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Welcome to my blog! My name is Amy and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to share in my DIY adventures. This blog started as a way to take my friends and family along on our journey of renovating our 1910 folk Victorian house.

I live in this beautiful house with my husband. Not long after I wrote my first blog post in February 2011 I knew I was going to have some explaining to do. I refer to my husband as Michael which might not seem strange unless you know us…because that’s not his real name. He prefers that I not put his real name or is picture out there for the whole world to see and that seemed like the least I could do. So if you know us, don’t be alarmed, I’ve had the same husband for over nine years now.

Michael and I also get to share this house with our two “children”. Perhaps I should say that they let us live in the house with them. Bella came to live with us in August 2007 when she was just 9 weeks old. She is definitely our little princess. Bristol is our baby who we adopted from a local shelter in August 2011. He’s fit perfectly into our family and provides us with so much entertainment. Occasionally you’ll read about Beau and Brady. A year after we adopted Bella,  we rescued Beau. He was farm cat with a nemesis that one night Michael just had to bring home with him. In August 2010 Brady got stuck in our garage for a few days and we decided to nurse him back to health and he just stayed. In May 2011 we found out that Brady had feline leukemia. Eight days later we had to say goodbye to Brady. Brady enriched our lives more than we ever thought a kitty could so we’ve taken on the mission of telling everyone this message: please, please, please have your cats tested for feline leukemia and get vaccinated. In September 2011 we started noticed that Beau stopped eating and Beau always ate. I took him to the doctor who immediately sent us to the emergency hospital. Beau was in kidney failure. He spent four days in the hospital and we brought him home for a night and then had to say goodbye to him as well. We’re so grateful for the time that we had to live with both of them and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

In December 2009 Michael and I bought our dream house…maybe it was just my dream house. When we walked in for the first time, I saw the woodwork and fell in love. I said “I want this house!” Michael said “Are we in the same house?”

This poor neglected foreclosed house that had sat empty for over four years needed some work and we are determined to  DIY (Do It Yourself) the whole thing…okay most of it anyway. We worked on the house for two months before we moved in. Painting, tearing up carpets, replacing a ceiling, having half the plumbing replaced, you know the basics. In our small Iowa town when people ask where you live, it’s always associated with who lived there the longest. Our house is Andy’s house. We’ve talked to quite a few people who say “That was so beautiful when Andy had it.” As we pursue our DIY dream, we know that once again it will be beautiful like when it was Andy’s house.

So that’s our story. With the help and knowledge of family and friends we’re DIYing our dream house and doing it on a budget. I’m truly humbled that you’ve decided to spend time reading my thoughts, but I sure do hope that you’ll stick around and share your thoughts with me either here or on my facebook page. You can also find me on Pinterest to maybe get a sneak peek at things you might see making appearances in our house.

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