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Bubbly Mason Jars in a Donut World

Time for the fourth installment of the Garden Brunch bridal shower. The first one was the ombre dyed table runners. The second was the dollar store painted serving platters. The third was the split peas turned vase filler. Now there was one more thing I painted.

One of my favorite blogs is Hostess With the Mostess. I loved this way to display cake pops – little flowers.

Image from Hostess With the Mostess

I had some terra cotta pots already so decided to use them…painted pink of course. I’ve painted a lot of terra cotta pots in the past and I’m sure I’ll paint a lot more in the future. When you’re painting them, make sure to seal the pot first. This step will help you save quite a bit of paint. Also if you are going to plant actual plants in them it will keep your paint on the pot.

Remember to seal both the inside and the outside of the pot. If it is not sealed on the inside any water or moisture that is on the inside can cause the paint to lift on the outside.

After the pot was painted I put some floral styrofoam inside and covered it with moss (all from Dollar Tree) and snapped this picture and shared it on Instagram.

Another tip if you’re not on Instagram: you can see my Instagram photos from my Twitter feed. If you don’t have Twitter, you can find them in the sidebar here to the right. If you are following me on Instagram you may have also seen this picture. I did a whole mess of painting in just one day.

We didn’t have cake pops, after all this was a brunch shower. Instead we ordered doughnut holes from Donutland (Donutworld to my nephew Hunter), a local favorite doughnut place and stuck lollipop sticks in them and then into the pink pot.

Here’s Grandma eating one

We used Mason jars for drinks and covered them with cupcake liners. My cousin Brianna seemed to like them

I also designed some water bottle labels

We got some bubbles at Party City tied a little green seersucker fabric around them and the girls at the shower had fun blowing bubbles in the park


I think that two more posts should  take us through the rest of the shower. I hope you’ve enjoyed what you have seen so far. As always, let me know if you make some of the projects. Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or just email me.



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A Paint Shower – Part 2

Hey look at that, I had ambition. Will wonders never cease? Ready for Bridal Shower part 3 and Paint project part 2?

Last time I left you sitting outside on my deck with this and the promise that I would tell you about what is on this drop cloth with the plates and candlesticks.

Any guesses? A hint? This Instagram picture?

Okay, that’s the only hint you’re getting because it’s a pretty big hint. I hate guessing games so I won’t make you deal with that torture. But you have to promise to never make me play Pictionary or Charades with you.

I saw this thing via Pinterest. I know, I know. Try to contain your shock. Painted beans for vase filler.

Image from g*rated

They used beans, I used peas because I had peas. Next time I will use beans. I’m not sure that this is cheaper than actual vase filler, but I couldn’t find any filler that would have the effect of my ombre obsession so I set off to make my own. I had the paint and the peas and neurotic Amy took over.

I laid them out on the drop cloth and started spraying

Three bags of peas in three different colors – to perfectly match the three colors of cake stands

Then I shook them up a little bit to give them another coat. Something to note: If you don’t let them dry completely first and try to move them around, this happens

I was really happy with the way the dark pink ones were turning out

I’m not sure if it was the paint or the color of my peas but the light pink ones looked pretty white with little bits of pink. Maybe I didn’t shake the can well enough?

Whatever it was, these took sooooooo long to get covered. I ended up calling it good enough. The still looked good in the vase but my favorite part is what the peas left behind on the drop cloth. I have a project in mind where this is the actual intention now

Unfortunately this is the best picture I have of the vase with the filler.

It was used at the wedding too and then I threw it all away because I didn’t want to separate them all out. I think flat paint would work much better than the gloss paint I used for the two pinks. When the painted peas got warm they all stuck together. Next time…yes there will be a next time. In fact I already have a next time in mind. My nephew’s birthday party perhaps in black and Hawkeye gold.

One more paint project and then I’ll show you the whole food table. Seems like a good Friday post to me. What do you think?



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A Paint Shower – Part 1

I painted a lot of stuff for my SIL’s bridal shower. Generally speaking I’m a laid back easy going type of person. The exception to this rule is party planning. I seriously go all type A and it can get ugly if I don’t get exactly what I want. The colors have to be right. The mood has to be right. It just has to be right. The theme for Lindsee’s shower was a garden brunch. It was at a local park in a pavilion and it was cute! The colors were pink and green so everything had to be pink and green. I searched and searched for just the right platters for the food (I told you it was a problem) and couldn’t find anything. If you’re on Pinterest you’ve probably seen the candlestick and plate make a cupcake stand thing. I was at Dollar Tree and decided to check out their candlestick and glass plate situation. Score! I also finally braved taking my phone into Dollar Tree again to take this picture. Every time I go in there since the cashier stole my last one, I leave it in the car. But I knew I was going to want Kristen’s opinion on this one so I braved it.

We had four things that were going to go on platters and instead of refilling while people were standing there, we wanted to do switch outs so I picked up eight plates and eight candlesticks.

I could have left them the way they were, but decided that they needed some paint. Something to go with the ombre obsession perhaps? I think so. Fortunately I only had to buy one can of paint. Either I was thinking ahead or I just have too much paint. Let’s go with the first one.

Step one was to peel off all the stickers and clean the surface. Then I pulled out my new drop cloth that probably can’t be classified as new with all the paint that it has on it now. I laid out all the plates face down on the drop cloth.

Time for paint. Thin even coats. Always, thin even coats.

Then the candlesticks. Same treatment

I wanted to be able to put food straight onto the platters so I didn’t paint the tops. They may have been okay, but poisoning people at a bridal shower with paint chips and chemicals was not something I was interested in doing or a chance I was willing to take.

If you visited our house in the midst of this chaos you would have had to walk by this scene on our deck. I promise the other thing I painted is coming soon – maybe later today depending on my ambition level.

Here’s my favorite picture of them, courtesy of my Instagram addiction. So for some of you this picture may be a repeat. (psst – if you’re not following me on Instagram my user name is thisDIYlife. Really original aren’t I?)

I could have glued them together but decided to just try balancing because I wanted to be able to store them easily. Balancing worked well for the most part. Only one person almost dumped the platter. I call that a win. They matched the colors of the shower and they were classy and fun. They got used for the wedding too.

Price breakdown?

  • Glass plate – $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Candlestck – $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Spray paint – $4 at Menards – I think you could easily paint 8-10 of these in one can of paint if you weren’t ombre obsessed like me.
  •     Total – $6

So, that’s part two of the bridal shower and part one of the stuff I painted for it.

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Raining Painted Bugs

I feel I must warn you that the title of this post makes little to no sense. Other than there is rain, paint and bugs. Yesterday, for the first time since I started helping to plan my brother and SILTB’s wedding I felt stressed. I went to town and was able to cross some things off the need to buy list. I also sat at Chick-fil-A and made a good list of the things that need to be done and the things that are already done. I don’t know if it was the waffle fries and sweet tea or the sense of accomplishment that came from the list but I felt better. Good thing I had my stressed out time before Lindsee had hers last night. That way when she asked for the “to do” list, I didn’t have to make it, I already had it. There are just a few things that need to be done for the wedding. The thing I’m getting nervous about is the shower.

I was getting home yesterday and saw this dark sky.

Part of me hoped it meant rain since we really need it and part of me hoped it would pass us by so I could paint. Well, it rained a little bit and then it was done so I could paint. I need to start wearing gloves when I paint. For real this time

Can I tell you how much I’m loving this canvas drop cloth I got at Harbor Freight? It was on sale for $6.99 and I used a 20% off coupon so it was less than $6 total. Do you know how much I can paint with 4×12 feet of blank space? It’s about this much

Then I also had a great idea for table decorations. I had planned on making coffee filter peonies but since the shower is going to be outside I was concerned about bugs. Yes, it’s going to be in the morning, but I wanted to take a few precautions. One of them is the table decorations. Did you know that bugs don’t like geraniums? They don’t…but I do. I was at Menards and looked at their geraniums and they had some beautiful bright pink ones

I picked up a bag of potting soil (I couldn’t find MiracleGro so I settled for this – I’ll let you know how it works)

This morning I planted it in a green pot I had

I’ll be using some MiraclGro BloomBooster to help them flower more in the next week. But these will be gracing the tables. Well, I covered the rain, the paint and the bugs…or lack thereof. Thanks for sticking with me through a terrbile post title! I must be getting back out to the deck and do some more painting!


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Watching the Corn Grow

I went to college in North Carolina. Most of my friends would tease me about being from Iowa. “What do y’all do there? Watch potatoes grow?” No. That is not was we do in Iowa. Perhaps in Idaho they watch potatoes grow. “In Iowa, we watch corn grow and go through giant corn mazes.” True story. Keep in mind that this was in 1997 before the corn maze craze spread out of Iowa. Anyway, did you know that there is an actual webcam sitting in an an Iowa field where you can watch the corn grow? It’s like watching paint dry only not as exciting. Or in my case, it’s like watching baby’s breath grow.

That’s right, it’s time for another installment in the saga. In case you’ve been missing out on my whining, you can find the other installments here, here and here. This is last week’s picture

You’ll notice that the sprinkler is missing from today’s picture. It’s been making the rounds in the yard and I’ve decided to start watering this by hand with some MiracleGro Bloom Booster.

It looks like it might be helping some. I hope that it’s not too little too late.

Something kind of exciting and unexpected happened at our house last week. After still not being able to find a job, I decided that maybe it was time to push a restart button on my career. I’m a bit of a “go big or go home” type of person so I signed up for four online classes through our local community college.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure what I have gotten myself into, but I know it will be interesting. You might not be able to guess from those book titles, but my official major is interior design. Is anyone surprised? I think the classes I’m taking this summer will help me write better blog posts. Let me know if I get too technical and I need to throw in an Amy-ism like using ORB as a verb.

So I know I keep telling you to check me out (not like that) on Instagram. Being so busy with my brother & SILTB’s wedding and the bridal shower and now throwing school into the mix, sometimes there just isn’t time to write a blog post, but I’ll Instagram a picture like this one. A Mint S’moreo that was inspired by a Strawberry S’moreo pin that my dear friend enabler Kristen made me aware of.

I also ate my first hot dog in over 18 years (no exaggeration)

Kristen has also introduced me to Postagram. Can I tell you how fun it is to send random postcards for no reason other than I felt like it? I took my nephew Landon out for ice cream last week at ColdStone then sent him a postcard thanking him for not making me eat alone.

If you don’t have Instagram, I share all the pictures on Twitter and if I can ever figure out how to get them to post to my facebook page instead of my personal facebook timeline, they will be there too. Anyone know how I can change that? Or add it. Somehow I don’t think it will be covered in my Intro to Computers class…that I’m taking online. Is that strange to just me? Anyway, earlier today I shared this picture on Instagram with the caption”Peas and paint. It’s an interesting afternoon in our house…or rather on our deck.”

I’m off to finish off the peas. I recommend not eating the peas if you come to our house.

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This is My Nervous Face

Remember the flower bed I put in to grow a whole mess of baby’s breath? Well, with four weeks to go before my brother and SILTB’s wedding I’m pretty nervous. Just in case you haven’t been with me from the beginning of this adventure or if you prefer to have everything in one place, I thought I would show you the four week progression of this flower bed. Ready?

Here’s what it looked like the first spring after we moved in

I’d like to say that it changed that first year, but well, it’ didn’t. Not enough to warrant a new picture anyway. Then after my mama and I went to work we had a flower bed full of baby’s breath seeds

May 1st

One week later I showed you the progress and it was looking promising. It was supposed to take 10 days before we saw little green seedlings

May 8th

I think that was the last picture I showed y’all and we just can’t have that. Misery loves company! So a week after that picture, I had this

May 16th

I know there is some difference in that week, but I’m seriously nervous. I’ve been watering in the cold part of the day so I don’t shock the plants and everything. Last summer I got a snazzy sprinkler thing that I hadn’t used yet so I busted it out  and two days later, here was my bed

May 18th

I know it looks kinda strange just in the middle of the flower bed, but it’s totally cool. I made the hubs come look at it while I turned it on and I did not tell him that this baby sprinkles half way into the front yard and all of the deck stairs (muahahaha). Just in case you have nothing better to do with the next 19 seconds of your life, here is my sprinkler in action. Please keep in mind that I took this video with my phone and I had to stand pretty far away.

So, five days later I needed a comparison picture.

May 23rd

Still completely nervous because in 4 weeks and one day I need these to be pretty white flowers. Fortunately, there are a couple substitute ideas. Our hydrangea bush is starting to bloom right on cue. Right now they look like this

But soon they will look like this picture from last year

I know there will be plenty too. Another option is tissue paper pom poms like these ones we’re making for the bridal shower

But I really really hope the baby’s breath is all pretty and white and flowery in 29 days. Pray. Pray. Pray.

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You’re Invited

It’s been a busy couple months helping to plan my brother and his fiancé’s wedding. I told you that I was designing the invitations (among other things) and promised to share with you the possibilities so you could download them and use them yourself if you want. Except for a few people who are holding their addresses hostage, the invitations have been mailed. Now that I won’t be spoiling the invitations it’s time I share them with you…my closest friends. These are the ones I came up with – names have been changed to protect the innocent…and my brother.

I created all of them using Stampin’ UP! My Digital Studio. I seriously love this program. So unbelievably easy to use! If you want to check out the program yourself you can find it here. You can even get a 30 day free trial right now. Similar to what I did with the Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day Subway Art printables I shared with you, you can find these on Picasa ready to download too. All you have to do is click on the image to be taken there. You can then add your own wording in Picasa or whatever editing program you like to use. If you’re an MDS user I’ve also included the images I used to make each one. Okay, enough of the logistics stuff.


Melon Mambo Grosgrain Ribbon
Melon Mambo Grosgrain ribbon knot
Filigree 1 designer brad (Hodgepodge Hardware)
Century Gothic font


Medallion (Baroque Motifs) in Basic Black
Pink Passion Drop Shadow (100% opacity, -11 Blur, x:0 y:0)
Century Gothic Font

This one ended up being used but not for the wedding invitation. Lindsee’s parents’ 25th anniversary is the same day as Brandon & Lindsee’s wedding so a little card went in with the wedding invitations asking guests to join a card shower for them.

Flourish (Baroque Motifs) in Sahara Sand
Basic Black Drop Shadow (-35% opacity, -5 blur)
Century Gothic font

The one that they ended up using is this one. We water colored the centers of the flowers pink and they looked beautiful!

Blossoms (First Edition) in Basic Black
Century Gothic Font

There you have it. The two styles that ended up being used I took to FedEx Office and had them print them in black and white on their 100 pound smooth cardstock. Very inexpensive and they looked like a million bucks…if I do say so myself.

Four of the invitations I created and ready for you to download and use yourself. Just a little more logistical stuff though. These are for your use only, not to be sold, the stamp images are copyright of Stampin’ Up! That’s it. I’ll be back to share the reception and RSVP cards with you too. Maybe this weekend. I only created the blossom one for those because that’s the only one I had to do. But now that they are here for you to use, I’d feel bad if I didn’t give you everything.

If you end up using them for something, I’d love it if you let me know! In a couple more weeks I’ll be sharing the shower invitation with you too.

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