I’ll Just Buff That Out

Over a month ago my cousin and her hubs left this “balmy” Iowa weather and traded it in for Florida. Seriously? What were they thinking? Probably that they wish that had done it sooner. Well, when they left they were getting rid of appliances in their house and that meant that Michael and I got a new dishwasher (thanks Dad and Cora for snagging it for us). A dishwasher that wasn’t named Amy. A dishwasher that didn’t give me sore feet from standing there for an hour. It’s not an in cabinet dishwasher, it’s a portable one that we know will serve us well until the great kitchen renovation of 2015. Ugh, that seems so far away but it will be worth it. It had a few dings in it from moving a couple times

The hubs looked at me and said “I’ll just buff that out”. Ya see, not only does he fix electronics, put up ceilings, tear out eyesores bars, help me bling our tree, pimp out grills, stop a leaking roof, but he works on cars too…mechanics and aesthetics. So when he says “I’ll just buff that out” I know what’s going to happen. This stuff is going to find it’s way from the garage to the house.

While I don’t know exactly how he does it, it totally worked! Look ma! No more dings

While “we” were at it, “we” decided to try it out on some stains on our countertop. There were a lot of things in our house that we not taken care of and the kitchen countertop was no exception. We’ve lived with stains like this one for two years.

Two years! We tried everything to get those up. Baking soda paste, magic eraser, scrubbing until my fingers hurt. You name it, we tried it. Except “buffing it out” evidently, because that worked! The combination of the buffing compound and the magic eraser was like a match made in stain removing heaven.

So there you have it. While the buffing compound isn’t overly inexpensive, it seems to be something good to have around and whether for planes, trains or automobiles dishwashers, counters or cars, “buffing” it out works. And no, you don’t get to have my fabulously multi-talented hubs come live with you. We have a lot more to do on our house…plus I kinda like him [blushing Amy face] and after almost 10 years together, we think we might be figuring out this whole relationship thing. But if you need electronics fixed or computers fixed or custom built, he does do that as a business and we ship. Yes, that was a shameless plug, but I’m okay with that. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to move up a kitchen reno date from 2015. Am I right?

Maybe you have dings in your dishwasher or stains on your counter that just need a little buffing. Share them on my facebook page or tweet them to me @thisDIYlife #buffitout. Anyone else want to brag on their hubs a little bit? Come on, tell me why he’s a great guy.

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