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Shall We Take a Vote? – Deck Chairs

I have some pretty exciting news to share with you, but first I want to tell you a story while you stew about what that news is. Mua ha ha ha. Remember last week when I showed you the chair that I built…with the help of my brother and SIL? (See the post here in case you missed it.) If you don’t have time to go back and read the whole post, the basic gist is that we built this chair and that’s the fabric I was going to use for cushions and/or pillows but I’m a cheapskate so plans changed when I found some clearance cushions at Target.

I made a couple sorry attempts to show you pictures of what the chairs would look like painted and comments were left about what color it should be.

So now that everyone is up to speed with that post, I’ve got more for you. Last weekend I went to Hancock Fabrics (after Michael had me go to some boy stores) and found the perfect fabric that I want to use for pillows outside. Then a little trip to Sherwin-Williams with my fabric and I picked out true possibilities for the chair. I pulled out a pillow form that I had for just in case and wrapped it in my choice fabric (which happens to be an outdoor one – score!) and took the chair outside for a little camera time. Actually, I just hauled the pillow and cushion, Michael took the chair outside…what a guy.

How much do you love that pillow?!?! What about the orange cushion?!?! I’m soooo excited about this!

Last week when I was writing the first post about this little beauty I had the brilliant idea to put a poll in the post. So why didn’t you see it? It takes a little longer for this right brained girl to figure out this coding stuff. Then last night I got it! It was like a Christmas miracle in our house. Michael and I chat chitted a little today about the poll and came to a decision. *Here’s the surprise part* Michael and I made a decision and that decision was to make less decisions. The problem is that someone’s got to make them and that someone is you!!! We’ll try to do something once a month or every 6 weeks-ish. So what do you think? Are you ready to make some decisions on decorating in our house? Goodness, I’m ready for you to. Can you guess what your first challenge is going to be? That’s right, deck chair color. But if you’re going to be deciding, I figured I needed you to be better informed so I spent a little quality time with my Sherwin-Williams color visualizer and “painted” these chairs for you


Greek Villa

Bengal Grass

Natural Tan

Did you pick your favorite? I hope so because it’s time for you to vote! You’ll have a week to vote for your favorite color and if you feel really strongly about one color, feel free to campaign for it and share it with your friends. Time to vote

Voting closes at midnight (Central time) on September 21st. After voting closes, Michael and I will start painting and we’ll show you the finished project that you helped us make! I think I’m going to be like a kid waiting for Christmas to see what the outcome is. It’s all up to you!

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