Kitchen Progress

We’re in our third year owning our project house. This is our progress as of March 2012.

Here’s our kitchen on the day we looked at the house (see the whole house tour and floor plan here)

November 2009 - photo taken from the living room door

November 2009 - photo taken from the mudroom door

What we’ve done up till now:

  • Took out that bar that broke up the two rooms and made it feel closed off (this post)
  • Repaired the hole in the floor that was uncovered by the removal of the bar (this post)
  • Took doors off the upper cabinets to create a more open and modern feel – and to make it safer since there was peeling paint on the cabinet doors
  • Took down the English cottage wallpaper…and the three other layers of wallpaper that were under it, including some butterfly stuff with gold outlines
  • Took out the cabinet that was in between the two windows
  • Took down the scalloped things that blocked the lights and the windows – I don’t love the lights that are there now but haven’t decided on our new lights yet
  • Painted all the walls with Sherwin Williams Cashmere low luster paint in latte
  • Painted the window trim with Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint in creamy -until we do a full kitchen reno and strip all the paint off all the trim (post here)
  • Painted the backs of the now open cabinets with Sherwin Williams paint in parakeet (post here)
  • Took down curtains and replaced them with some pretty cafe style ones I made (this post)
  • Took down that snazzy under the cabinet radio to the right of the sink (that thing was melted on the bottom)
  • Changed out all the outlets and replace the covers with pretty copper ones
  • Changed out all the light switches and replace the covers with pretty copper ones
  • Buffed out some stains in the countertop (post here) – until we get new ones with the full reno (new counters, not new stains)
  • Painted a chalkboard on the end of the cabinet by the door (post here)

I need to take a new full picture of the kitchen. Until then, here’s a few different pictures of the changes.


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