m understanding your house plan

    • I should add, though, that personally, that wouldn’t be what got to me about your house’s layout — it would be all the hallways upstairs eating up valuable space! The mudroom seems like a fine place for a washer & dryer, except that I think I would route the dryer vent down under the stairs that lead to the back door and straight out the exterior wall. (Or, if that’s a slab, then up, over and out, with a booster fan if necessary.)

      • Haha. Yes there are a lot of hallways. It has definitely been brought up to eliminate the hallway to the master bedroom and create one great big room. We are quite hesitant about losing a room altogether. We still hold onto the hope that one day we will need a nursery and we could easily turn the giant closet into that.

        Thanks for clicking over from YHL and sticking around to read some too!

    • That’s an excellent idea and a definite possibility! Since the big move is still a way off, I know we’ll be looking at a few different locations for the washer and dryer. 🙂

  2. I suppose that if you’re planning to make the closet a nursery, that’s a different issue, but I would think to make the closet & hall area into the master and divide the current master into a closet and a master bath (routing plumbing up from the kitchen area).

    I can’t help thinking about how I would change houses – architect in training alert.

    • I’ve definitely considered that too! I definitely miss the second full bath (aka hubs’ bathroom) that we had at our apartment. Some things roll around in my head for a long time so I don’t scare the hubs with the projects 🙂 I love looking at floorplans and thinking about how I would change them too! So nice to know I’m not the only one!

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