Falling In Love

I love fall! The changing leaves, the cooler days, Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, I could go on, but I’ll stop. I love decorating for fall too and just after we got back from our road trip to Mississippi (posts here, here and here) we had one warm day before fall fully came to visit. You might remember me telling you about that in the whole painting the front steps orange fiasco. I took full advantage of that one day to do some decorating. Have you seen the two pots that I put at the junction of public sidewalk and walkway to our door? If not, there are two posts that i put at the junction of the public sidewalk and the walkway to our front door. I love having them there and I love changing out the flowers to go with the season. The first spring (2010), we had tulips in there

Those made way for some red geraniums

Which then got traded out for red mums in late summer/early fall

Last winter I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so the pots just went into the garage. I think they are going to get some lights this year…maybe in the form of this that Kristen, the NC version of me pinned (and I repinned)

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I have a couple more weeks till I allow myself to decorate for Christmas

I think it’s because I feel like if we skip from Halloween to Christmas, my birthday gets skipped too and now that I get to share my birthday with my niece Reygan (she turns 1 this year) I’m definitely not letting that happen. That’s right, every so often my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. November 22, mark your calendars! What a shameless way for me to work in my birthday. C’est la vie! Back to our decor for fall in our pots. The petunias that were pretty all summer

Were starting to look…well…

I got a couple pumpkins on sale that we had every intention of carving, but nixed that idea so we could leave them up until the day after Thanksgiving instead of just until November 1st. Instead of just taking the petunias out of the pots and putting the pumpkins in, this champion procrastinator decided to get a little ahead of the game. I’m ready for spring too! I picked up some tulip bulbs in plain red and red and white striped

That gave me 14 bulbs for each pot. According to my package directions I needed 6 inches between each of the bulbs

My pots are not that big. So I went through each bag and picked out the best looking bulbs and laid them out in the pots about six inches apart. I just took the bulb in my finger

and dug the hole with my hand. When I was almost up to my elbow in dirt, I knew it was about 8 inches deep

With all the bulbs planted there was only one problem left. Ya see, I have a thing for frogs. Not real ones, only fake ones and I have this cute little frog that lives in those front pots through all the seasons.

With the pumpkins going in the pots, there was not going to be room for Mr. Frog. After I put the pumpkins in, he decided to live on the stepping stone for now. I’m a little concerned about him blowing away, so he might have to hibernate for the winter in my craft room

They have been there for a couple weeks now and I still love them! Now we just have to do something about those steps…

I promise that I’ll be back next week with more holiday decor for $10 or less or maybe this weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Falling In Love

  1. You rock Amy! :o)

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