Everything is Better with ORB

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that there are two things that I love (besides my family and friends). The first is s’mores. Sidenote: check out this great t-shirt that my friend Kristen pinned for me

Too bad it’s a kid’s shirt…I so need that! The other thing that I love is ORB paint. I love painting stuff in oil rubbed bronze. I totally blame Rachael at Lovely Crafty Home for the borderline addiction to this lovely little thing

It’s been a long time since anything in our house has gotten an ORB treatment. By long time, I mean it was August when I ORBed some frames to use as dry erase boards! That was three months ago! Oh how I missed my ORB paint so it was definitely time to rekindle the romance. I had to paint…paint anything. Whatcha think? Now I’ll always have it with me

That may be going a little far. It was a really windy day while I was painting a couple things. I really need to learn to paint on days when it isn’t windy, but it was a nice day outside so I took full advantage of it. Remember the plastic foaming soap container I painted?

I found the idea on Pinterest from Allison at House of Hepworths and it had a monogram H on the front. I decided that I wanted to make a few of these and change them out for the different seasons. No better time to start than now and Bella was eager to help too. I got a pump that had orange soap in it…my favorite fall color

I took the labels off just like on the first one that I did. There was a lot of sticky stuff left on it so I had to get that off somehow. I could have used Goo Gone or Goof Off, but I didn’t have either one of those things on hand. What I did have was cotton balls and canola oil

I put some canola oil on a cotton ball and scrubbed it. It wasn’t as easy as Goo Gone, but it didn’t cost me anything and canola oil doesn’t smell near as bad so I was happy that it worked

I used my Cricut machine and some contact paper that I had on hand to cut out some little leaves. I measured the soap pump because I wanted the leaves to fit on it and still have room on the sides. The pump was about 2 inches across so I made my leaves 1 1/4 inches each and before long I had a little pile of leaves

I peeled off the paper backing and put them on the pump in a random pattern wrapping some of them around to the side of the pump and onto the bottom of it.

Then I headed out to the deck with the soap and the paint and started painting.

I love the look of ORB paint shimmering in the sun. Don’t you?

After the paint dried a little (but not so much that it fused the contact paper to the bottle forever) I took the leaves off and was left with this

It’s not as dramatic as I was thinking it would be, but I kinda love it like this. Once it was in the bathroom, I loved it more. It’s definitely a subtle change, but I like that the leaves are more of a different texture than a different color

I had planned for this to be part of my Holiday decor series for $10 or under, but the paint itself is over $7 and when you add in the soap and the contact paper it was over the $10 limit. Since I had everything on hand except the soap, this project set me back a whole $1 (I had a coupon for the soap).

Did you notice that the pictures in this post are smaller? Did it make the page load faster for you? Can you still see them well? Give me your feedback.

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