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Challenging Party

When did I get so busy? And how do I make it stop? Stop over-committing? Yeah, that won’t happen. It’s what I do (unfortunately). Did y’all see the announcement for the summer Pinterest challenge? As busy as I was, I’ve participated in the past three challenges and since no matter how busy I am I don’t back down from a challenge, I knew I was doing this one too. I just had to decide what. Of the challenges, my favorite (as well as everyone else’s) was the state pride canvases I made for the hubs and me.

This time, I ended up combining the Pinterest challenge with something that was already on my to do list. A few weeks ago, I went into one of my favorite small businesses and asked them if I could design a window display for them. In return, I would put up a sign in the window that said it was styled by Amy Lynn Events (that’s me). I got a few ideas from Pinterest, some I saw today after I had it designed already. So are you ready to see what I did?

First, I’ll show you the (p)inspiration. I loved the paper lanterns in this pin (the link is wrong so I’m not sure where it should go to)

Then there is the pom pom trim that I thought I had to have after Miss Katie B’s towel post. BTW, I was right. I did have to have it.

I loved this sign from The Layered House

Who sees where I’m going this this already? Bunch of smart cookies aren’t ya? A few more inspiration links and we’ll get to the good stuff…or more good stuff because the above ones are uber cool already without my help. Anywhooooo. Taffy skewers, a banner and mason jars round out the (p)inspriation!

The link on Pinterest is bad for this one – let me know if you know who gets credit for this!

So there you have it! Ready to see what I did with all that? Hold onto your hats…if you’re wearing one. Sidenote: I was at Panera today and saw a lady walk in wearing a big white floppy hat and thought to myself two things. 1- Lady, we’re in Iowa, this isn’t the beach. 2- I wish I could pull off a hat. But you didn’t come here to hear my rantings about people wearing beach hats. You came to see what I do with inspiration. As you look through these pictures, please bear in mind that mall lighting and point and shoot cameras do not mix. I’m hoping I can talk Noreen into stopping by there this week and taking some stellar photos for me.

Here’s the full picture. The paper lanterns hung from yellow striped seersucker fabric,

the banner combining the pom pom trim and the pennant stuff I saw and the Keep Calm printable on the chalk board. The other sign on the chalkboard says that I styled the window and give my phone number and contact info.

The taffy skewers in a pitcher of popcorn filler (hey, it’s a popcorn shop) and the water bottles with the labels designed by yours truly (available for purchase through here)

I love the cupcake liners covering the mason jars. It’s totally my jive right now!

Last picture for here (more on my Amy Lynn Events facebook page). Invitation designed by moi and available for purchase

There you have it. My (p)inspired window display/party dessert table. Tell me what you think. Don’t forget to check out the talented ladies who brought us the Pinterest challenge and their guest co-hosts for this summer. Katie, Sherry, Kate and Michelle! Don’t forget to also link up on their websites and then check out some of the great challenge projects. It never disappoints!

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Simply Challenging

My goal of the year? To simplify my life. Simplifying is not simple though. I’m just trying to keep my eye on the prize. The prize of having more time to spend with my nieces and nephews and having more time to do projects around the house and having more money to do projects because I don’t have to buy things twice just because I can’t find something. Blah. I look at people like Jen at I {heart} Organizing and out loud say “over-acheiver” but inside I’m thinking “She’s my hero!”. Organizing is pretty much what most of my 2012 Simplify Challenge is all about. That and refinishing our floors so I have to vacuum less and wash carpets less. So, here it is, it’s March and I’m slacking people. I’ve organized my s’more drawer and my sock drawer and that’s all. I drove by Dairy Queen yesterday and the sign said “Goodbye resolution – Hello hot fudge sundae”. That’s how I feel. I made a goal for the year, not a resolution so I wouldn’t fall victim to the proverbial hot fudge sundae but I feel like that’s where I am. Sitting in my car in a unused parking lot snarffing down 3 hot fudge sundaes…or s’mores…yeah, let’s go with s’mores.

Last Wednesday, there it was. My motivation to put down the s’more and tackle an organizing project. The quarterly Pinterest Challenge issued by Katie, Sherry and their guest co-hosts Erin and Cassie. When deciding what project to tackle for this challenge, I looked at only one of my Pinterest boards – my “Time to Be Organized” board. That combined with a recent Craigslist find and it wasn’t hard to decide what was going to be happening at our house. There were going to be some changes happening in my creative space! I got this brown bookcase on craigslist pretty cheap. I’m also pretty lucky to have a mom with a van who didn’t mind meeting me to pick it up.

I picked up some Zinsser

and some little rollers (BTW, these are the best for cabinets and stuff like that – Michael painted our whole half bathroom with one of these guys)

Michael and I both had painting projects happening in the basement so we had to take turns painting, but I finally got it all primed (I can’t wait to show you want the hubs did if for no other reason than to brag a little about how talented my hubs is)

Here’s a little tip for you to use between coats of primer and paint. Go to your kitchen and get out your glad wrap

Instead of pouring all your primer or paint back into the can, cover it up with a little bit of this. It will help keep a dried layer from forming and it’s ready and waiting for you again. Keep in mind to not wait too long (like days) because it will start to separate

But for a few hours (even over night) this works great.

After it was all primed and painted, it was time to move it upstairs which meant moving around a bunch of stuff in the creative space to make room for it too. I just had to remind myself that sometimes things have to get worse so they can get better. It was like a little mantra in my head that just kept going over and over and over and over…well, you get the picture

I mean really, just look at the progression…or lack thereof

See, it’s three hot fudge sundaes s’mores. But it’s getting better because I have (p)inspiration! I have fabric…lots of fabric. Sometimes I know what is going to happen with it and sometimes it’s cheap and sometimes it’s designed by one of my bestest friends in high school

Whatever the reason, my fabric stash is getting ca-razy and I need to get it under control. 42 weeks. That’s how long ago I pinned my inspiration for tackling this fabric mess. It’s okay, you can say it. Heaven knows I am. Slacker! I wanted to buy the organizer things that Stef (from Girl. Inspired.) used but I’m a cheapskate frugal gal…and a procrastinator too.  I knew I could make a version that cost me less and still get me organized. So I picked up some skinny little foam core and went to work. Now the real organizers are 10×14 and have these neat little tabbies on them which are way cool and I’m sure they are better than my homemade version. Six of theirs are $8.70 and eight of mine will set you back about $2.10. (If you don’t mind black – or maybe you want black – you can order it from Dollar Tree online for $1 a sheet. ) I used a yardstick to draw lines on the foam core and since my sheet of foam core measured 20×30 I just made them 10×15 – less cutting and less math for this right-brained girl. I can do half and half but I prefer flavored coffee creamer (yuk yuk yuk). To cut the foam core I used a very sharp razor blade. That will give you nice cuts in the foam core that doesn’t rip the inside foamy part and make it all wonky.

After my half and half, I ended up with four organizers for each sheet of foam core (should have bought more).

To put the fabric on, I used straight pins to get it to stay since I didn’t have tabs. Three pins seemed to work the best (got this fabric on Monday at Hobby Lobby and I luuuve it)

I should also mention that this fabric is folded in half and then half again lengthwise to fit on the board. Then I just laid the board down and rolled it. Then when I got to the end, I added a pin on either end so it wouldn’t unroll.

I repeated this process eight times (again, should have gotten more foam core – a situation which I intend to remedy soon) and put them all on the top shelf of my cabinet

I just know that I am going to love this. It will all be right there for me to see and not forget about! Maybe more sewing inspiration projects will come my way now.

I also seem to end up with scraps. Anyone else? My grandma saves scraps and she made a whole quilt out of OPS (other people’s scraps) and had it on display at the quilt show I went to last September. Taking that inspiration, I knew I needed a place for scraps on my fab shelf too. I got some little bins at Wal-mart for $2 each and they match the fabric I have for curtains in that room perfectly. I decided to keep my rotary cutter and a little 4 1/2 inch acrylic square in one of them. I need to find a little mat too. Now when I’m finishing up a project and I have scraps leftover, I can easily grab this little bin and cut it up and throw away the rest that just isn’t usable

So, before the corner of my creative space looked like this

and now it looks like this. The bottom shelf is scrapbook paper that didn’t sell at a garage sale last fall (anyone need some paper?). I put binder clips on the ends so I can label what paper is actually in them. The next row will probably get replaced by more fabric but for now, it has letter trays that I got at Target thanks to a tip from Ashley. I think they are going to get ORBed. The bins on the middle shelf are full of patterns, fabric scraps and Hershey kisses. That’s right, Hershey kisses. Can’t pass up sales with coupons making them almost free! The top row of bins have miscellaneous stuff in them. I’m going to label all of them, but haven’t decided on labels yet.

So there you have it. My project for the winter Pinterest Challenge. Head on over to the challenge hosts blogs to see their projects and all of the other fabulous linked up projects. Better clear some time in your week folks, there are a lot of them! Here’s Katie’s jellyfish, Sherry’s beanbag, Erin’s mason jar chandy and Cassie’s faux antlers.

My other Pinterest challenge projects: State Pride Canvases, ORBed soap dispenser, Fall Argyle Wreath

See other projects that I’ve done with (P)inspiration on my (P)inspired to completed board on Pinterest.

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A Challenging Winter

When I opened up my live bookmarks this morning and found the return of the Pinterest challenge from Katie & Sherry, I was ecstatic! I’ve been planning what I would do since the day after the last one. But, in true Amy fashion, I have no clue what I’m going to do. I’ve gotten no closer! I’ve been pinning wedding stuff for my brother and SIL-to-be’s wedding for the last month. We’ll be using a lot of those ideas…too bad the wedding isn’t in the next week…in a purely Pinterest challenge sense. It’s going to take more time to actually make the wedding parfait!

Image created by the fabulous Miss Katie Bower.

My other Pinterest challenge projects: State Pride Canvases, ORBed soap dispenser, Fall Argyle Wreath

See other projects that I’ve done with (P)inspiration on my (P)inspired to completed board on Pinterest.

Well, time to get moving and pick something! Won’t you join me?

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Challenge Completed – Argyle Style

Gotta tell you that I had high hopes for this Pinterest Challenge. So many ideas, but with my niece Mikayla’s birthday party,

carving pumpkins with some of my favorite people (part of my family),

and just my disorganized life in general, I didn’t get my spa bench completed

Image from

or my fireplace finished – but I do have all the wood cut for this one, just need to paint and assemble…that’s the easy part right?

Image from

Alas there is no shoe cabinet in our entry room either…yet

Image from

But now that Halloween is over, the ghosts came down, the pumpkins came down and the part that makes me almost cry is that my pretty argyle wreath had to come down too. Seriously, can you hear my sobs through the computer? If I were writing on paper, you would see the tear stains. Since life is really just a series of situations and we choose how to react, I’m going positive. I mean, hello, this project was $10 in the first place and I have everything to make a new one for fall. So I decided to quit my whining and get off my tocus tookus toqus  rear end and fix the problem…just like my parents taught me to. For the full tutorial, you’ll want to see my Halloween wreath post. (The inspiration originally was from this pin)This is pretty much going to be a highlights reel.

First I made my wreath form out of pipe insulation like this but doubled

Then I wrapped it in red yarn, glued on some brown diamonds, wrapped my creamy yarn but it needed a little something more to make it a little fall-y and Thanksgiving-y. So I turned to my trusty ol’ pal, Google image search, for a leaf pattern cutout. Google solves so many problems, doesn’t it? I found a pattern of a maple leaf (since our favorite trees in our yard are our maple trees) and I started cutting maple leaves out of some different fall colored felt I had around the house. Ready to see the end product? It’s hanging on my door, come on over for a s’more and some coffee. What, you live too far away? Alright, I’ll show you.

Whatcha think? Does it measure up to the Halloween version?

I’m excited to have the argyle for another month, but I’m going to be switching it up for Christmas. I think I know what I’ll be doing, but that all depends on Pinterest. Oh what will I find for Christmas? The possibilities are endless. Did you complete a Pinterest challenge project? I’d love to see it. Leave me a link or send me a picture.

Don’t forget to check out all the projects on the blogs of the fabulous hosts of this challenge. See Ana’ Princess Pocket Bookshelf on Ana White, Katie’s Mercury Glass Window Makeover on Bower Power, Sherry’s Christmas ornaments on Young House Love and Erin’s gold lining on House of Earnest too! Also add in a link to your own project there.


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Did Someone Say Challenge?

If you’re a Bower Power or Young House Love reader, you may have already accepted the challenge.

The summer challenge inspired me to create a few things. Remember the ORBed plastic soap dispenser? Because everything is better with a little ORB on it.

How about the state canvases so Michael and I could show off our hometown pride?

I also now have a board on Pinterest to prove to myself that I do actually get stuff done and not just pin my life away (check out that board here). I think my favorite (p)inspiration to completed project is the chair swing that I still walk by windows just to look at

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop. The basic gist is that you have to complete a project inspired by something you’ve pinned. This time, they have Ana White on board!!!! Ana’s was the first blog I ever started reading so I’m totally jazzed that she’s in on this one and I think it might be the occasion for another Ana-inspired project. Remember the deck chair that you voted on for color was made from Ana plans

I also de-folded our bi-fold door in the bathroom after reading how Ana made a bookshelf for her daughter on the door of her closet

Heaven knows I have enough plans favorited on her site. Maybe I’ll finally do the shoe cabinet I told you about in March. Don’t think I’ll be taking on her current project of building her moms a momplex, but I can definitely do something smaller. I’m off to scour pins. If you’re not on Pinterest yet and want to be, shoot me an email at and I’ll send you an invite ASAP! Who’s ready for the challenge?




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One of the first things that I pinned on Pinterest was this swing that I knew would go perfect in our backyard on this amazing old maple tree we have!

I knew my nieces would so love this and if I painted it a color other than pink, my nephews would love it too! The search for a chair was on. I wanted the perfect chair for this project, something similar to this one and I refused to pay much for it. I live pretty close to a decent size city, not big, but not a small town either. We have three Goodwill stores in town a few consignment stores and a Salvation Army, so finding a chair should have been easy. While it felt like it took forever, in hindsight and comparatively speaking, finding the chair was the easy part. In fact I found one that looked almost identical to this one. I picked up the chair for a whole $6.38 and a can of paint for $2.74 and took my new project home. The painting process didn’t go as smooth as I’d hoped, but in the end I got this. If you’d like to see how the whole painting process went and how I finally got to this, you can check out this post.

Next was the hanging process which should be pretty easy. Sometimes when you DIY things, you end up putting a lot more time and energy into a project than you ever could have anticipated, but usually those end up being the projects with the best results. I checked out the inspiration pin website to see just how they hung their swing and it wasn’t in English. It also wasn’t in French, Italian or Spanish, so I was pretty much out of luck at reading this website without any help. Enter Michael who broke out Google Translate and got it to where we could read it. Then we realized that we didn’t really like the way that one was hung. It had been attached to a regular swing, so from another angle it looked like this

Back to the drawing board. According to This Old House and Martha Stewart our idea of just throwing the ropes over the tree limb was not the correct way to do that either. Ropes thrown over can seriously damage the tree and because this is our favorite tree, we certainly didn’t want that to happen. Oh…my…word. Seriously? Could this get more difficult? Yep! It took a couple hours, three drills and two trips to town, but we got the eye bolts hung on the tree to support the swing when we got to the point to hang it in this post

Hopefully it will save you some of the headaches we endured. But now it was time to hang the swing. I found 100 yards of 3/8″ rope at Harbor Freight for $7.99 and thanks to a 20% off coupon I got it for $6.39.

I didn’t go out looking for yellow rope, but it’s what HF had plus I think it goes well with the bright colored chair. I’m all about bright unexpected things in our 1910 house in a small town atmosphere.

I copped a squat in the backyard with my rope, my legless chair, fence pins and my trusty pink hammer. Let’s do this! I figured the fence pins would work perfect for attaching the rope and having it not slide anywhere. In the (p)inspiration post there are four of these things so it must work right? Something like this

Well I ended up with something like this where the pin refused to stay in.

I also got another something like this where it split the wood to pieces.

Time to revamp…again. Michael and I chat chitted a little about it and decided on a plan of action. The chair needed more holes. I wanted the rope to be tight so we used a 13/32 drill bit (where do they come up with these sizes?) and made one here

and one here

and another one that I didn’t get a picture of, but you’ll see it. Michael decided that we needed to have a test run for it so we just threaded the rope through the holes in the chair and through the eye bolts in the tree just to see how it would look

Oh I love it! Now if we didn’t want to be able to take the chair down we probably could have left it up like this

Okay, it’s not really “up” right there, but you get what I’m saying right? Because we live in Iowa and get snow (lots and lots of snow) and this tree happens to be right in the wind line of snow that blows across a cornfield if we left it up year round, it may not last as long as we’d like it to. Plus when you swing forward, the chair tips forward and dumps you right out if you’re not careful – don’t ask how I know, I just do and it might be a little embarrassing. Down the swing came and I went to work tying the knots the way Roger (from This Old House) told me to.

I’d never tied a bowline knot before so this was a fun experience.

Nailed it! We didn’t tie the swing directly to the eye bolts. Instead, we listened to Martha and we’re going with a clip to attach the swing to the eye bolt for easy removal. It will also make it easy to put back up if the nieces and nephews want to swing and jump into a pile of fluffy white snow.With the knot tied it was time to hang the swing…finally. But guess who forgot to get the clips (she asks sheepishly knowing it was her)? There was no way I was going another day without this swing hung up! So I cut two small pieces of rope and just tied them in loops through the eye bolt and through the thimble and the swing was almost ready!!!!

I did some research online and found that the swing should be 1-2 feet off the ground. I pulled the rope through the holes in the chair until it was the height we needed. First with the back

Then the front allowing the chair to tip back just a little bit.

I cut the straggling ends off the rope and it’s ready for a small child. Once we have the clips, I have no doubt it will hold an adult too.

Maybe I need to go swing and jump into a pile of fluffy snow this winter. We’ll need to put something below just in case someone decides to swing too high. Despite all the problems and issues, I’m so glad I did this…and even more glad that I had the help of my supportive husband who goes along with my projects even when he doesn’t quite see where I’m going with it. Ready for the project cost breakdown? Here it is

  • Dining room chair from Goodwill – $6.38
  • Lagoon paint (Rust-oleum 2x spray paint) – $2.74 on sale
  • Clear coat (Rust-oleum 2x in satin finish so little bottoms don’t slide off) – $2.74
  • 100 yards of 3/8″ rope – $6.39 after coupon and we didn’t use all the rope
  • 2 eye bolts (1/2″ cause I couldn’t find 5/8″ ones) – $7.98
  • 4 heavy duty washers – $1.49 for a package of 6
  • 2 lock washers – $1.18
  •    Total cost – $28.90

I just know that Hunter, Landon, Mikayla, Adicyn, Evalee, Reygan and our “proxy nieces” Abby and Hannah will have some fun times sittin’ on the front porch in our backyard just a swingin’! If you try this, you have to promise to let me know. I love show and tell!! Thanks for letting me share mine with you!

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Challenge? I brought it!

Last Tuesday brought the Pinterest Challenge. In case you need a refresher, check out my post from last week about it. The basic gist is to find something you pinned on Pinterest actually do it. Novel idea isn’t it? I already showed you the soap pump project on Saturday, but alas I do have another project for the big reveal day. Are you ready?

I’m big about having all of the art in our house mean something to us so I’ve been looking for things for our house and it’s been slow going. It’s okay though, I’m a do it right, do it once kind of gal. In one of my marathon pinning sessions I found this

Image courtesy of Lolly Jane Boutique

Since Michael and I are from different places, I thought this would be great to hang in our house. Last Tuesday, I decided this was going to be my challenge project. Naturally though, in true Amy fashion, I changed it a little…besides changing the states (we’re not from Arizona and Louisana). Ya see, I loved this too

I contemplated having Beau and Bella walk through paint then walk on the canvas but don’t want to have my “children” taken away from me so I skipped it. I did like the idea of the bright colored canvas with a white image. See where I’m going yet?

I went to Michaels and picked up two 9×12 canvases (that’s the size to fit perfectly where I wanted them to go). I wanted to do one state per canvas rather than both states on one canvas.

Next I used the miracle of Google to print outlines of the state of Iowa and the state of Kentucky so each one was 8 inches wide which would allow a 2 inch border on the sides once the states were on the canvas. The easy way to do this would have been to paint the whole canvas and cut the state and attach it to the canvas. I wanted it to look like a piece of art so I went a little different way. I attached Kentucky and Iowa to contact paper so I could use them as a mask. I used my Dotto to temporarily attach the cutouts to the contact paper and then cut them out.

Then I realized that I put them on the contact paper wrong and I had to reattach and re-cut them.

Four states later, I peeled the backing off the contact paper and stuck the ones facing the right way to the canvases.

Then I grabbed a paint sample that I had leftover from another project – that one’s coming

The Sherwin-Williams samples don’t have a top coat so they are good for trying out a color but not for a final coat on a wall. When it came to my canvases I figured it would be okay though. Especially since I only needed a little bit and it was the color that would make things flow from one room to another a little better (check back tomorrow for how).

With my favorite little paint brush in hand and two whole states in front of me I started painting.

Once they were both completely painted I peeled off the contact paper before the paint dried fully

The contact paper didn’t form a perfect seal on the paint but I like how it has that handmade look to it. I added a couple command strips to the back and hung them on the wall and I love them!!!

They are hung on the wall so when someone walks in the front door, they are seen right away

A little bit of both of us in our home. What do you think? The possibilities for a project like this are endless. Monograms? Countries? Dates? What would you put on a canvas in your house?

Did you take part in the Pinterest challenge? I’d love to see your project so post it here! Don’t forget to check out John & Sherry, Katie, Emily & Lana with their projects too (and there are a ton of links for other people who took on the challenge)!

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My Bathroom Smells Like S’mores!!!

So, I’ve kinda gotten carried away with the whole Pinterest challenge thing. I’ve chosen multiple projects to complete over the course of the week and here is project number one. It was a small project that cost me less than $5,  so I thought I would share it with you before the Tuesday reveal day…plus I’m pretty jazzed about the one I have planned for Tuesday!

We’ve been needing a soap pump for our half bathroom and we had this one picked out

The problem is that we have a teeny tiny sink in that bathroom and we weren’t sure that the pump would stay on the sink when the nieces and nephews come over…or when we would use it for that matter. Consequently (10 cent word of the day for Amy!), we’ve been looking for something else. I don’t know why, but we seem to have the biggest problems choosing some of the smallest things. I’m not sure what our problem is, but we were struggling. then I got this (p)inspiration

Awwwwwesome! One day when I was at Target (which seems to be most days) I took a trip down the soap aisle and came home with these

One for the bathroom and one for the kitchen. I took them outside along with some old newspaper. I figured our deck on a sunny day was a good place to start this project, so I put the newspaper on the railing of the deck and then clamped it on. That’s right, I said clamped – the wind was blowing. Need a visual?

We have quite a few of those clamps from our woodworking projects-a-la-Ana, so why not use them, right? It was perfect to keep my paper from blowing away! Just call me resourceful…sometimes. With my paint booth in place I removed the stickers from the two bottles of soap which turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. The stickers didn’t peel off clean, so it took a little elbow grease aka vegetable oil to get the sticker gunk off. I put a little veggie oil on a paper towel and scrubbed a little and soon they were gunk-free and ready for paint!

Time to break out the ORB paint

Oh how I love this stuff! Thanks for the new found addiction Rachael! I’ve also used the hammered copper on a different project (stay tuned for that one) and I love that too. The key when using this stuff is to keep it moving and the paint will look great. Keep in mind that the day I was painting outside, the wind was blowing. It probably took a little longer to paint and a little more paint considering three days later I’m still trying to scrub ORB paint off my hands

Fortunately I was able to get some on the soap dispensers too

I let them sit outside to dry for a while in the sun, but the humidity has been not so fun lately and I had to bring them inside to finish drying after about 2 hours. Cost breakdown

  • Dawn suds pump – $2.89
  • Bathroom suds pump – $1.57
  • ORB paint – fuh-ree! I already had some left over from another project, but normally it’s about $7

It fits perfect in the half bathroom and if it falls, it’s plastic and probably won’t break but if it does it was less than $2. It’s also refillable, so I won’t have to paint every time we run out of soap

A couple more differences the bathroom from the last time you saw this

I got those new red candle holders at Ikea (hallelujah) on our trip back in April (see posts on that trip here and here) for $1.99 for the set of three – score! Those candles are not your ordinary candles either. They are these new candles from Bath and Body Works that were on sale for 3 for $5!

You may have already seen my post on my love of smores. Find it here if ya missed it. I totally love that my bathroom now smells like smores! It’s sooooo wonderful!

Update: When I first pinned this idea, it didn’t have the original project linked to it – so sad. Allison from House of Hepworths stopped by and let me know that this was her original creation (thanks Allison). If you look at her tutorial and mine you’ll find some differences, but they are quite similar. She recommends using a plastic paint for the first coat. I totally agree with her. The ORB paint that I have in my arsenal is an all surface paint, so make sure a plastic paint is the first one on your plastic. Allison’s been using her pumps quite a bit longer than I have so maybe mine will change, but both seem to be holding up very well. Props to Allison for such a great idea!

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