The Little Chef

I’ve told you that I’ve gone back to college to study interior design. Have I told you what I want to do with my interior design degree? Event planning and styling. That’s my dream. I’ve started my own event planning business (here’s my facebook page) and between that and sixteen credit hours this semester in school, I’m so uber busy! Two weeks ago, we also went to see my in-laws and my friend Kristen. When we were visiting the in-laws, while Michael was setting up computers he had built for his parents, I spent some quality time with my MIL and SIL working on stuff for my SIL’s wedding in November! Visiting Kristen was awesome! I haven’t seen her since we were in college…fourteen years ago. So I got to meet her husband and her boys and we went thrifting and made a trip to Home Goods and we went to some neat restaurants in their cute little town. It was amazing. We were gone a little over week and it was so refreshing, but now I’m having to play catch up.

Yesterday was my niece’s first birthday party and my sister let me plan it! As I was deciding what pictures to share with you, I realized I never shared with you my feature on Spaceships and Laserbeams! A few months ago, I showed you the vintage airplane dessert table that my friend Kristen designed as part of their Boy Bash on a Budget. She encouraged me to contact them about doing one too. I ended up doing a dessert table for their brand new collection called “Little Chef“.

Here are a couple pictures from that feature

You should check out all the pictures on Spaceships & Laserbeams. On my facebook business page, I posted a few more pictures, so you can check out that album here.

I’m working on posting the pictures from my niece’s party on there, but here’s a couple of those pictures too

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