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Chalk it Up to Awesome

A couple months ago I was chat chitting with Kristen and Ashley and asked their opinion on a painting project that I wanted to do. Well, a couple weeks ago I completed it. Michael had no idea what I was doing, but knew that it involved spray paint and plastic and our kitchen. I put up all the plastic making my own little paint booth.

Then it was time to start painting (excuse the terrible picture – I took 5 or 6 and not a one was in focus)

Then it was nice thin(?) coats over the whole surface. It looked really splotchy at first

I was nervous, but I kept going and I’m so glad I did. I let the paint dry for a day (like it said on the can) then I took a piece of chalk and colored all over the thing (like it said to on the can)

Then wiped all the chalk off (like it said on the can)

Yikes, I really need to paint the door in the kitchen. But then it was ready to be written on!! Michael looked at this and said “Are you talking to me or the chalkboard?” Honestly, it’s both.

Did you notice that the top was a little bit different color? I had plans for a piece of art up there so I wanted it to be solid black. It’s all the same paint, but you can really see the difference between the before prep and after prep.

One day when I was perusing Pinterest (like I do most days) and fell in love with a printable that I found on there. She actually had three of them, but you can probably guess which one I printed by looking at the insides of my cabinets

click on the image to get these great printables that Lisa created


I found this frame at a local store for just $4!

I love big thick chunky frames so I was pretty jazzed to find this one. The color was all wrong, so it got a coat of white paint…actually it got about 27 1/2 coats of white paint. I primed it then painted it. The only white paint I had on hand was some cheap-o stuff that we got for 99 cents at Menards. I love the Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch (like I used on the chair swing and the Valentine’s Day frame) and that’s usually what I get. Next time I won’t even bother with the 99 cent stuff even if I do have it. It seriously took me 3 or 4 days to get this little bitty frame primed and painted. Once it was painted and dried I put my artwork in and ripped the easel stand off the back so it would stay flat on the cabinet

Then hung it up. I tried command strips and I’m not sure if it was because of the weight of the frame or the texture of the chalkboard paint, but it didn’t stay up. I recommend a nail. I totally love how this looks.

You’ll notice that I didn’t have my plastic paint booth fully covering my wall. I need to get some latte paint to touch that up. I’m not sure what else we will write up there. Our annual family dinner is this Saturday, maybe I’ll write the menu up there so everyone knows what we’re having…and I’ll know what I’m supposed to be cooking for 17 of my favorite people.

Anyone else have chalkboards in random places in the homes? How about that printable from Over the Big Moon? Do you love them? Are you going to print one?



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A Magnetic Personality

A couple weeks ago I was at Hobby Lobby killing time…and you know how good Hobby Lobby is for killing time…or is that just me? Anyway, I was walking around looking for something and nothing. Nothing for me (but you know I got something) and something  ideas for my friend Kristen. Ya see, little-miss-party-hearty can pull off a theme party like no one else I’ve ever seen. Hopefully she’ll get her blog up and running before too long (hint, hint) and you can see some of the awesomeness that is a Kristen planned party. She is participating in a great challenge where she is creating a dessert table for a party on a budget. The challenge is through Spaceships & Laser Beams and her theme is vintage airplanes. I so can’t wait to see what she comes up with because of the aforementioned awesomeness of a Kristen planned party. I promise to link up to it when her design goes out for the world to see.

While I was browsing and texting and taking pictures of all kinds of things something caught my eye. You know I love a good damask and so when I saw some damask bottle caps I did a double take and they found their way into my cart. Sure they were from the scrapbook section, but these were somehow going to work their way into my home decor. I also picked up some super glue and super strong magnets.

In case you were wondering, I opened the package of magnets before I took pictures because I was pretty jazzed about just getting these on the fridge. That’s why it looks like the package has been opened…because it had been. Before you start gluing the magnet, stick the magnet to the bottle cap to make sure that you’re not trying to go against the magnetic grain. Put a little bit o’ super glue on the side that naturally sticks to the bottle cap and then stick it to the bottle cap

After the glue dries, find a great picture for these to adorn on your fridge or maybe on a cookie sheet turned magnetic memo board like this one I found on Pinterest. So pretty!

They are almost as wonderful as this picture of my Bella in a food coma (she was about 6 months old in that picture – she turns 5 in June…where does time go?)


  • Snazzy damask bottle caps – $1.79 at Hobby Lobby ($2.99 regular price with a 40% off coupon) Sidenote: DYK that Hobby Lobby will use a coupon off your smartphone? So if you forget your printed one at home, you can pull it up on your phone and they will use it.
  • Super strong magnets – $1.79 at Hancock Fabrics ($2.99 regular price with a 40% off coupon) Sidenote: They will not use a coupon off your smartphone. I love their stuff, so I’m hoping they get with the program soon
  • Super glue – $3.14 at Target. You can get super glue at Dollar Tree too, but I’m afraid to go there now since I’m already using my backup phone (see more on that story here).
  •     Total –  $6.72

How great are they? I love them! I think the longest part of the whole project was taking the pictures. I think they would be cute stuffed in a housewarming gift basket or a bridal shower kitchen gift. A little extra magnetic personality. Whatcha think?

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I’ll Just Buff That Out

Over a month ago my cousin and her hubs left this “balmy” Iowa weather and traded it in for Florida. Seriously? What were they thinking? Probably that they wish that had done it sooner. Well, when they left they were getting rid of appliances in their house and that meant that Michael and I got a new dishwasher (thanks Dad and Cora for snagging it for us). A dishwasher that wasn’t named Amy. A dishwasher that didn’t give me sore feet from standing there for an hour. It’s not an in cabinet dishwasher, it’s a portable one that we know will serve us well until the great kitchen renovation of 2015. Ugh, that seems so far away but it will be worth it. It had a few dings in it from moving a couple times

The hubs looked at me and said “I’ll just buff that out”. Ya see, not only does he fix electronics, put up ceilings, tear out eyesores bars, help me bling our tree, pimp out grills, stop a leaking roof, but he works on cars too…mechanics and aesthetics. So when he says “I’ll just buff that out” I know what’s going to happen. This stuff is going to find it’s way from the garage to the house.

While I don’t know exactly how he does it, it totally worked! Look ma! No more dings

While “we” were at it, “we” decided to try it out on some stains on our countertop. There were a lot of things in our house that we not taken care of and the kitchen countertop was no exception. We’ve lived with stains like this one for two years.

Two years! We tried everything to get those up. Baking soda paste, magic eraser, scrubbing until my fingers hurt. You name it, we tried it. Except “buffing it out” evidently, because that worked! The combination of the buffing compound and the magic eraser was like a match made in stain removing heaven.

So there you have it. While the buffing compound isn’t overly inexpensive, it seems to be something good to have around and whether for planes, trains or automobiles dishwashers, counters or cars, “buffing” it out works. And no, you don’t get to have my fabulously multi-talented hubs come live with you. We have a lot more to do on our house…plus I kinda like him [blushing Amy face] and after almost 10 years together, we think we might be figuring out this whole relationship thing. But if you need electronics fixed or computers fixed or custom built, he does do that as a business and we ship. Yes, that was a shameless plug, but I’m okay with that. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to move up a kitchen reno date from 2015. Am I right?

Maybe you have dings in your dishwasher or stains on your counter that just need a little buffing. Share them on my facebook page or tweet them to me @thisDIYlife #buffitout. Anyone else want to brag on their hubs a little bit? Come on, tell me why he’s a great guy.

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S’more Monday

Our dresser turned sideboard has been rearranged more times than I care to mention since we – and by we I mean the hubs moved it to the entry room on Wednesday. I loved it as a place to store my reusable shopping bags to grab on my way out the door

Turns out that once I got them all in one place they didn’t fit in the shallow drawer anymore. Sad face. Fortunately, I was able to just move them to the second drawer…that was a close one. The bottom drawer was the perfect place to organize the plates and bowls and cups and silverware for when the nieces and nephews come visit. Look at how many of them there are!

Yay for Ikea (hallelujah) plastic stuff and yay for these not taking up a ton of room in our cabinets

Wanna guess what I filled the top drawer with? It’s two things I have a completely unnatural obsession with (here’s one and the other). While you’re thinking about that, I’ll show you something that made it to the top of the sideboard. I was at Pier 1 (you know I love it) looking for some ramekins and happened across a bowl that matches the green in the kitchen and entry room (the kitchen cabinets, the curtains and the state pride canvases). Let’s hear it for cohesive design!!! I also filled it with some candy hearts so it would be all holiday-ish and go with my subway art. You might notice that there are no yellow ones and very few green ones (those are my faves).

Wanna hear a little story about convo hearts? Ten years ago I wasn’t celebrating Valentine’s Day, I was celebrating Single Person’s Awareness Day. Michael and I were part of a single’s group at our church and I decided to have my single friends over for dinner and a movie. I remember sitting on the floor and reading conversation hearts. We were all picking out ones for other people (corny, I know). Michael gave me one that said “you rock” and mine to him said “clueless”. That’s when he knew that I wanted to be more than just friends with him. In reality, it was three weeks later, but oh well.

Now that I’ve bored you with that story, have you guessed what I put in the top drawer? The two things I love? Coupons and s’mores

This way I can grab my coupon binder on my way out the door when I also grab my reusable shopping bags. I moved the s’more fixins to this drawer because they were starting overflow the basket in the kitchen cabinets. My friend Allison got me a s’more cheesecake mix for Christmas and my mom and McDad got me a box of s’more stuff and that doesn’t include the stuff that I’ve gotten for s’mores. I have so many s’more things I want to make. Like this s’more pie that my mom made for my birthday in lieu of a birthday cake

Plus a recent trip to Goodwill yielded this little treasure

I’m in the process of planning our annual family dinner and I’ve decided to give myself a cooking challenge. I’m going to make the whole dinner without turning on the oven. No, I’m not having it catered. It’s going to be crock pots for most everything (and bread in the bread machine). I think I have the menu pretty much finalized. I just have to try my hand at making a couple things dairy free and since one of my brothers requested cheesecake, Ima going to try individual cheesecakes in in the crock pot (that’s why I was looking for ramekins at Pier 1).

What are your favorite slow cooker recipes? How about s’mores? What about organizing? Any tips?

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Pom Poms and Oranges

When Katie Bower posted these cute little towels, I may have gasped and then made a bee line for the fabric store to get some cute pom poms.

Towels by Katie at

I brought home three different colors: one to make towels for my kitchen, one to make towels for my friend Kristen and one that I have no idea what I’m going to do with but thought it would be good. I also was at TJ Maxx strolling the home department (since the nearest Home Goods is 4 hours away) and found some microfiber towels. Katie used flour sack towels, but since I’m a cheapskate frugal gal I was pretty happy to find a deal on some microfibers (also seen here sitting on my craft table). Then it was just some quality time in my creative space doing something other than reorganizing it. For the record, I didn’t do any measuring, I just started pinning and sewing. I folded over the edge of the trim so there was a pom right on the edge of the towel. You might notice that I used two different colors of thread – orange and white.

I wanted to keep an eye on the pom pom trim as I was sewing, so I had the orange thread as my top thread and the bottom thread was white to match the towel. Gotta say it worked out perfectly! Most of the time it’s really difficult to see the white thread on the front of the towel…you know except for the places where I didn’t sew a straight line.

I thought they were so adorable that I decided that my orange loving friend needed some. I mean really, the girl loves orange like I love green. Her Kitchen Aid mixer is even orange

And since her birthday was coming up it was the prefect reason to send them to her. Target also had some orange kitchen stuff and I’m all about theme gifts so I snatched up three of those and tied them with a piece of burlap and put it in a little gift bag that I had on hand and added some orange tissue paper and it was beautiful

And because I’m a good friend (or so I like to think) I added three more things in the bag. Anybody else use (orange) Tide Stain Release?

I swear by this stuff. I goes in just about every single load of laundry I do. Love a good (and pretty disgusting) comparison? One of these was washed with and one was washed without.

No I wasn’t paid by Tide to say that, but if there is a Tide exec reading this, I’d love samples and coupons…just sayin’. I kind of start to freak out when I have less than 10 of these in my laundry drawer. There was no way I was going to send my dear dear friend white towels for her kitchen and not give her some of this stuff.

Let’s get back on track with the towels though. I was also making something else for Kristen’s son and had some felt staches chillin’ my dining room table (because I can’t use my creative space table for anything but embarrassing pictures) and one of them ended up sitting on a towel.

FYI, I think this is so cute and I’m totally going to try my hand at embroidery so I can have a mustache towel. Or maybe a goatee towel so it matches the hubs.

Did you see them on Katie’s blog and love them? BTW, she says they wear well so I’m not worried about them falling apart. So how do you feel about the towels? Do you have strong feelings about mustaches? Or goatees?

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Island Living – part 2

I’m not really a bandwagon type of gal, but all this talk of kitchens has me itching for a change…and Michael cringing. Two of the blogs that I follow are talking kitchens right now. Last Friday Ana White posted that they were taking a break from working outside on the momplex and moving to inside a warm garage and working kitchens. That means she’s going to be building cabinets and posting plans for them! I’m positively giddy about the whole thing so I’ve gone back to working on planning the kitchen. Here’s the first plan I came up with using floorplanner and shared with you

I decided to test out the Ikea kitchen planner too and here’s what I have

Not much changed between the two plans. Pretty much just moving the stovetop and oven to the island and adding a cabinet between the wall and the refrigerator.I must say that the stovetop on the island made me really nervous, plus I didn’t like losing all that work surface. But as I was watching Rachael Ray one day it dawned on me. Have you ever seen the cutting boards that she puts over the top of her stove? Kinda like this one that I found on Etsy but more of them and bigger so they cover the entire stovetop

Plus I would do a downdraft stovetop so we wouldn’t have to find a way to put in a vent hood that would break up the space. Love this Jenn-Air one!

As for the cabinet next to the fridge, I’m thinking maybe something like this cabinet that I found via Pinterest

How about a couple 3d views of the Ikea plan?

Oh, look, I changed the floor color too. With the Ikea kitchen planner, you can only put in things that they sell so I had to fudge a little on the island overhang and the stovetop/oven. Back to dreaming but in the meantime I’ll keep pinning away on my Pinterest kitchen board.

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Home…Two Years Later

Welcome to two years later.  Today is different because it’s been 2 years. Two years of painting. Two years of shoveling. Two years of mowing. Two years of drywalling. Two years of sanding floors. Two years of hanging lights. Two years of trying to decide on curtains. Two years of rearranging furniture. Two years of building furniture. Two years of making this house our home and loving every minute of it…okay, most minutes of it. Needing to have half of the plumbing replaced in the week before we moved in wasn’t fun. Finding out that it needed to be replaced wasn’t at all fun for Michael, but it was for me. It was I-laughed-so-hard-I-was-crying fun – “I stuck my hand up on the top of the pipe and there was no top of the pipe…there was poo.” I promise I’m not a mean wife and he was laughing too.

Have you ever looked at someone’s “accomplished” list and thought “Wow! I’m lazy”. I feel like that every time John & Sherry at Young House Love post one of their lists. I have to keep reminding myself that they do this full time. But you see, I’ve never been much of a Listy McListerson so I don’t have a list. In honor of our two year house-iversary, I thought I would do a little recap of some of our Beginning and Current pictures and give myself a list of what we have done since the beginning…two years ago. I’ll do a couple rooms today and a couple rooms next week . Let’s start with the entry room, shall we?

What we’ve done so far:

  • Tore up the stained, torn carpet
  • Sanded the floor with hand sanders because we didn’t want to take off too much of the wood on our original to the house maple floor
  • Changed out all the outlets and replace the covers with pretty copper ones
  • Changed out all the light switches and replace the covers with pretty copper ones
  • Took down the ceiling fan and put up a light we got on sale (post here)
  • Ripped down the falling tile ceiling and drywalled a new ceiling in (post here)
  • Took down the lace curtains and put up other placeholder curtains (update since the picture below – I keep changing out the curtains in here for different ones hoping that something will just hit me and I’ll love it)
  • Painted the ceiling with basic Sherwin-Williams white ceiling paint (post here)
  • Repaired a lot of cracks in the plaster using lightweight spackle like this one
  • Painted the walls with Sherwin-Williams latte paint in Cashmere low luster finish
  • Put up some art that shows our hometown pride (this post)
  • Replaced the old wooden front door with an energy efficient insulated metal one

See all the posts I’ve done about our entry room with the Entry Room tag or just click here

The kitchen has gotten quite a bit of attention and since it’s right next to the entry room, let’s review that one next.

What we’ve done up till now:

  • Took out that bar that broke up the two rooms and made it feel closed off (this post)
  • Repaired the hole in the floor that was uncovered by the removal of the bar (this post)
  • Took doors off the upper cabinets to create a more open and modern feel – and to make it safer since there was peeling paint on the cabinet doors
  • Took down the English cottage wallpaper…and the three other layers of wallpaper that was under it including some butterfly stuff with gold outlines
  • Took out the cabinet that was in between the two windows
  • Took down the scalloped things that blocked the lights and the windows – I don’t love the lights that are there now but haven’t decided on our new lights yet
  • Painted all the walls with Sherwin Williams Latter Cashmere low luster paint
  • Painted the window trim with Sherwin Williams Greek Villa paint -until we do a full kitchen reno and strip all the paint off all the trim (post here)
  • Painted the backs of the now open cabinets with Sherwin Williams Parakeet paint (post here)
  • Took down curtains and replaced them with some pretty cafe style ones I made (this post)
  • Took down that snazzy under the cabinet radio to the right of the sink (that thing was melted on the bottom)
  • Changed out all the outlets and replace the covers with pretty copper ones
  • Changed out all the light switches and replace the covers with pretty copper ones

See all the posts I’ve done about our kitchen with the Kitchen tag or just click here. I also just realized that I need to take a new full picture of the kitchen. Until then, here’s a few different pictures of the changes.

I’m feeling a little bit better about what we have done and what we still need to do now. I think I might need to start making lists. Thanks for stopping by to share in our two year house-iversary fun! I hope you’ll continue to come by and watch as we renovate and rejuvenate our house. Check out how all the rooms started out on my “Tour – From the Beginning” page.

Sidenote: If you stopped by for the $10 holiday decor series post, today’s post is a little bit different. Don’t worry, I didn’t leave you out in the cold. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll want to head over to this post and see the white fluffy wreath I made from coffee filters and a $2 wreath form (that could easily be made with cardboard).

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Parakeet and Two cats

Michael: What are you doing?

Me: Spending some quality time in the kitchen with my new parakeet.

Michael: What parakeet?

Me: A bird…and this color of paint.

Remember the curtains that I made for the kitchen?

How about the state canvases that I made for the Pinterest challenge that now hang in our entry room?

The paint from the canvases was originally bought for a completely different project. After I bought the fabric for the kitchen curtains the two of us made a little trip to my Sherwin-Williams and Jane helped me pick out paint that would coordinate with the curtains…my parakeet. Here’s a relatively recent picture of our kitchen (from this post) before I went painting

Any guesses where the parakeet green was added?

I had been debating putting wallpaper on the backs of our currently open cabinets in the kitchen, but we had a few problems with that. It seems as though most things in our house were completely overdone or done halfway. Unfortunately, the cabinets were one of those halfway things. For starters, the doors on the cabinets didn’t close well (which is why they were removed pretty soon after we bought the house). With the doors removed, you can see that the back of this cabinet is the wall. Holding the cabinets to the wall are 1x4s. The good news is that when we take the cabinets off the wall for our big kitchen reno in a few years, they’ll be easy to take down. The bad news is that when it comes to wallpapering the backs of the cabinets, it wasn’t going to happen.

This is where my parakeet and I spent some quality time together. I love the color that it adds to the cabinets! I’m excited to get new dishes that will all be white so they contrast will be better than it is with our colored dishes. Before you think that I’m being totally wasteful and buying new dishes just to match my green that might not even be there after the kitchen reno, I have a better reason than that. Five years ago, my mom and McDad got us our first four place settings of some dishes that I loved at Kohl’s. Whenever I saw the dishes on sale for at least 50% off (cause I love a bargain) I would go and buy a plate/bowl/mug or two and put them away until we had a house. We were using the first four place settings and I kept getting mad at Michael for chipping dishes until I started chipping them too. We started pulling more and more out from the storage bins. Now, we have 12 place settings and less than 10 pieces that aren’t chipped or broken. You see, we really need new dishes for more than just my pretty pretty parakeet.

I’m really in love with the way the green looks behind my stemware. I got our stemware kinda the same way I got our other dishes. They are the classic stemware from Pier 1 (love that place) that used to cost $2 each and now are $2.50 each. Each pay day I would go to Pier 1 and buy 2-4 glasses until I had a full rounded out collection of stemware glasses. I used to have 12 of each, but we lost some in the move – some broke and some apparently apparated to a Quidditch field in England. Anyway, I’ll be trying to fill in the holes in my collection over then next few months. We don’t use them very often, so the fact that I have to get out a step stool to reach them hasn’t bothered me one bit. The water goblets get used the most often which is why they are down where I can reach them. The red wine and white wine glasses are the ones you see first.

On the shelves around the corner are the champagne glasses, margarita glasses and martini glasses. We don’t drink a lot of margaritas and martinis…actually, we’ve never made them at home, so to us the margarita glasses are ice cream dishes and the martini glasses are mashed potato bowls. The top shelf cabinet on the right holds glasses from our travels. We did have two, but one broke. Looks like we need to make another trip soon. Moving down a couple shelves is my favorite coffee mug. It’s a Starbucks lemon mug and I’m looking for a fourth one to replace a broken one. If you want me to love you forever,  finding me one (for the right price) would definitely be the way to my heart. Occasionally they show up on ebay for $30, but I’m still hoping to pay less for one. I also think that I need more of those copper baskets on the bottom shelf. They are $7 at Lowe’s and I love the organization they add to our open shelves without the rubbermaid tub feel. The one on the right is full of coffee (cause you know I love coffee) and the one on the right is full of s’more stuff (cause you know I love s’mores).

So, I’m dying to know what you think!?! Love the green? Hate the green? Be honest, I can handle it. How many of you thought that we actually brought a bird into our cat loving house? Come on, someone fess up! Anyone else hopelessly sarcastic like me? Did you find me a beloved lemon mug that wants to come make it’s home in Iowa?

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Island Living

Islands. Do you have one? Do you want one? In your kitchen I mean. But if you do have your own island in the water, can I come visit? It’s going to be getting cold here. I’ve been spending some quality time with my kitchen lately. Painting, reorganizing things, unpacking some things (yes, we have lived here almost two years) and trying to make it feel like a kitchen that I would love to work in. I decided there is one thing missing – workspace! The kitchen is much bigger than other kitchens we have lived with, but it just doesn’t seem functional. The layout just doesn’t work well so it was time to get designing. I went back to my trusty plan on Floorplanner (love it) and started tweaking. From the beginning, we’ve known that a total kitchen renovation was in our future but I’ve heard that you should live in a house for five years before your renovate the kitchen. Well, less than two years in and this chick is getting antsy. So last night I was googling and asking my friends on facebook about their islands. What is the walk space? What is the counter width? Is it enough? Would you change things? This Old House said the walk space should be 42-48 inches. I’ve worked in my parents’ kitchen a fair amount and their walk space is 37 1/2 inches. I organized a party using Ashley’s kitchen and hers is 40 inches. Here’s our first floor now

Here’s the new (for now) plan of the kitchen and entry room. Yes I did add Bella and Bristol in there

The verdict is? Notice there are a couple walls missing? I also noticed when I saved the plan, the kitchen door is missing. Have no fear, that will stay…I totally adore that door. The sink stays in the same place, but the fridge and stove move. I don’t think moving the stove/oven is going to be a huge deal since the renovation will be changing out the electric stove to a gas one. We have to run the gas lines anyway so we might as well put them where we want them right? I originally wanted the stovetop on the island and a wall oven, but I also like the idea of having a big open space there for entertaining. I’m also hoping to not have a vent hood, but get one of those that comes up out of the countertop so the stovetop can be right in front of the window. With an fully open island, we could set out quite a spread for family gatherings and it would be much better than what we did last year for our annual family dinner (a line of TV trays). But that might change too. Anybody want to see a 3D view?

We’ll have upper cabinets too, but I haven’t figured out how to put those in yet. One more 3D view

While I was playing I decided that I needed to add some rugs and other furniture and furnishings. I also ripped up the virtual carpet and linoleum to uncover the beautiful (someday) wood floors. Maybe I can talk Michael in to renovating in phases so it doesn’t seem so bad. Yeah, I’m going to work on that. I plan on trying out the kitchen on the Ikea (hallelujah) kitchen planner too. Have you used either one? Do you love your kitchen? What would you change about it?

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